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Chapter 278 - Search

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

“Ah, that could be considered if we found the right sized lead ring to put on her wrist. That should be sufficient to block off transmissions,” Yin He replied to Zhang ShengLi.

“Let’s wait until that helicopter aircraft leaves before we head back to the laboratory to search for any lead ring or similar object that could interfere with transmissions,” Liu Gan instructed.

“Even though it is a five hour time frame before sending out the signal, this body actually requires a lot of energy to sustain. As of right now, I have large quantities of polymerized photons within the body, but this energy would be used up eventually without a way of replenishing it.”

“I was unable to open up the outer body armor of the two unconscious warriors and take away their polymerized photons. I only have two vials as backup. If I don’t partake in battle, I can last two months. If I keep using my laser, that would cut through my energy supply. So if I don’t find a sufficient method to replenish my reserves, then I will face an energy crisis again,” Yin He continued.

Whenever these armored warriors were executing their missions, especially after combat, it would be scheduled to return to the mothership to receive more polymerized photons to replenish their energy. It was absolutely certain that Yin He wouldn’t be able to return to the mothership to refill her energy, so her fuel was a major concern.

Even though the secret laboratory offered high voltage electrical plasma to replenish the nanobots, it could also feed her like an appetizer. The rate at which her body spent energy was higher than the rate of replenishment from plasma. So even with more electrical plasma, it was far less useful with her newly upgraded body.

“What is the energy consumption rate for hand-to-hand combat?” Liu Gan frowned.

 “Hand-to-hand combat consumes just as much as regular operations,” Yin He calculated.

“Well unless it is absolutely necessary, don’t use the laser in combat. For the enemies that we encounter day-to-day, hand-to-hand would be more than enough,” Liu Gan instructed Yin He.

“There is one more thing. With the Spatialized Armor configuration, my defense is close to impenetrable. If I was under constant fire, I can last up to three to four days,” Yin He continued.

“Ah… Impenetrable comes at a cost.” Liu Gan shook his head. Seems like he must resolve the energy issue for Yin He, and fast too. Otherwise, she would be limited in every battle with the constant worry of expending too much energy.


“Elder Liu, I was able to obtain some useful intel from the soldiers before. It might be useful to you,” Zhang ShengLi started to chime in after Liu Gan was done talking.

“What intel?” Liu Gan’s curiosity was piqued.

“I asked them where they obtained their weapons. Under the threat of dying, they finally told me their secret. The weapons were looted from an amphibious airship docked at Green Pao Bay… the name of that airship is Serenity. That is their current base and there are around thirty more soldiers waiting in there with ample supply of ammunitions and food,” Zhang ShengLi explained to Liu Gan.

“Serenity?” Liu Gan shook his head in disbelief. From NinJing City he had headed all the way south, all for this very same airship that was just mentioned. Due to constant obstacles, and Kingler’s appearance sidetracking him, he hadn’t been able to head to Green Pao Bay.

It seemed like the Serenity had been docked at Green Pao Bay for longer than the designated amount of days. Nearby players were able to capture the aircraft before it left and then fortified it as their base.

“Elder Liu. Should we try…,” Zhang ShengLi asked, testing Liu Gan’s next step.

“What other information did you get? Like where is the Serenity parked? Can it fly? Did they mention how they seized the aircraft?” Liu Gan asked Zhang ShengLi.

“Right as I was questioning them, I couldn’t inquire the details before I had to rush out with you. If I knew that this was so important, I would’ve asked that first,” Zhang ShengLi said with an embarrassed expression.

“Oh nothing. I was only casually mentioning it. After tonight’s matter, it seems like I must head toward Green Pao Bay regardless of the situation going on there. All of the food and ammunitions will be taken since I want that airship,” Liu Gan replied.

Between two hostile forces at play, in a dog-eat-dog-world, there is rarely a chance for coexistence. Even if the people onboard the Serenity hadn’t ambushed Liu Gan, it wouldn’t have mattered. Since Liu Gan had deemed it necessary to use that airship to get off this island, it was actually good that their camp members had initiated the fight, that way it was justifiable for Liu Gan to take action.

After a hostile takeover of the Serenity, whether the players or survivors live or die will depend on their attitude.

“Elder Liu, then when we head to Green Pao Bay, you must bring me along…,” Zhang ShengLi immediately suggested.

“Shh...” Yin He pointed at the sky, and hushed Zhang ShengLi.

The transport’s engine was rumbling loudly as it closed in on Liu Gan’s location. Immediately, they stopped talking and hid inside the cave, not moving a muscle.

Bright light from the aircraft played over the ground. The spot where the light struck was bright as daytime. Since the forest was lush with forestry, Liu Gan’s hiding spot in the cave was overlooked. After several minutes, the transport aircraft flew to a different spot to search. With the disappearance of the aircraft, Yin He’s nervous look went away.

“They finally left, it went far away from our location,” Yin He said to Liu Gan.

“These armored warriors, what are they? Were you able to get any information?” Liu Gan asked Yin He.

“I was able to get some information. It was stored in its memory. They were from a region of the universe, Deep Space. They arrived on a mothership that had docked in this area for a time. The armored warriors were sent out on the transport aircraft to perform different missions, such as capturing suitable specimens for experiment,” Yin He explained to Liu Gan.

“When you said mothership…is it a spacecraft? It sounds like their technology is very advanced. How come they couldn’t find us when we were hiding here?” Liu Gan suddenly asked.

“The armored warriors have very abnormal conduct. Some of their technology is very advanced, but in other areas they are very primitive,” Yin He told him.

“If they are searching, they rely on sight and sound. Just like in the research building before, when you and Zhang ShengLi hid under the bed, you were able to escape detection. You were able to escape so easily because of their limited sensory abilities.”

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