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Chapter 277 - Virtual

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

TL: Normal lightning strikes are a billion volts (ref: wiki). She was struck by a hundred billion volts. -_-

“No, I didn’t lie to you! I just never would’ve thought how compressed the energy within the clouds was. My former body was a lot weaker than I imagined so it was completely destroyed,” Yin He answered.

“No matter what, from now on, you must decide to live as your first choice. Even if you are captured, don’t do anything stupid like sacrificing yourself with the enemy. I won’t let you do that,” Liu Gan held onto Yin He’s icy cold alloy metal hands.

“I know you’ve always wanted to kill Kingler. You’ve been chasing it for ten days, so after I got caught I didn’t think too much. Since I was heavily injured, I just wanted to help you achieve your goal. At that time, I felt that even if I was able to bring down my enemy through my sacrifice, it would’ve been worth.” Yin He looked at Liu Gan, as her hands were held tightly.

“Are you stupid? It is more important that you are alive. As for my leveling, I will eventually level up, but if you are dead then what is the point if I maxed out my level?” Liu Gan shook his head.

The moment Liu Gan thought that he had lost her, his heart felt like it had shattered into a million pieces. Even if he knew that he would pull himself together eventually, this type of heart wrenching pain would linger for a long time.

It was similar to the time when he had his limbs amputated. Her importance to him, far exceeded the value of the limbs.

“Having followed Elder Liu for so long, I have never seen him so passionate toward someone. You must be a lucky woman. I think I should… disappear for awhile,” Zhang ShengLi said as he moved toward the entrance of the cave to stare outside.

“Woman…” Yin He realized something was wrong.

“Will you keep that look from now on?” Liu Gan asked Yin He. Even though the voice frequency matched her original body, the physical shape of the armored warrior was still there. It was not a complete humanoid look.

“You don’t like my current look?” Yin He asked.

“As long as you are alive, nothing else matters.” Liu Gan shook his head. Despite having said that, Liu Gan was rather fond of the previous features of the humanoid Yin He, especially her beautiful cheeks. But this body was better off in protecting her safety.

“You liked the previous humanoid me?” Yin He inquired again.

“The previous you was similar to humanoid shape. Since I met you first in that form, I’ve recognized that body to be you. There were also a lot of valuable memories we had together. But even if you are like this now, I will still love you,” Liu Gan replied.

Yin He looked at Liu Gan without making a sound. After a brief moment, she played with the function on her chest panel screen. Her body outlines and the metallic luster started changing. Even the skin tone was starting to be similar to human color. Her chest recovered to the size suitable for a fully matured female. Her face gradually took form matching her old self. Her body and face had the right sizes and proportions of a hot model.

It was a good thing that the skintight clothing didn’t rip off in the transformation, otherwise Brother Gan would’ve bled out from his nose.

Lastly, her beautiful black hair revealed itself. From a closer look, there was no big difference between the current Yin He and the old Yin He.

“What is this technology?” Liu Gan shockingly stared at Yin He. With the sudden change in appearance, he felt much more comfortable with her.

“Virtual Space Technology, it is similar to the camouflaging precipice and high wall from earlier. It messes with your sense of sight and touch, so that I am almost the same as my former self.” Yin He explained. The technology she used was a lot more advanced than the mentioned camouflages. There were some things that she couldn’t do before, but would now be able to do it with this body.

“To maintain this type of virtual space mode, would that consume a lot of energy?” Liu Gan touching Yin He’s face. Liu Gan had mixed emotions about this.

“Maintaining the virtual space mode wouldn’t use up a lot of energy, but changing between two different shapes would. It wastes a lot of energy to readjust the change in shape. So if you don’t need me to change my shape too often, then I wouldn’t have to spend too much energy,” Yin He explained to Liu Gan.

“Is she back to the original form in your eyes?” Liu Gan asked Zhang ShengLi. These armored warriors used technology that was way too advanced. It far exceeded his imagination.

“Yeah. It is similar to that cliff precipice situation. It affects everyone’s sense of sight,” Yin He nodded.

Zhang ShengLi overheard the two speak the whole time, and quickly looked back. Upon confirming that Yin He was indeed back to her former self, he congratulated Liu Gan and stared out of the cave again.

“You finally returned to the old you. Even though it is using virtual space technology, it doesn’t matter. You are even stronger than before.” Liu Gan embraced Yin He. Even though it felt strange, he was happy for her.

The overwhelming power of the warriors, Liu Gan had experienced it first hand. It was so powerful, that once their armor was equipped, they were basically invulnerable.

It seemed that this trip to the secret laboratory was a profitable journey. Zhang ShengLi reached level 6 and Liu Gan had reached level 9. Compared to other players that started at the same time, it was a mountain of difference in experience. In addition, Yin He’s new body, rebirthed anew by the hundred billion volts, was far more powerful.

“There is one thing that I must tell you.” Yin He said to Liu Gan. It was something she was hiding so she was concerned.

“What is it?” Liu Gan grew serious.

“This body is powerful, but there is a problem. Every armored warrior has a distinct serial number. After a certain amount of time, the tracking device on my wrist will automatically activate and send a signal to a satellite of my position. I couldn’t turn it off. Since it is very closely linked to some important circuits, I can’t remove it. So the only thing I can do now is maximize the time frame of when it sends a signal. Now it is set to send a signal every five hours.

“So within these five hours, if I can’t find a way to remove the transmission, they will be able to track me down. I don’t know what they might do once they track me down, but if I don’t remove, it, they will not let the matter go once they find out I have stolen their advanced warrior,” Yin He explained.

“Ah, that is indeed quite troublesome. Let’s quickly resolve it,” Liu Gan frowned.

“Then… would using lead rings block out the transmission sent out to the satellite?” Zhang ShengLi interrupted. Even though his back was to Liu Gan and Yin He, he kept eavesdropping, but this time he couldn’t help butting into the conversation.

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