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Chapter 274 - Awaken

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

A side thought that the black raincoat leader had was to silently tail Liu Gan, then use their heavy assault weapons to take over Liu Gan’s camp. At least, that was the idea before they had fully grasped their opponent’s capabilities! Raincoat took the risk of facing off against Liu Gan before gauging the enemy.

“I will give you one last chance. Leave this place now! If you are still in my visual field by the count of ten, then that means you don’t want to live!” Liu Gan coldly replied to the proposal.

Despite not knowing if the three armored warriors on the ground were actually dead or merely unconscious, Liu Gan was determined to hold onto them. He wasn’t actually sure if he could even carry them back to the prison compound. What he did know was that Yin He risked her life for this opportunity. It was her final legacy, so Liu Gan would not tolerate anyone tainting it.

“You refuse and trample on our kindness! We have conceded a lot already. Look up! We didn’t even use the rocket launchers yet! The amount of damage from those weapons is catastrophic! If you insist on taking all of them, then I will drag you down as I go down!” retorted Raincoat. The leader hid behind several of his soldiers before shouting that out to Liu Gan.

“You want to take me down? Even if you want to, are you even qualified?!”

In a blink of an eye, Liu Gan disappeared from his spot and reappeared right in front of the two soldiers guarding their leader. With a talon-like grip, Liu Gan grabbed onto the leader’s neck and rushed all the way to the wall.

A level nine player facing off against a level six player. The difference in strength and speed was incomparable.

What Liu Gan had said was right. Even if the enemy leader wanted to sacrifice himself, he wasn’t qualified. If the rocket launchers were used, the leader would die, but Liu Gan would come out unscathed.

At the level-up from 7 to 9, Mist Armor’s density had increased ten fold. Even with multiple firearms concentrating the attacks on Liu Gan, they could only whittle down ten percent of Liu Gan’s Mist Armor. One rocket launcher would take off only a few percentage points from its durability.

With Liu Gan’s improved Mist Armor, his defense was better, but his offensive capabilities were still below that of the armored warriors. The difference now was that Liu Gan wouldn’t immediately die when shot by a laser. His Mist Armor could endure the blast long enough for Liu Gan to dodge.

“Elder… let’s talk… this through… Behind! Behind you!” cried the enemy leader when he saw something more frightening behind Liu Gan.

“Elder Liu! Be careful! They are awake!” Zhang ShengLi cried out.

Liu Gan turned around, to see that of the three armored warriors, one of them had awakened and sat up. It looked around, then stood up. The light rain washing off the shiny armor was like a walking beacon of death.

The armored warriors were really powerful, symbolizing death itself. Just looking at the armored warrior was enough to deter even the strongest player. After getting struck by a hundred billion volts, the armored warrior only needed some down time, and it was as good as new after awakening.

This armored warrior looked around the walls and was able to instantly detect threats. It raised up its arm and locked onto a target. Several accurately aimed lasers pierced through the brains of several snipers and soldiers with rocket launchers. Those men didn’t even have time to scream, they just dropped like flies from the wall.

Then, with the other hand, it aimed at Raincoat.

“Throw down your weapons! Everyone kneel.” The armored warrior walked closer. Even though it had a raspy voice, the meaning was clear. All the men got down on their knees as ordered.

That raised an eyebrow from Liu Gan. He looked at this peculiar armored warrior. Prior to this, he had never heard of them communicating in the same language. From what Yin He had said earlier, these armored warriors didn’t need to understand the language of subpar species, just like how humans didn’t need to know what ants were saying to one another.

But this peculiar armored warrior was definitely speaking the same language.

Liu Gan released Raincoat from his grasp. Right now, his target wasn’t this group of men. It was the armored warrior, since Yin He was dead because of them.

“Elder! Let’s not fight amongst ourselves! Let’s fight together. I will follow you from now on!” claimed the leader. After being released from Liu Gan’s chokehold, the leader was going to side with Liu Gan since only strong players could oppose the armored warriors.

Liu Gan coldly stared down Raincoat. He had an indescribable hatred against the armored warriors. The problem lay with being able to actually damage them. Even when the armored warriors were unconscious, there was nothing Liu Gan could do to hurt them. So now that one was awake, what could he do?

To avenge Yin He, the only thing he was able to do is use the group of men as a distraction for the armored warrior so he could escape, waiting until he reaches level 10 or higher to eliminate their nest. That would be the appropriate way to avenge Yin He.

If he gets angry and rushes into the enemy, he would die a pointless death. Not only would he not be able to avenge Yin He, he would’ve died without meaning. With the aching pain in his heart, he wouldn’t risk doing something so idiotic.

“Block him!” the leader shouted at his men, as they picked up their weapons on the ground.

There was a soldier who wasn’t very bright. With the heat of the moment getting into his head, he really tried to shoot at the armored warrior. The bullet ricocheted off the body armor and only sparks were produced. With one laser shot, the soldier fell.

“Brother Gan, these people. Do we need to kill them all?” the peculiar armored warrior suddenly asked Liu Gan.

“You…” Liu Gan tensed up.

In this world, only one person called him Brother Gan. It was a joke that he had told Yin He since he didn’t want to be called master all the time. So he told her to call him Brother Gan.

“I am not them. I am Yin He.” the peculiar armored warrior told him.

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