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Chapter 273 - Shootout

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Washed by the rain, the armor was cleaned of dust and debris, revealing its natural shine. There were no signs of any damage on the armor at all! It was really unimaginable what type of material was used to create the armor!

The alloy armor provided full coverage, covering the most important parts and even the joints. With the full protection armor, these Warriors of the Future had no weakness.

Liu Gan extracted the dagger from his wristwatch and tried stabbing at the connecting joints. He also tried to smash as hard as he could onto the armor and various parts to vent his anger. There was either no visible damage or very minute scratches on the surface.

With the lightning energy all expended and the rain starting to thin out, the thunderstorm started to let up. The gusts of wind gradually faded to light breezes. The night sky brightened up as the clouds dissipated.

“I asked for one of them, and that is giving you a lot of face. If we keep arguing, you won't be able to get any of them!” Yan Su angrily declared. While saying that, Yan Su had backed up to the courtyard wall.

Zhang ShengLi instinctively backed up as he saw Yan Su’s change of attitude. Under the cover of the rainwater, a dozen men led by a man wearing a black raincoat had appeared. This group of men rappelled off of the high wall quickly, and strapped on their shoulders were assault rifles. After landing in the courtyard, they promptly aimed them at Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi.

“You dare to ambush us?” Zhang ShengLi said to Yan Su, shocked.

“Both of you are really strong. Just from that fact, I will try to convince my leader to let you live if you relinquish your desire for the three armored warriors and join our group. But if you refuse our offer, then I apologize in advance for what we might do to you,” Yan Su shouted as he backed up to the black raincoat leader.

“Do you think your hollow threats mean anything to me?” Liu Gan stood up and looked at Yan Su’s group.

The rainwater had thoroughly soaked through Liu Gan’s clothes, but it wasn't enough to cool down his current rage. The misery of losing Yin He, was devastating. It reminded him of the pain that he had suffered a year ago. Falling into loss once again, this feeling was even worse than before. To have gained something and then to lose it, it was a feeling worse than death.This group of men rushing up and threatening them must have a death wish.

If Liu Gan couldn’t hurt the armored warriors, he could only vent his anger on this idiotic group of players.

“Hey buddy, if you think your level is so much higher than I am, then I advise you to rethink your action. I have soldiers on the ground with assault rifles, and on the wall are my snipers and men with rocket launchers. It might not hurt you, and I know that. But, have you given any thoughts about your friend?” Yan Su saw how angry Liu Gan was, and immediately took two steps back.

As expected, every men in full gear, except the snipers, stood up and aimed their assault rifles and rocket launchers at Liu Gan and Zhang ShengLi.

How the hell did these group of people get so lucky to have looted an army amunitions depot and for it to be fully stocked with all these powerful weapons?

Liu Gan burst forward in a charge at Yan Su. No one else reacted fast enough to shoot. As Liu Gan used his left claw to clasp onto Yan Su’s throat, his right hand smashed toward Yan Su’s head. In one strike, he shattered Yan Su’s primitive Mist Armor. The following two strikes, Liu Gan flattened Yan Su’s brain into mush with all the meat spilling out.

A level 6 player facing off with Liu Gan at level 9, it was a joke. The weaker player can’t take more than a few hits.

As if their brains were on a delay, chaos ensued when they realized that one of their own had died. Bullets started flying out from assault rifle and sniper rifles, all aimed toward Liu Gan’s body. The bullets all ricochet off his body since nothing was capable of breaking through his evolved Mist Armor.

While being shot at, Liu Gan stood up to look at the black raincoated leader as his next target. Raincoat’s expression was not that of someone who wanted to fight anymore, it was closer to that of regret than sadness. There was no signs of anger radiating from him.

Liu Gan would never have thought that he would develop feelings with his frozen heart. Ever since that night he got stuck on Mt. Everest, he didn't think it would thaw for anyone. That was until a few days ago on top of the lighthouse. In the freezing cold, Liu Gan was reminded of the same scenario, but this time he felt warmth. It was the warmth that came from Yin He. It was enough to reach the depths of his frozen heart.

As soon as it began, it ended a few days later. Liu Gan had forever lost Yin He. She was one of the few things he cared for, and the pain of her being gone was unbearable, no different from when he had lost his arms and legs.

Even if he reached max level, what was the point? What is the meaning of playing alone?

“Everyone stop! Stop shooting! Let's talk it over!” Raincoat shouted out. Once everyone else heard the order, they obediently stopped.

“The armored warriors with their helicopter aircrafts are going to return soon! There is no need for us to kill each other! If they return here now, both sides won't be able to get anything. We could possibly die here! Let's talk this out, rather than fight a pointless battle. We will take two suits of armor and you can have one of them. How about it?” Raincoat suggested to Liu Gan. While speaking his proposal, he took multiple steps away from Liu Gan.

Raincoat truly regretted jumping off the wall. Facing against this monstrous player that couldn't be killed by bullets, the leader could easily infer that Liu Gan was several levels above his own level. It was confirmed when Yan Su was insta-killed. Even with more gunmen, they wouldn't be able to penetrate through Liu Gan’s defense.

But the current situation was as Raincoat had said, the armored warriors were minutes away from the courtyard location. If the battle was to last any longer, no one would survive. Their original plan was to have Yan Su slip in as a double agent, then kill Wang Chao’s group with the loot. Now the new plan was to take the small benefit and leave before the helicopter arrived.

TL: I am so sad about Yin He.

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