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Chapter 237 - Coastal Camp

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Liu Gan knew that this type of zombie, an advanced monster, had strength which was certainly beyond what his current strength was capable of handling. However, this was a rare opportunity for him to see with his own eyes what an advanced zombie was really like. To experience exactly how strong it is, and to see how large the difference in strength between himself and the advanced monster was. It was because of this that he still wished to go and have a look, even if only to gain some experience for future battles.

“Elder Liu don’t go! Actively going to find the Kingler is just like throwing your life away!” The six naturalized players had a somewhat bad premonition that if Liu Gan wished to go see the advanced monster, then that meant that they would have to guide him.

[TL: Yes, we decided it was best to give it visual effect of the zombie closely matching with Kingler rather than a crab. It gets the job done faster by visualizing how it looks for the reader.]

“You all will accompany me on the trip. If you perform well then you will have the chance to be appointed as leader of a small team upon return. You would be able to completely enjoy the rights of a superior rank just like the other level 5 members. If you offer excuses, and refuse to lead me there, then I might suspect that you’re disloyal, and hack you limbless.” Liu Gan’s face turned grave, and he gave the six level 5 new team members a choice.

Since there were only two choices given, and no other available choices, the six people basically had no alternative but to force themselves to agree to leading him.

Their original coastal camp and Green Pao Bay were in two different directions. Their coastal camp was located to the east, while Green Pao Bay was slightly towards the west. Relatively speaking, their coastal camp was much closer to the prison camp, as it was only about a dozen kilometers away.

The cars blocking the road on the way over to the coastal camp were already cleared up, moreover, there basically weren’t many zombies left in the outskirts of the countryside. Apart from when they had meticulously lured the majority over back to the city, generally it would be very difficult for a corpse tide to be formed anymore. They also had means of transport, so getting to and from there was a very easy matter.

This time they would go hunt the Kingler. Even though Liu Gan had no hope of success, he still made sufficient preparations. He brought an assault rifle, while Yin He brought two pistols and brought along all the remaining ammunition. There wasn’t much ammunition remaining after the recent battle. Aside from the dozens of grenades that they carried, they also brought a few dozen self-made molotov cocktails. These were concocted in the prison camp within the past few days. They also brought two barrels of gasoline along with them.

Even though they heard from the new team members that the Kingler was invulnerable, and that it didn’t fear explosions nor burns, Liu Gan definitely wouldn’t give up until he tried it himself.

Among the original team members, Liu Gan had called upon Zhang Hua as he specialized in long-distance attacks. Last time Zhang Hua had rendered great merit when he killed the zombie that sprayed corrosive liquid. Now that Zhang Hua had awakened a long distance ability, perhaps he could render another meritorious deed this time?

The other team members that remained in the prison continued the construction work for the defenses.

“Elder Liu, you won’t let me tag along?” Zhang ShengLi asked Liu Gan, his expression somewhat anxious. After all, Liu Gan was leading the six players that were previously hostile with them, and they were also level 5 players. There was only Yin He and Zhang Hua alongside him, if these people were to conspire to kill them, then it would be quite troublesome.

The coastal camp was the previous camp of these newly annexed players, so they were more familiar with its terrain than Liu Gan. Additionally, they have had plenty of contact with the sea monster, so they would certainly be far more familiar with its hunting habits. It was possible that they could exploit the advanced monster by laying a trap for Liu Gan.

“When I go out, I am more at ease when you are watching over the camp! You’re worried that I won’t be able to suppress them?” Liu Gan smiling face had an uncaring expression.

From his point of view, there was basically no difference between level 5 players, level 4 players and even the lower level players. Even their previous boss, the level 6 windbreaker-player, couldn’t withstand two moves from Liu Gan, not even mentioning them.

Liu Gan had his reasons for bringing these people along with him: to examine their actual combat capabilities and temperaments, but more importantly, whether or not they had sincerely surrendered and pledged their allegiance to him. He was also taking precautions because if he wasn’t in the prison camp, and they were to violently attack from within the prison, Zhang ShengLi wouldn’t be able to control the situation. This was precisely because they were all level 5 players.

“No, but bringing so many of the naturalized level 5 players with you, Elder Liu should still be somewhat guarded against them for your own good.” Zhang ShengLi still reminded Liu Gan again.

“I will.” Liu Gan smacked Zhang ShengLi’s chest in a manly manner, the type that symbolized friendship and manhood, and then turned to head toward the fleet that was ready to set off.

Once the fleet was fully prepared they left the prison. There were three vehicles. The prisoner transport was driven by Yin He, and another was driven by Zhang Hua. Treadmill rode an ATV which also carried Liu Gan and followed closely behind the prisoner transports. Throughout the journey Treadmill explained to Liu Gan the conditions of their coastal camp, as well as the surrounding terrain.

It sometimes felt noisy when someone talked so much, but if Liu Gan wished to gather more information then it would be best to listen to this type of chatty person. They chattered on and on with Treadmill doing most of the talking. Before Liu Gan reached the coast camp, he had already more or less understood the coastal camp and the coast’s condition.

As Liu Gan sat behind Treadmill on the ATV, Treadmill felt a bit honored to be given such an important position. It actually increased his current sense of belonging towards this group.

During the whole journey the roadblocks were all basically cleared to the sides. The fleet’s journey was very smooth, and they hardly had to stop at all. The route which was dozens of kilometers long had only taken less than half an hour’s time to reach their destination.

The coastal camp was originally a village in the coast. This village was previously classified as a relatively prosperous village in NinJing City. On top of that, in order to resist possible hurricanes on the coast at any time, all the buildings in the village were constructed to be extremely resilient.

According to Treadmill the original population was approximately several hundred people, and they all fished for a living. Before they had established their previous camp here, they vanquished the several hundreds of zombies that were in the village in order to train. However they had not come across any variant zombies on dry land. These people could advance to level 5 due to the variant sea monsters in the ocean.

These coastal camp players could be considered much luckier than the players who started inside the city. The variant sea monsters in the ocean had strength that was similar to a variant zombie’s, so killing them would allow them to advance to level 5. However, these variant sea monsters were not suited to surviving on dry land at all. They would sometimes end up getting stranded onto the beach and clumsily struggle on the coastline. The players could conveniently pick off these stranded variant sea monsters one-by-one, and effortlessly be promoted to level 5. Two players were even promoted to level 6.

It was still unclear if it was because it felt that the players were leveling too easily, that [The Trembling World] had carried out a few balance changes as a result. It brought out an enormous crab monster to climb onto the shore. It caused them to be unable to continue picking up these kind of easy kills on the coast, and even forced them to leave their camp.

The rest of the coastal area was basically surrounded by one to two kilometers of elevated cliffs. It was simply unsuitable to establish a camp elsewhere on the coast and survive. They could only divert their attention further inland, and follow along the road which led inland, then they came in contact with the prison camp, and the battle occurred as a result.

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