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Chapter 238 - You Win Some, You Lose Some, But Then You Dim Sum

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

Technically the title is "Dim Sum", but I gave it a personal touch and my ED loves it.

"American Lover" - Bribaebee  

With only two to three kilometers left before arriving at the coastal camp, the road started to narrow. Along the road the shrubs started disappearing, and cliffs took their place on both sides. The cliffs had a clean cut, and a sleek smooth surface. As the elevation increased to two thousand meters, they were able to look out and see the ocean. There weren't many routes that led to the beach, to experience the ocean. One route was via the coastal camp located right next to the seashore, and the other route was via Green Pao Bay to the west.

To get to the seashore, they must pass through these cliffs. Trying to hike over the slippery cliffs would be especially hard. Even if you were to fly by helicopter over this region, at the top of the cliffs were sharp crevices. So even with a helicopter, there was no place to land safely.

This unique landscape was one of a kind, but the question remained as to what caused the strange rock formations. It was definitely not something created by nature. However, this wasn't what the players were concerned with.

As the path narrowed even further at the entrance to the camp, the natural environment made it easier to defend, and harder for enemies to infiltrate. If it weren't for the appearance of the advanced zombie, these players could live here with ease.

Having said that, if a vigilant guard wasn't maintained then any ill-intentioned person could just cave in the entrance to the coastal camp. That way no one could enter or exit the premises.

As the cliffsides continued to span for another half a kilometer, they started tapering down. Right in between the cliffsides was a vast view of the open ocean. This base camp was enclosed on all sides by steep smooth-edged cliffs, and the only path to the seashore was through the camp. Even expert mountain climbers like Liu Gan couldn't scale the cliffs if there weren't any hand holds.

The vast open space had one elevated area, which was the location of the base camp. It was what Treadmill had referred to earlier about the newly renovated wall surrounding the camp. From the elevated view that Liu Gan had, he could count up to nearly a hundred constructed houses with a main road that was very generously spaced out. It gave off the feel of a trading port city.

These houses were all constructed fairly sturdily, with the exception of a few houses that had collapsed.

Around the port city were small potholes, which were filled to the brim with water. The ground wasn’t easy to dent. The potholes were created by Kingler’s piercing legs as it tread across the concrete.

Upon arriving at the center of the port city, aside from Liu Gan and Zhang Hua, all six of the other players were hesitating with nervousness. After a couple of steps, they would look around as if the Kingler would appear around the next corner. Once the Kingler has his target locked on, it was impossible to escape. Someone will have to die for it.

If there was one positive trait, it was that the Kingler doesn’t have a large appetite. Perhaps the reason why it went on land was a change of preference for food, and to enjoy the experience of eating human flesh. If the players didn’t voluntarily attack it, then it would be satisfied with just eating one player. Once it got its share of food, it would return back to the sea. After a day or two, it will come back on shore for another snack.

In the hearts of the six players, they were silently praying that the Kingler wouldn’t target them. Then they hoped that when the time came to it, Liu Gan wouldn’t abandon them, or force them to attack the Kingler.

When Liu Gan walked up close to examine the footprints left by the Kingler, a chill went down his spine. Based on the evidence of the collapsed buildings, and the fractured concrete on the ground, it could only be explained that it was due to the overwhelming pressure exerted on it by the Kingler. One could imagine how enormous the body of the Kingler was, the weight of its body could be anywhere from a dozen tons to a hundred tons.

Not even considering the Kingler’s offensive capabilities, with only its large body it was enough of a threat if it jumped and landed on the players.

“This Kingler’s body is rather huge. When it appears, the ground would start shaking. How did you prepare for that?” Liu Gan asked the six players.

“When it it appeared, the ground shook, and almost everyone would be alert to it. However, even if people wanted to prepare for it, it was hard. The Kingler’s speed is very fast. The moment we realized what was happening, we were already close enough to be in its reach. One step for it is like ten meters, and one jump would reach a dozen meters away. We only have two legs, so we were never able to be create a wide enough gap between us.” The six players explained quickly, while their eyes still darted around. Even now, they were trying not to create too much noise, and praying that it wouldn’t appear.

Even though these players were very scared, Liu Gan still pressured them to stay. They could only remain by his side, and so they ventured off to the beach to look for evidence of where the Kingler might have went.

The beach by the port city wasn’t too wide. The shoreline stretched out around two to three kilometers. According to these naturalized players, this was the same beach that provided the stranded variant zombies. That was until the appearance of the Kingler advanced zombie, then from that day on, no more variant zombies appeared.

After two hours of fruitless searching, the Kingler advanced zombie still didn’t appear. At the same time, these six players were exhausted from being in a constant state of alertness. Ever since they arrived, they had the feeling that the Kingler was right around the corner. Liu Gan was about to temporarily give up, since after two hours they still didn’t have the slightest clue of where it might be.

Could it be possible that after the coastal camp survivors left this area, the Kingler couldn’t find anymore Dim Sum to snack on, so it went back to the deep ocean, or ventured off to other areas to find food?

By the time it was noon, they started to warm up their food for lunch. After eating, Liu Gan wanted to search for a little while longer. By now, the six players were scared stiff, they didn’t have many suggestions.

After their lunch, only Liu Gan wanted to really meet the Kingler face on. All of others didn’t want anything to deal with this advanced zombie. Even Zhang Hua was starting to have a change of heart after hearing endlessly from the naturalized players of how dangerous the Kingler was.

Playing these types of games, it was important to skip multiple levels by gaining large amounts of experience, but under this type of situation where it was close to 99% chance of death, that didn’t apply. Even if Liu Gan caught the attention of Kingler, although he might be able to escape, these naturalized players wouldn’t be capable of such task.

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