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Chapter 212 - Anger

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

This will be the last chapter I'm posting. It's been fun. I can't believe how many days it's been since I've tled so many. Shit's about to get real. It's Lit. So Lit that Liu Gan will be Lit Gan from now on. 

“What was the purpose of this pointless battle? I'm practically dead due to the infection! There are also seven other injured players!” loudly exclaimed a player with an infected bite wound on his shoulder as he ran towards Lit Gan and the several squad leaders.

This person’s name was Dong JianShi. In the real world, his profession was a teacher. He was placed within Zhang Hua’s squad and was level 3 prior to the battle. Within Zhang Hua’s squad, there was also another level 3 player, thus, the two level 3 players were grouped together and were encouraged to kill additional zombies in order to reach level 4. During Dong JianShi’s assault against the zombie, he panicked. Instead of attacking the zombie, he turned and ran. The transition caused his momentum slow down and because of this, he was bitten on the shoulders. Zhang Hua witnessed the scene, and by the time the zombie was killed, it was already too late. The damage has been done. Teacher Dong had been infected.

“Pointless battle? Elder Lit’s decision was correct! If it weren't for his decision, our current situation would've resulted in a larger amount of casualties!” Zhang ShengLi barked back at Dong JianShi.

“Correct? During a corpse tide in the middle of the night, he didn't lead us to escape. Instead, he pushed us towards danger in the name of training; is this still correct?” Teacher Dong countered in defence. With the wristwatch indicating a red-color for the [Infected] status, he had limited amounts of time to say what he wanted to.

“Yeah! Fighting doesn't seem like the right decision! He practically didn't treat our lives as important!” exclaimed an arm-less player. This player’s name was YuLei and because he had lost his arm in this battle, he was quite bitter. In the real world, he was a promising district general manager. He was quite nervous when he was urged to directly attack the zombie. Due to this, he slipped and fell, causing his arm to be bitten in the process.

Back in the real world, YuLei had a group of salespeople flattering him day to day, they would offer themselves up to do his bidding. Thus, YuLei was not used to getting his hands dirty. On top of that, he wasn’t quite happy about having to follow orders.

Upon hearing Teacher Dong and YuLei’s complaints, several of the other injured players gradually became rowdy. The group of displeased players began debating, these players were all originally annexed from Mr. Sheng’s camp. When Lit Gan incorporated them into his own group, he treated them like his own. He disregarded the food rationing for the night in order for them to enjoy a feast, and they didn’t complain about that. Perhaps due to the lack of sleep and the pressure of fighting the corpse tide, their moods quickly changed.

“What? Did not take your lives seriously? Do you know what Elder Lit did during the night in the rain for your sakes? He risked his own life to find the Leech Variant Zombie! While, he did that, what were you guys doing? You were all sleeping! So don’t give me that nonsense! You said you wanted to leave this area? How? What about our cargo? Do we continue moving the cars out of the way, only to have them catch up to us from the rear? Then our situation would be a lot worst!” Zhang ShengLi fiercely retorted.

“He should’ve given up on the cargo! I feel, that as a leader, he should place our lives as the number one priority. Under this corpse tide, he should’ve abandoned the car and the cargo. I don’t find it a big deal to leave the cargo behind. In the worst case scenario, we can always come back to find it. When people die or infected, there’s no way of returning!” Teacher Dong barked back. Teacher Dong was incredibly desperate, thus, he had no worries of holding back his tongue.

“Yeah! Human lives are more important!” The displeased group of players all supported Teacher Dong’s statement. They were all tired and sleepy, so they had a number of things to complain about.

“Elder Lit, what should we do with these people?” Zhang ShengLi held his fire axe. He was done babysitting these complainers.

Lit Gan shook his head. His facial complexion was calm as water, he did not seem to have any ill intentions. In fact, no one was able to tell what he was thinking as he wore his poker face.

“We are all players! Why is it that you bunch are high above others? You get to sleep in the best room and eat the best food. The most ridiculous thing is that you have others test the food before eating? You treat us as though we were slaves only here to do your bidding. We had to do heavy lifting, cleaning, and cooking? Then you push us to the front like cannon fodder! Everyone is born equal! So what everything should be done equally? Do you guys agree with me?” yelled Lulei in an aggressive manner.

The displeased group of players had heard from the squad leaders that Lit Gan could have a quick change in his temper. If he became angry enough, he would kill people without hesitation. For these newcomers, they had not witnessed Lit Gan’s anger. Throughout their whole experience from meeting him, Lit Gan had always kept a calm demeanor and seemed quite pleasant to deal with. Lit Gan’s description did not match the rumor, thus, they pushed their boundaries in hopes of gaining more benefits.

“Yeah! This group is like a cult! The higher ups brainwashing those below them, to do their bidding. Us lower level players work hard but don’t obtain any reward. We are treated as cannon fodder! If this group is like this, then there’s no point in staying!” More players gradually  became agitated and chimed in. All these newly annexed players from Mr. Sheng’s group began causing chaos.

The possibility of the two groups melting together, disappearing in one night. The lack of sleep and then getting pushed into combat broke their baseline temper. All the anger and frustration dwelling inside were released all at once.

“When we were in the front killing, Xue Jian just sat within the lobby hiding. He claimed that he was keeping guard over the Variant Zombie, but this was just another formal way of relying on connections! There’s nothing fair in this group! It’s just a bunch of people relying on connections to get benefits. All of our efforts are wasted!” LuLei continued to stir up drama and spoke even louder to justify his statement.

“That is the Variant Zombie that you caught back? I feel like it’s just another pitiful looking mother? It doesn't even suction cup in its’ mouth. How could it drain LuChen’s blood? This weak looking zombie, and you claimed that he risked his life to catch it? What a bunch of lies! Does he think we are three year olds? All I can see is that you are mistreating a mother and her child. Isn’t that too abusive?” Teacher Dong chimed in, since he noticed Lit Gan wasn’t saying anything. With more people siding on Teacher Dong’s side, he did not hold back.

The Leech Variant Zombie had strong regenerative ability. The moment it awoke, it looked for her child. She tried to reach for it, but discovered that its’ arm was tied back, thus, she could only cry out sadly.

“Yeah, I want to know how this Variant works with draining the blood. This player here seems very kind hearted and has a lot of compassion for the pitiful mother, how about I let you feed it.” Lit Gan pointed at Teacher Dong, as he spoke to Zhang ShengLi.

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