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Chapter - Way of Life

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

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“Excellent,” Zhang ShengLi had already wanted to kill those ingrates earlier, but he waited for the official order before taking action. Once he heard the command, Zhang ShengLi jumped forward and knocked Teacher Dong unconscious. In one fluid motion, Teacher Dong, who was being held by the neck, was dragged to the front of the mother Leech Variant Zombie.

The mother Leech Variant glanced at Zhang ShengLi and then at Teacher Dong. She then opened up her mouth and stuck her tongue out. The tongue was sharp in shape.

“NO!” Teacher Dong had regained some of his consciousness just in time to witness his own death. Although he was infected and had no chance of remaining human, this was not how he wanted to die!

“Didn’t you say you pitied this mother? Don’t tell me that you were lying to me! I thought you might want to experience how powerful this Variant Zombie really was!” said Zhang ShengLi, while pushing Teacher Dong closer to the Variant Zombie.

The mother Leech Variant Zombie’s tongue immediately pierced into the skin of Teacher Dong’s carotid artery in the neck and fiercely drank the blood. As the stomach of the mother Variant expanded, Teacher Dong’s voice grew weaken and face became paler. Eventually, Teacher Dong had wrinkles on his skin, like a dried up raisin, with his eye sockets bulged out. It wasn’t too long until his body gave up.

“Now, is there anyone that still questions the validity of this Variant Zombie?” Zhang ShengLi asked everyone around him.

No one spoke up, they don’t want to become food for this Variant Zombie. Dying like this was just too inhumane.

“So who was it that said I organize my group just like a cult? Come now, say it one more time for me to hear. I didn’t catch it the first time it was said.” Liu Gan, with his fire axe, walked towards LuLei. To Liu Gan, these team members were more of a liability at their current state, so he couldn’t even get mad about it.

“Oh, Boss Liu, as a leader, you shouldn’t be so narrow-minded. Just because there was a slight difference in opinion doesn’t mean you should penalize us. You are surrounded by these brainwashed individuals and those that rely on connections, they wouldn’t benefit your group in anyway!” LuLei shouted back to Liu Gan.

Mr. Sheng had two subordinates before LuLei joined. LuLei had also said the same things to Mr. Sheng, as he had said to Liu Gan. Afterwards, the two subordinates were on his side, but Mr. Sheng still wasn’t quite happy about it. In the end, Mr. Sheng chose to accept the difference in views and asked for opinions from LuLei, like an advisor for managerial techniques.

When Liu Gan heard the same opinions though, LuLei was ignored. Resentment grew within LuLei’s heart so he took the opportunity to voice his displeasure, in hopes of gaining Liu Gan’s attention.

“Yeah, I only need these brainwashed individuals to be my subordinates. Why? Are you mad? You can just go die!” Liu Gan didn’t want to continue dragging this out. With his axe in hand, he sent LuLei’s head flying off. Then Liu Gan kicked the body so it flopped onto the ground, just so the blood won’t soil his clothes.

“Alright, who else isn’t happy with me being the leader? You can stand out right now! I will give you two choice. First choice, you are free to leave my group and venture the world as you please. No one will hinder your movement! The second choice, is if you continue to stay within my group, then don’t you dare to spread rumors. If any rumors reaches my ear, then don’t blame me for killing you!” Liu Gan warned, as he chopped a nearby table in half.

No one stood out, and no one said anything. It was pure silence in the lobby. The displeased group of people finally understood why Elder Liu was so nonchalant earlier on. He was waiting for the troublemakers to present themselves.

After Elder Liu killed LuLei, any voice of opposition the displeased group members had, were all removed. There was no way, they were going to stand up against him.

Those displeased group of players joined Mr. Sheng just so they could return to the real world by passing through the city center and to the transfer portal. Everyone knew that it was impossible to reach the location as an individual player, so Mr. Sheng worked hard to recruit players for the cause. However, to have the players work together as a unit, Mr. Sheng offered multitudes of ways to bribe his way to the heart of the people.

Whenever the players got rowdy, they were surely able to change Mr. Sheng’s view and decision, but it didn’t work in Liu Gan’s case.

The sole reason being, Liu Gan never thought of organizing a whole group. Even though having more players is good since they can do mundane tasks, but he will survive even without a group. He could travel the world freely with just Yin He and there would be less worries.

So if there were more team members questioning him or challenging his authority, Liu Gan didn’t mind killing them all. At least, only until when he had the subordinates that would obey him loyally.

This was the way of life in The Trembling World for Liu Gan. He wasn’t a democrat nor was he a philanthropist. If he wanted to lead his group, he would be a powerful leader. His wishes would be the group’s wishes. Once he had decided, no one else could say the word ‘No’ to him.

So those who couldn’t accept this unrelenting, unyielding way, only has two options. One option was to run, far away from Liu Gan’s sight. The second option was to die, just like Teacher Dong and LuLei, who publicly challenged Liu Gan. With the two troublemakers dead, everything was so peaceful again.

So in Liu Gan’s travels around The Trembling World, he decided that there could only be two types of people with him. One type was the shameless individuals, that can be abandoned. The second type, the individuals that were loyal to him.

After Teacher Dong was fed to the Variant Zombie, and LuLei was beheaded, the group was seemingly united. At least superficially, there was no one stepping into the role of opposing Liu Gan. The displeased group members were all afraid of looking at Liu Gan, for fear that their neck might be the next target of the axe.

“[Flying Snow], come over here and kill it.” Liu Gan called over to Xue Jian.

“Okay…” Xue Jian looked at the mother Variant on the floor. The mother was teary in the eyes, and Xue Jian hesitated.

“Well if you don’t want to take this opportunity, I can arrange for someone else.” Liu Gan frowned.

“No need,” Xue Jian embarrassingly replied. With a deep breath, he lifted up the axe and chopped down at the Leech Variant’s neck, decapitating the mother Leech Variant’s head cleanly off .

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