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Chapter 197 - Unity

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After Liu Gan had announced it, Zhang Hua was rejoicing, but Martial Thunder and Zhao Meng were both disappointed. Both HuJun and Zhou JingJing had an unsightly look; their reason for trying to level up was a personal grudge against Zhang Hua. Since their powers were on the same level, they were thinking that if they’d had the power to back themselves up, then they wouldn’t have to suffer through the displeasure from the earlier embarrassment.

“Due to our camp’s combat ability, killing Variant Zombies is very easy, so everyone will have a chance to be level 5. There will be many opportunities in the near future, so consider this an experiment of whether Zhang Hua can awaken an ability or not. Wasting an opportunity now isn’t a big problem.” Liu Gan said to Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing. Even though Liu Gan said it to those two, the words were really meant for the other team members to hear.

“We shall listen to Elder Liu’s final decision! Your choice has always been right!” Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing quickly added.

“Thank you Elder Liu! Thank you, Brother ShengLi!” Zhang Hua bowed in gratitude. He then rushed over to the Variant Zombie with his fire ax in hand, chopping at its neck. After a dozen strikes at the neck and at the brain, he was able to finish off the Variant Zombie.

Only Zhang Hua was able to see the very black dense orb seep into his body. His body was boiling hot from that sensation of leveling up, and he felt like he was overflowing with energy.

After a series of examination, Zhang Hua had definitely been able to awaken an ability. Its ability name was unknown, yet, it was very clear that it had to do with his original skill of throwing javelins from afar. Now, he was able to throw a javelin from 300 meters away, but with higher accuracy at 200 meters. As for how accurate it was at 200 meters, it was hard to tell since he only had a limited supply of javelins to use for testing.

Zhang Hua being able to awaken this long distance ability was proof that enhanced survivors could also have an ability. This time it was his specialty of throwing lance-like weapons at a very quick speed. When the weapon was thrown, it generated a peculiar lightray unique to the ability. The minimum distance at which Zhang Hua could activate his ability was 20 meters, his ability would not activate for any target under that distance.

The force of the lance had also greatly increased, it could pass through the wall. This was only possible with an ability activation. Since before the level up, Zhang Hua wasn’t able to do it with his arm strength alone.

“Zhang Hua, even though you’ve awakened your ability, that ability is still no match for me. If I wanted to kill you, it would be like crushing an ant! Now that you have this ability, you need the responsibility to match the authority to hold it. Take this as a warning. Don’t let me see you bully or take advantage of other players. If the same situation happens again, I will be very strict with your punishment. Do you understand?” Liu Gan motioned Zhang Hua forward.

“I understand! I Understand! Elder Liu. I will definitely take notice when I drink next time to not spew nonsense to HuJun! I will not bully nor take advantage of other team members!” Zhang Hua immediately agreed.

Hearing Liu Gan warn Zhang Hua, HuJun and Zhou JingJing were able to relax their expression. The couple knew that these words of warning from Liu Gan were about the conflict from last time when Zhang Hua was drunk.

“I want my team members to be united for the cause, so I won’t allow any dissent that breaks that unity. If similar events happen again, then I will take charge and thoroughly investigate the matter for punishment! Since there will be more team members to be incorporated into the team. Wang DeCheng, take these two days to work with Zhang ShengLi and draw up a team discipline manual that states the punishments and reward. No matter the weak or strong, male or female it will be a fair and just system! Everyone that decides to follow me will be subjected to following these rules,” Liu Gan said loudly to everyone.

“Okay. I will work quickly to help draft the discipline manual along with the rewards and punishments,” Wang DeCheng agreed.

Xue Jian looked frighteningly at Liu Gan. In his eyes, Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, Han GuangMing should’ve been the leader as they were all level 5 players. Yet, all these people were very respectful towards Liu Gan, and they obeyed his orders.

The moment they had wounded the Variant Zombie, Liu Gan made the final decision on choosing who to reap the reward of becoming level 5. Liu Gan had even threatened Zhang Hua that if he ever acted out of place, then he would be killed as easily as an ant.

With this said, then his former guild member, [Burning Fire], should be the one they called Elder Liu. Now the question was, what level was he? He sounded as if he was Level 6 and above?

[Burning Fire]’s original team had a small number of people, at least compared to Mr. Sheng’s camp. However, their overall combat ability was not weak at all!


Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng received their order from Liu Gan. For efficient management, they separated the 40+ people into five squads. Each squad could have about eight to ten people with a squad leader each leading their respective squads. Since Xue Jian and Liu Gan were very familiar with each other, Xue Jian’s original group was not separated. They also made Xue Jian a squad leader of his group.

As of right now, Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, Han GuangMing, Xue Jian each led their own squads as the leaders. Within each squad, there was a vice-leader that operated under the orders of the leaders. Xue Jian felt nervous as he was a squad leader with the other Level 5 players. Xue Jian hadn’t rejected the offer, so he'd accepted it with fear.

“My group here is open to you, Flying Snow, so if you want to leave anytime, that is acceptable. If you want to remain, then we can work together. I will help you reach level 5.” Liu Gan walked over to talk to Xue Jian.

Even though in the real world these two had no connection, but in the game [Dominion], they had known each other for a good few years, so Liu Gan trusted the personality of his pal, [Flying Snow]. Hence, if Xue Jian decided to stay within his group, then Liu Gan would help level him up to 5.

For the same reason, since they are friends. If Xue Jian wanted to take his squad to leave, then Liu Gan wouldn’t force him to stay. Everyone would have the freedom of choice to decide for themselves.

“We all became Level 5 under Elder Liu’s assistance. Since you are Elder Liu’s friend, if you are willing to stay with us then Elder Liu definitely won’t treat you badly.” Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, and Han GuangMing chimed in. Even though Xue Jian was Level 4, within Mr. Sheng’s camp, Xue Jian had a high status, so all players from Mr. Sheng’s camp had viewed Xue Jian with respect. With Xue Jian’s presence, it was easy to harmonize the newly accepted 30 players with the original group.

“It all depends on you, Burning Fire. I am in your care as long as you don’t blame us for dragging you down. I am willing to follow you… Right, I need to change how I call you. I should be like them and call you Elder Liu!” Xue Jian answered Liu Gan.

“Guild Leader, you are too modest!” Liu Gan laughed with Xue Jian.

“No no, I must.” Xue Jian replied. The way Xue Jian greeted Liu Gan wasn’t purely a compliment. It was to set a precedent, this way followers of Xue Jian, would also pay respect to Liu Gan as a leader.

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