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Chapter 196 - Gain in Confidence

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Nintnendonuts

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The Variant Zombie stumbled a few steps backward and started producing a horrifying sound. After being injured, it started going berserk and started carelessly swinging its arms around.

Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng charged forward to engage the Variant Zombie on the frontline, as Han GuangMing borrowed another player’s ax to join the fight.

Witnessing this terrifying scene, the others started to move away to avoid the Variant Zombie. Every player present could tell that Zhang ShengLi and the other two players were Level 5 and above, so they were strong. Considering that they were Level 4 and weren’t comparable to those strong players, trying to fight the Variant Zombie was equivalent to seeking death.

Zhang ShengLi was dodging and weaving left and right as he attracted all the attention of the Giant Colossal Zombie. Even as Zhang ShengLi dodged the attacks, his clothes were unscathed. Now with the additional players, Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing moved up to produce even more bloody wounds on the Variant Zombie.

“This is unexpected, your group has three players that are Level 5!” Xue Jian said with envy to Liu Gan. Xue Jian was right on the money when he’d made the call to join Liu Gan’s group.

Liu Gan smiled but didn’t reply.

“Of those three players in your group, who is the Big Boss?” Xue Jian asking Liu Gan directly. Seeing that there were three players of the same level and none of them stood out above the other, Xue Jian was wondering who was going to lead the group.

“They’re roughly the same,” Liu Gan said.

“Actually, now that I think about it. With all three of them being Level 5, no matter who leads they would be unwilling to accept. So it must be cooperative?” Xue Jian guessed and nodded himself to agree.

As the Variant Zombie was lured into a building corner, Zhang ShengLi evaded the attacks brilliantly and then activated his ability [Whirlwind Slash]! His whole body spun and pinned the Variant Zombie to the wall due to the immense force.

The spinning attack was similar to a meat grinder as multiple axes struck the Giant Variant Zombie’s large thighs, effectively grinding up the muscular parts of the leg including the blood vessels that ran through the region, and also fracturing the bones of the Variant Zombie.

After the [Whirlwind Slash] had ended, the Giant Variant Zombie was unable to support itsheavy upper body and collapsed on the sidewalk. Zhang ShengLi and the other two players instantly surrounded the fallen Variant Zombie and ganged up on it with continuous attacks.  

Prior to this battle, Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, and Han GuangMing were suspicious of their own abilities since it was only numbers on the alloy wrist watch. In addition, their Level 5 were due to being power-leveled by Liu Gan. With this battle against the Variant Zombie, the three could confirm that even against the Variant Zombie they were still competent enough to kill one. Thus, giving the three of them a huge confidence boost.

Watching Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, and Han GuangMing cooperate in battle as Level 5 fighters together so efficiently was an eye-opening experience for all the other players. Among the group were a few reluctant team members that were part of Mr. Sheng’s base camp. With their eyes as wide open as their mouths, they immediately dismissed any ill-willed thoughts since there were not one, but three powerful players in the group.

“You three bosses are too much Killing that Variant Zombie as if you were toying with it. Our Mr. Sheng had eyes that did not see Mt. Tai. He probably would’ve felt regret if he had known your strength.” Xue Jian said to Liu Gan.

“Bosses? What do you mean bosses? Our boss is Elder Liu! We follow Elder Liu’s rule!” Zhang ShengLi and the other two players said as they returned to Liu Gan’s side upon overhearing Xue Jian.

“Elder Liu?” Xue Jian suspiciously looked at Liu Gan.

“Elder Liu! How do you feel like we should handle this Variant Zombie? Who will it go to this time?” Zhang ShengLi asked Liu Gan. The Variant Zombie was on the verge of dying, so it can be easily killed for another player to join the ranks of being a Level 5.

“What do you suggest?” Liu Gan asked the three players.

“For an appropriate person… I think either Zhao Meng, Martial Thunder, Zhang Hua or HuJun could be chosen. Zhao Meng is capable of picking locks, so he has contributed to the team. Martial Thunder created these breastplates for us. Zhang Hua was able to use his long distance skill to aid in killing the Carapace Spitter Variant Zombie. HuJun was a guide to us.” Zhang ShengLi explained his thoughts to Liu Gan.

“I recommend Martial Thunder.” Wang DeCheng looked at Liu Gan.

“I… recommend Zhao Meng…” Han GuangMing also gave a name.

“Zhang ShengLi, who do you choose?” Liu Gan said to Zhang ShengLi.

“From the group’s combat ability point of view, I recommend Zhang Hua. The thing is Zhang Hua is a local survivor, so he doesn’t have the alloy wrist watch. However, it seems that local survivors are similar to us players after they’ve experienced the catastrophe. These enhanced locals were able to match Level 4 players, so if Zhang Hua kills the Variant Zombie, then he might be able to awaken an ability too. It might be possible that his awoken ability can supplement the long distance attack that our group lacks.” Zhang ShengLi gave his answer after analyzing the situation. Zhang ShengLi felt like he owed his success to Zhang Hua’s long range spear.

Hearing these three name suggestions for the promotion. Zhao Meng, Martial Thunder, and Zhang Hua looked anxiously at Liu Gan for his final decision. Being able to join the ranks of a Level 5 player meant being able to face off with a Variant Zombie! It s the sole wish of every Player and Enhanced Local Survivor.

“Zhang Hua, what is his personality like?” Liu Gan asked Zhang ShengLi.

“These few days, I was able to communicate with him a lot. It seems we have things quite in common. His personality is straightforward, there’s a high chance that he will blab something without thinking first but he has a good and honest heart..” Zhang ShengLi glanced at Zhang Hua from afar.

Zhang Hua raised both his hand and waved at Zhang ShengLi gratefully. Zhang Hua was an athlete, so his personality matched that of Zhang ShengLi’s, who was a personal trainer. The two days on the island, they were constantly drinking beer and chatting about fitness.

“We still don’t know if the enhanced survivors can awaken an ability after killing a Variant Zombie since they don’t have an alloy wrist watch. We won’t know their level or the ability name and function. If they aren’t able to awaken the ability, then it would be a waste to spend this opportunity on them.” Wang DeCheng disagreed with Zhang ShengLi’s view.

“Yes.” Han GuangMing quickly nodded, as he agreed with Wang DeCheng’s view.

“Zhang ShengLi has a point. If there is a chance that Zhang Hua can get a long distance ability, since the ability takes a form closest to what the person desires most, then Zhang Hua will be serves as the long distance sniper of our group. I will take that chance and give this kill to Zhang Hua!” Liu Gan said after much consideration.

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