Within the apocalyptic world, female players and survivors alike were similar to the male players and survivors in a se">
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Chapter 193 - Unable to come to Arrangement

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Nintendonuts

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Within the apocalyptic world, female players and survivors alike were similar to the male players and survivors in a sense that they were both dressed shabbily. They were all covered in unexplainable pungent smells that lingered around their bodies, make them repulsive even if they looked clean. However, to be like Yin He that had maintained such cleanliness and was also beautiful, those females were rare.

“This is their boss, he is also a level five player,” Xue Jing introduced Zhang ShengLi. 

“Level 5? Nice to meet you!” Mr. Sheng said courteously toward Zhang ShengLi. 

“No need to be polite.” Zhang ShengLi remained calm. Zhang ShengLi saw that Liu Gan was staying under the radar, so he would act accordingly as well. 

“After Boss Sheng heard that we were going to leave, so he wanted to meet you guys,” Xue Jian explained to Liu Gan and his group. 

“Oh? Boss Sheng, is there something you want to advise me on?” Zhang ShengLi playing the role of a leader.

“I won’t say that I’m here to advise, I am just curious as to why my brother-in-arms would want to leave here. This location is great! Why would it be necessary to leave? Your group can also join my camp! We’d welcome everyone to join,” Mr. Sheng loudly said to Zhang ShengLi. It was evident that Mr. Sheng looked down on anyone who wasn’t level 5, so in his eyes, only Zhang ShengLi was an equal. 

There was an issue that bothered Mr. Sheng, it was the question of whether or not Zhang ShengLi had entered level 5. Since the Variant Zombies were so tough to kill, it wasn’t as easy as it sounded. This skeptical Mr. Sheng was thinking that Zhang ShengLi could be faking his claim about his status.

“So sorry, but we already have our plans and we do not intend on joining you.” Zhang ShengLi glanced at Liu Gan for hints. Then, coldly replied to Mr. Sheng.

“I’ve heard your plans. Your plan isn’t half-bad, but do you intend to take my people away? This act of stealing my members isn’t quite right!” Mr. Sheng said loudly after receiving the cold treatment from Zhang ShengLi. Mr. Sheng’s attitude and manner of speech was arrogant and he sounded displeased. 

“That doesn’t sound right. Xue Jian said they were only temporarily joined with you. He didn’t sell his body to you, so what rights do you have to refuse if I want to take them along?” Zhang ShengLi argued. 

“When I said I would take them in, I supplied them with hospitality and safe haven. I also raised their levels to 4, so I think it is acceptable if I can call them my friends. You barge in here and want to just take them away from me. If you were in my shoes, how would you feel? It’s as if they’ve never placed any attention toward me!” Mr. Sheng replied angrily.

“Then what do you suggest?” Zhang ShengLi frowned. Zhang ShengLi represents Elder Liu at the moment, so he can’t lose face!

“What I want? Obviously, you have to leave me with enough compensation, then I will let them leave with you.” Mr. Sheng knew that Xue Jian and his group were set on leaving. So rather than forcing them to stay, Mr. Sheng changed his tactic.

Mr. Sheng’s attitude was understandable since he had worked hard to level these players up, and aside from that, there was the issue of losing face. If anyone can come and go as they pleased, then it would set a bad example for those who decided to leave the next time. So even if Xue Jian wanted to take people, there would be repercussions in the form of compensations. On top of that, Zhang ShengLi’s attitude and tone toward Mr Sheng hadn’t helped the situation.

“So what compensation do you want?” Zhang ShengLi replied.

“Very simple. These dozen of people ate least a hundred and more kilogram of food from me. If you give me at least two hundred kilograms of food and that female as compensation, then you can take them!” Mr. Sheng stating his terms.

[email protected]/* */! You have a really large appetite!” Zhang ShengLi said with a shocked expression.

When Xue Jian and his group heard the terms of termination, their faces turned ugly. They hadn’t expected Mr. Sheng to be like this, especially since he was so welcoming when he was persuading them to join his group. Even though Xue Jian clearly stated that they were only going to temporarily stay at his camp. They’d never would’ve thought that when it was time to leave, Mr. Sheng would display this ugly side of himself. 

There was a clear flaw in the story of eating over a hundred kilograms of food. Firstly, Xue Jian had taken his members out to search for food on their own most of the time, not to mention their group was the core power of the camp. It was only a few days that they had relied on the camp’s food, but it still didn’t equate to a hundred kilograms of food. Secondly, Xue Jian had contributed food to the camp, especially when his group had their fill, they would donate the excess back to the camp.

At first, Xue Jian and his group were very grateful to Mr. Sheng. However, upon hearing all this, they’d realized how exaggerated Mr. Sheng’s terms were. Mr. Sheng treated them as if they were his personal belongings. 

“Unable to agree? Then you should just return to where you came from!” Mr. Sheng said as if he was seeing a visitor off.

“You are really funny! Such a joker. Your terms are two hundred kilograms of food and you want my female companion? Did you really think I would accept your offer?” Zhang ShengLi laughed at the fact that Mr. Sheng had tried to make a pass at Elder Liu’s woman. Did Mr. Sheng have a death wish?

“Then I guess we can’t come to an agreement! I definitely won’t let them go now.” Mr. Sheng’s face was turning ugly with the back and forth negotiations. 

“Seems like you don’t want to resolve this peacefully!” Zhang ShengLi bared his muscles and revealed an angry expression to match.

“I already explained to you how I wanted to resolve this issue, but you don’t agree with me! So now what? Do you want to fight it out?” Mr. Sheng noticed the killing intent coming from Zhang ShengLi. Naturally, Mr. Sheng took two huge steps back and brought out two one-foot-long sharpened rods.

“Even though your suggested terms won’t work, you should at least let me suggest my terms!” Zhang ShengLi holding his ax as he yelled to Mr. Sheng.

“Let’s hear it.” Mr. Sheng replied. If Xue Jian really left, then more than anything, his team would be left understaffed. Since Xue Jian’s group was the backbone of the group, it would leave him with nothing more than just a name. The truth was hard to swallow, which was why Mr. Sheng ws having a hard time accepting their leaving. 

“Very simple, both of us will fight in a duel. If you win, we will leave; if you lose, they will come with us. This way you can accept your lost.” Zhang ShengLi suggested. After achieving level 5, Zhang ShengLi hadn’t been able to test out his skills in a one versus one duel against other players, so this was a rare chance.

Liu Gan saw that Zhang ShengLi was having so much fun, so he didn’t interfere. Liu Gan only watched from the sideline. If Zhang ShengLi was able to resolve this issue with Mr. Sheng, then it would be for the best. If not, then Liu Gan would step in to fix it. 

“Okay, then I agree!” Mr. Sheng glared, as he wielded his two sharpened rods and charged forward. 

As a camp leader, Mr. Sheng knew that this battle was inevitable. If he lost to Zhang ShengLi, it would be due to his skills being subpar, and he would only be able to watch Xue Jian’s group leave. However, if he was able to beat Zhang ShengLi, then he would kill the several strangers and leave the pretty girl alive to become his female companion.

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