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Chapter 194 - Duel

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Nintendonuts

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“Oh, this is all my fault. I shouldn’t have brought up the topic of leaving with you. Let me go intervene to stop this fight before it starts,” Xue Jian said to Liu Gan. On the street, Mr. Sheng and Zhang ShengLi were readying their weapons to attack.

“This is an affair between two strong level 5 players. We can’t interfere. Where you decide to go isn’t important anymore. What they are fighting for is for face. Since things seem to have reached this point due to their differences in opinions, why not let them let some steam off by fighting. It’s okay as long as they know when to stop fighting.” Liu Gan held onto Xue Jian and chose a good vantage point to view the battle.

Xue Jian sighed, with his arm firmly held onto Liu Gan, any struggle was useless. Xue Jian realized that there was truth in Liu Gan’s words, so he had no choice but to stand on the sideline.

Zhang ShengLi and Mr. Sheng arrived in the middle of the street and without another word they started fighting. Normal players that gained a level would have improved their speed, strength, reaction, eyesight, and hearing rather linearly. After reaching level 5 specifically, their strength would be increased exponentially. So when these two level 5 players fought against each other, their actions were very hard to follow for those under that level.

Within Xue Jian’s group, Zhang ShengLi and Mr. Sheng’s movements had reached the point where they could only see the blurry afterimage of the movements, as for their exact movements, they weren’t able to tell. This generated a reverent impression for the two combatants, as both of the fighters were higher level than they were. The intense attacks and unrelenting defense from both fighters were all too fast, as level 4 players they wouldn’t dare to face against it. There was also their awakened ability that was even more deadly.

As Liu Gan, a level 6 player, was watching Mr. Sheng and Zhang ShengLi fight, their actions were slow and movements defined. There was nothing that escaped Liu Gan’s eyes. If Mr. Sheng was fighting against Liu Gan, then in one round he would KO’ed.

The way Zhang ShengLi and Mr. Sheng were fighting looked as if they hadn’t received professional fighting instructions. As of this moment, the two of them were merely using their bodies speed and power in an attempt to overpower the other. Zhang ShengLi had the advantage of being muscularly built since his day job was as a fitness trainer. Every swing from Zhang ShengLi carried a deadly force. Mr. Sheng had a rather short stature, so his body was very nimble. Every swing from Zhang ShengLi was dodged with ease by Mr. Sheng and Mr. Sheng would quickly retaliate at Zhang ShengLi with the iron rods.

The two fighters still had no clue what the other person’s awakened ability was. They were both fighting on high alert, watching each other's movement so they could counter if the other used their ability. This way, their ability would guarantee a KO.

After a dozen rounds of fighting with both sides at a stalemate, Mr. Sheng took a gamble. He took a few steps backwards, and shouted, “[Ten Thousand Stabs]!” With both iron rods, he charged like an arrow at Zhang ShengLi.

Zhang ShengLi heard the shout, so he activated his own ability [Whirlwind Slash]. With his hands on the ax, he started rotating in a spiral and aimed toward Mr. Sheng.

Mr. Sheng immediately retracted both his iron rods, then retreated. Mr. Sheng had purposely misled Zhang ShengLi by shouting his ability name, this way Zhang ShengLi would waste his ability. From Zhang ShengLi’s perspective, his own ability was perfect for groups, but when it came to duels, it was quite lacking. As long as the opponent dodged out of the attack range, and waited for the duration of the [Whirlwind Slash] to end, they would be unharmed.

It seemed that Zhang ShengLi had recently leveled up to 5, so he hadn’t had too many experiences with PVP was what Mr. Sheng had guessed. Mr. Sheng revealed a sinister smile, as he didn’t have any more worries about the opponent’s ability, he could activate his real ability [Quick Steps] to easily KO Zhang ShengLi.

If Mr. Sheng didn’t fake his ability with a shout to trick Zhang ShengLi into wasting his ability, then Zhang ShengLi could have activated his ability [Whirlwind Slash] now, so that no one could get close enough. This way both players would exhaust their awakened ability so the fight would return to being a stalemate.

However, that was not the case anymore. Zhang ShengLi had been tricked into wasting [Whirlwind Slash], so his next moves were very passive. Zhang ShengLi’s only option was to gather enough energy within his body so he could activate [Whirlwind Slash] a second time, but Mr. Sheng wouldn’t allow Zhang ShengLi time to recuperate.

Liu Gan had witnessed the turn of events and couldn’t help but frown at the situation. The moment Mr. Sheng shouted [Ten Thousand Stabs], Liu Gan had his suspicions that it was a feint in order lure Zhang ShengLi into using his ability first. Who would’ve thought that Zhang ShengLi had actually fell for the trick and had simply wasted the ability. The results of the duel were very clear, it would be hard for Zhang ShengLi to make a comeback.

“Your leader ShengLi is very powerful! He was able to force Mr. Sheng to retreat,” Xue Jian said mindlessly. In Xue Jian’s perspective, he only saw Mr. Sheng retreating, so he thought Zhang ShengLi had the advantage the whole time. Xue Jian hadn’t registered the overall situation at all.

Liu Gan could only laugh a little and didn’t say any more. He only stared at Mr. Sheng’s movements closely.

The moment Zhang ShengLi stopped revolving, his body became rigid. Mr. Sheng took this opportunity to fake another attack, then in succession activated his ability [Quick Step] to appear at the back of Zhang ShengLi. Zhang ShengLi had no chance to react and his back was exposed to Mr. Sheng’s attack.

Mr. Sheng, with his two sharp iron rods, one rod aimed at Zhang ShengLi’s back and another rod aimed at the back of his skull.

As Mr. Sheng closed in the distance, he knew that this battle was coming to an end. To end this battle, Mr. Sheng had to pierce the heart through the back and then stab deeply through the skull into the brain. With the end of this duel, Mr. Sheng would kill everyone Zhang ShengLi came with, except the beautiful female. Mr. Sheng was already planning his night time events in his head before the duel had even ended.

In that moment, it was as if time had stopped. Zhang ShengLi’s ability stopped, as he felt Mr. Sheng aim toward his heart and the back of his skull. Zhang ShengLi felt a sense of impending doom as imminent death approached.

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