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Chapter 190 - Punishment fits the crime

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Zhang ShengLi used the iron chains to tightly bound the white-coat sponsor’s body, then took out an extremely sharp blade and left two cuts on the sponsor’s flesh to draw blood. Shortly after, the cloth in his mouth was removed as the sponsor was thrown into the river behind the yacht.

“Ah? No need to do it like this…” Wang DeCheng said while watching Zhang ShengLi. Deep within Wang DeCheng’s heart, he felt conflicted. He didn’t like the idea of using a person as live bait, if he’d wanted the person dead then it would be easier to kill him. This method was too ruthless for him, but since it had been Elder Liu’s decision, Wang DeCheng couldn’t voice his opposition. 

As other bystanders watched the scene play out, they all had similar feelings and thoughts  like Wang DeCheng, but they didn’t speak up. The other members weren’t able to interfere with the things core members of the group were doing to the sponsor.

The white-coat sponsor had committed multiple evil deeds, so the outcome of his fate was now in the hands of others. It was deemed that this punishment fit the crime. 

As the yacht continued downriver, the white-coat sponsor was being dragged in the back between a constant mix of crying and calling for help. After being drowned by the river water, the white-coat sponsor passed out and the noises coming from him stopped. 

After half an hour later, Liu Gan and a few members were disappointed that they hadn’t been able to bait in a large prey. The prey they were looking for was an extremely ugly Variant Zombie that had a mouthful of protruding sharp teeth, which had suddenly happened to have appeared tailing behind the yacht. It swam up to the white-coat sponsor, opened its mouth and took large bite out of the sponsor. 

After swallowing, the Mutant Fish Variant seemed to have discovered something was wrong. However, it was already too late as the iron hook was deeply embedded into the Variant Zombie’s stomach. So it wouldn’t be easy for it to regurgitate the large chunk of human meat it had swallowed. 

As a result, the Mutant Fish Variant started to struggle ferociously. This was within Liu Gan’s predictions. There were as many as four iron chains bundled up, so this Variant Zombie wasn’t able to struggle free from the fish chain.

This Mutant Fish Variant discovered that it couldn't free itself from the hook, so its other option was to charge forward and attack the yacht. The rear end of the yacht now had dents, but there weren’t any debilitating structural damage to the yacht due to its large size, it still remained afloat. Nevertheless, the immense strength of a Variant Zombie should not be underestimated as it tugged at the chains from the rear of the yacht, throwing the balance of the yacht off and causing the yacht to shake and tilt from one side to another from time to time. 

The yacht was steadily flowing downriver tugging along the Mutant Fish Variant for more than half an hour. Soon the yacht would be able to leave the urban district, as both sides of the shoreline had a gradual decrease in the numbers of wandering zombies. The fuel in the yacht was nearly used up, so Liu Gan found an appropriate location to dock. As the yacht was angled toward the shoreline, right before it was about to reach the shore, the yacht did a quick spinout. The sudden turn used centripetal force to throw the Mutant Fish Variant from the rear of the yacht onto the shore.

The Mutant Fish Variant had been dragged along for more than half an hour so it had already been completely exhausted. However, with the sudden force that tossed it onto the shore, it struggled for its life, trying to return to the river. Liu Gan, Yin He, Zhang ShengLi, and Wang DeCheng were already on the banks of the shore and they all blocked off the possible escape routes of the Mutant Fish Variant. Liu Gan used the [Carapace Shield] to block off retaliating attacks from the Mutant Fish Variant, as the other three continuously attacked the body of the Variant.

No matter how ferocious a fish is in the water, when it is on land, it will eventually die. However, the Variant Zombie would die even faster due to the attacks it received from the four players, who were at or past level 5. After a few minutes, Han GuangMing was summoned from the yacht to land the finishing blow on the Mutant Fish Variant.

A large dense black orb escaped from the body of the Variant Fish Mutant and seeped into the body of Han GuangMing. Han GuangMing experienced the burning heat that came from leveling up. He also checked his own alloy wrist watch to confirm that the status of his level had changed from the value of 4 to 5. Now Liu Gan’s team had another level 5 player!

“Thank you Elder Liu!” Han GuangMing was very grateful to Liu Gan. So grateful that Han GuangMing was about to get on his knees to kowtow, but Liu Gan stopped Han GuangMing before he could do it. 

“No need to be so emotionally stirred up. Now that your strength has improved, you will have more responsibility to help Elder Liu.” Zhang ShengLi said to Han GuangMing.

“Little Han, what ability did you awaken?” Wang DeCheng immediately asked. 

“[Meteor Hammer]” Han GuangMing said as he replied to Wang DeCheng. 

Han GuangMing’s [Meteor Hammer] was an active skill like other people’s. There was a 15 minutes cooldown period between each use. The team members all witnessed the activation of [Meteor Hammer] as a test run for Han GuangMing to better understand the ability. The ability guaranteed that within ten meters, no matter what weapon was thrown out, knife, axe, or hammer, it would be able to strike the target with 100% accuracy. The velocity at which the activated weapon traveled was extremely fast. The killing power of the weapon using the activated skill would be ten times that of a regular weapon thrown.

This was one of the very strong medium distance offensive abilities. No matter if it was an assault or supporting a teammate in the midst a fight, it would be very useful. So if it was perfectly-timed, it could interrupt the opponent's ability. Wang DeCheng realized that Han GuangMing had received such a strong offensive ability, and started moaning and sighing about his own shortcomings. Wang DeCheng wondered why was he the only one that had awoken a logistics skill. Now, he couldn’t be brave and bold on the frontline like Zhang ShengLi or Han GuangMing.

Other team members had also landed on the shore and walked forward to congratulate Han GuangMing. Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng took this opportunity to start convincing the other team members that if they also worked hard, they would get their chance too. Hence, they were all motivated to work harder so they could contribute and maybe have a chance to be able to become level 5. 

Despite the earlier corpse tide when they’d suffered a severe loss of people with over half the group were dead, they’d had at least three people, other than Liu Gan, who’d had an ability awakened. Even with the loss of the team members, their team’s current combat ability has never been stronger before. If the team set up their battle formation, whether if it was a corpse tide of one or two hundred zombies, they could now handle it. It could be easily done without any casualties. 


“Elder Liu, what is our next step?” Zhang ShengLi asked Liu Gan. 

“Now that we are already in the city district. Green Pao Bay is heading toward this direction. Even if we continued on the yacht it would be pointless.” Liu Gan stood on top of a high ledge to survey the area, then pointed to a certain direction as he replied to Zhang ShengLi.

Not only was Green Pao Bay in that direction. From Yin He’s mouth, she also mentioned the secret location of the next laboratory on Green Station Mountain. This information was all thanks to the white-coat sponsor. According to the local survivors, they just needed to head toward the pointed direction and they would pass by Green Station Mountain. On that mountain, they will spend some time in the laboratory to search through it. After searching through the Green Station Mountain laboratory, their next objective was to head toward Green Pao Bay to look for a large sturdy ship. The type of ship that could easily cross the ocean, so that they could head toward the main city, City of Hope. 

“Elder Liu, these food on the yacht, it’s such a waste to throw them out,” Wang DeCheng said to Liu Gan. In this apocalyptic world, carrying this entire supply of food would be such a troublesome task. 

“Okay, you and Little Han, stay here to keep watch on the yacht. I will go with Zhang ShengLi to probe ahead. I’ll see if we can find an appropriate place to store the food up. If we can find a suitable long-term base, we can come back to retrieve the food from storage anytime,” Liu Gan said after he’d decided on his decision. 

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