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Chapter 189 - Future is hard to predict

TL: xDh20,LifeisaJourney

ED: Nintendonuts

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“Very simple. They are preparing to board the yacht to leave the island. You can say that you will escort me onboard the yacht. Shortly after we leave the island, you can activate your ability so we can leave the yacht. That way they can’t chase us even if they wanted to,” the white-coat sponsor continued to talk about his scheme.

“Okay, I will agree to work with you. Where are the remaining microchips? The most important microchip, you still haven’t given it to me.” Yin He extended her hand out.

“As suspected, you are intelligent, there’s nothing I can hide from you. Follow me!” said the white-coat sponsor as he walked toward the deeper end of the hallway, all the way down to the deepest floor and back to the floor where he had been locked up earlier in his prison cell. From one of the small pots, he pulled out a wrapped package containing the microchip, which he then handed over to Yin He.

“This microchip contains all the blueprints, this includes the blueprints for the nanobots and other designs. These set of nanobots are very important to you, right? If you follow me, then after we leave together and find an appropriate place, I can help you develop a steady flow of these nanobots that you need so much,” the white-coat sponsor continued with his words.

“An appropriate place?” Yin He asked the white-collar sponsor.

“The outskirts, like on Green Station Mountain, there is another secret laboratory. The best part about this laboratory is that it has an independent electrical source. With a little reconstruction, it can produce a lot of more advanced nanobots, that way you can renew your software and hardware completely,” said the white-coat sponsor. 

“Green Station Mountain? How far is it specifically?” Yin He asked.

“I merely overheard it accidentally from the mouths of others. As for the specific coordinates, I am not sure. Wait until we leave this location, I will do to the best of my ability to use that microchip to help you develop a detection module kit. As long as we are near Green Station Mountain, finding the actual location won’t be too hard,” said the white-coat sponsor after he thought for awhile.

“Okay, then let’s leave this location first.” Yin He didn’t continue speaking as she escorted the sponsor back toward the surface of the ground floor.

“Remember our agreement, whether you can regain your freedom will be up to you,” the white-coat whispered to Yin He when they reached the first floor of the lobby.

“Were you able to get the microchip?” Liu Gan got up from the lobby couch as he walked over to greet Yin He.

“I got it,” Yin He replied to Liu Gan.

“That is good, I will notify everyone to start packing and moving stuff onto the yacht. We will prepare to leave this island and continue onward,” Liu Gan said happily. 

“Brother Liu!” Yin He continued to call for Liu Gan. 

“What is it?” Liu Gan stopped midstep.

“While we were underground in the laboratory, he said something rather enticing. He wants to lie to me, so I will leave your side. However, I didn’t fall for his schemes…” Yin He continued to tell Liu Gan everything  that had been told to her.

“Yin He, this was your only chance to regain freedom. How could you…” the white-coat sponsor had no idea that Yin He would reveal his whole plan to Liu Gan.

“I promised to spare your life, yet you tried to backstab me in this type of situation?” Liu Gan was getting angry after he had heard the big reveal. Liu Gan had been planning to keep his promise, just like with Zhao Hui. If they were meant to be killed, there would be an opportunity for them to create their own demise, just like now. It seemed like Liu Gan wouldn’t be so kind this time. 

“Yin He, why? How could you do this? Is it possible that you don’t want to revive your independence? Why would you be willing to be his slave and not cooperate with me? I can help you!” the white-coat sponsor knew it was impossible for him to escape, so he had to know.

“Reasons? One, I am free. Brother Liu has never restricted my freedom. He has never forced me to do anything I wasn’t willing to do. Two, he is young and handsome. You are old and ugly. I prefer him over you. So why do you think I would give him up for you?” Yin He honestly replied.

[email protected]/* */! Is being handsome a reason? What a shallow world,” exclaimed the white-coat sponsor as he gave up. 

Liu Gan shook his head. Without any further words to the sponsor, Liu Gan called over other people to tie up the sponsor in ropes and stuffed his mouth shut with a towel. This time, his eyes had also been covered.

“Elder Liu, are we really not going to kill him? He used live humans for dissections, it is really unforgivable. Even if I kill him, it doesn’t mean that you didn’t keep your promise. Think about it, if we leave him alive or let him go, he will become a threat later on,” Zhang ShengLi chimed in with his thoughts to Liu Gan as he rushed over. Zhang ShengLi was thinking that Liu Gan’s actions here didn’t quite fit his original style of killing those who were a threat.

“He still has his uses, so for now, he won’t be killed.” Liu Gan shook his head. As for the future of the white-coat sponsor, Liu Gan had plans laid out in his mind. 


After moving all the items from the restaurant’s storeroom onto the yacht. Liu Gan ordered people to bring the iron hooks, which were used to hang up the pieces of meat up in the walk-in freezers, from the freezer to him. As everyone boarded the yacht, the chains anchoring the yacht were removed. Yin He started up the yacht and navigated downstream.

As the small island in the middle of the river disappeared from view. The team members started feeling a sense of loss. There were thirteen people when had arrived on the island, but now there were only twelve people departing from it. The team had lost two of their close members and had gained a vile, conniving, [Hallucination]-capable biochemist instead. 

After leaving the small island, no one knew where their shelter would be. It would be far too hopeful to even expect a better location.

With the future being hard to predict, everything in the near future was unknown.

“Take these iron hooks and hook it to the iron chains around his body. After bundling him up with several iron chains and hooks together, toss him overboard near the tail of the yacht.” Liu Gan instructed Zhang ShengLi regarding the white-coat sponsor.

“Elder Liu… Do you mean he is… Bait? Bait for the big fishes? [email protected]/* */! What a ruthless method!” Zhang ShengLi had been puzzling over Liu Gan’s actions this whole time, until the moment he had been given these instructions. Elder Liu was definitely incomparable to others! No only was his strength immensely greater than theirs, but his creativity and thoughts also surpassed them.

“Bait for what fish?” Wang DeCheng curiously asking Zhang ShengLi.

“There are underwater Variant Zombies that resemble sharks. With this biochemist sponsor as bait and these iron hooks attached to the iron chains as the fishing line, it would be perfect for hooking in these Variant Zombies. This way Little Han could join the ranks of level 5’s,” Zhang ShengLi said to Wang DeCheng as both of them got to work at the rear of the yacht.

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