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Chapter 183 - Trap

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: NoriPixel

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[TL: Han GuangMing is having his character spotlight this chapter]

In Han GuangMing’s memory, he would always remember the scene in which his grandparents waited for him with dates. He would remember no matter how much time had passed before he returned to the countryside, be it was once a year, every two years, or even every three years.

Around the time of his first year in university, Han GuangMing had experienced his first relationship. The relationship was very extreme. One moment, they would break up, the next moment they would love each other. It was during this period of time that he received the news of his grandpa passing away. Han GuangMing had broken up with his girlfriend at that time, and with a combination of many freak factors, Han GuangMing didn’t attend his grandfather’s funeral. 

The second year of university was around November of that time. The weather had been very cold and, by that time, Han GuangMing had been relieved of his torturous relationship. By then, he had received news of his grandma being sick, after which Han GuangMing had finally realized that there was already one person gone. It would never be like before, when there had been two elderly grandparents waiting for him.

Now, the second one was about to leave him as well.

Han GuangMing had to take a leave of absence from his university. After a whole day of train riding and car driving, he arrived at the courtyard where he had lived for eight years. The moment he rushed into the house, his grandma had forever passed on.

Right by his grandma’s bedside was a large basin of red dates. The basin was placed there by his grandma while she was still conscious of her actions; she had someone go into the basement to take out the preserved dates. From what the relatives had said, his grandma kept whispering for his name that whole day. She was worried that when he arrived, he won’t be able to eat the red dates she had prepared for the whole season.

She said her grandson was very understanding and he loved to eat the dates that she picked. 

As Han GuangMing was at the tombstone of his grandparents, he cried his heart out. Uncontrollably, he smashed his head into the tombstone until he bled out. He was very regretful that he spent the earlier two years of his life so muddle-headed in romance. For that, he lost his most precious relatives, and it was already too late by the time he regretted it.

The year Han GuangMing’s had grandma died, the large jujube tree by the front of yard also dried up. Ever since then, Han GuangMing didn’t have a chance to eat the sweet tasting dates from the jujube tree.

As for Han GuangMing, his biggest regret was missing the chance to see his grandma for one last time. This was the knot that weighed him down heavily.

Han GuangMing didn’t for his grandma to suddenly appear there, especially right in front of him. In that flash of memory, he remembered everything that had happened to him during his childhood. When he first saw her, a thought crossed his mind that all the regrets he once had may perhaps be released after all these years. 

“Little Ming, come here and eat the large sweet red dates. Grandma left it for you.” Suddenly, right beside Grandma’s side was a white basin. The white basin had alternating colors of white and red due to the large red dates within it. 

“Grandma… I’m sorry…sorry…” Han GuangMing tears suddenly poured down from his eyes. He forgot where his location was and why his grandma had suddenly appeared in front of him, but he never thought about it. 

Only when his body began to shake ferociously did the vision of his grandma and the basin of dates disappear. Han GuangMing was in a depressed mood until he finally woke up. His body stopped shaking and he looked around. It was Wang DeCheng who had been shaking his body. 

The scientist in the white coat was able to induce hallucination on Han GuangMing. The scientist then tied Han GuangMing up, using the pillow cloth to shove in his mouth. Then, from the lobby’s back exit, Han GuangMing was dragged and left out in the middle of nowhere on the island. 

Afterwards, the white-coat scientist snuck back into the lobby. When he saw Zhao Meng drunk in the lobby, he headed toward the underground opening in between the two floors. The round alloy door was already wide open, and he quickly climbed into the underground laboratory. 

The white-coat scientist ran straight to the third underground floor. Then, he pulled open a particular cabinet, revealing different types of strange medicines. The scientist pressed a special hidden button that revealed a drawer with a mechanical combination lock. Inputting a correct series of code, the board behind the cabinet revealed six specially medicine that had been sealed up for storage in a metal alloy syringe.

There were many different types of medicines besides him and, aside from a few high level executives, other researchers wouldn’t know about the secret compartment with the board behind the cabinet. Even though the white-coat scientist had obtained the keys to the yacht and could leave at any time, he couldn’t give up and leave behind his research results. Thus, he headed there to quietly steal these last six syringes of medicine.

The white-coat scientist thought that he had been very cautious. Never would he have thought that on the night of the feast, Liu Gan, Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, and Zhao Meng were acting drunk. Only Han GuangMing was left in the dark. Together with the other members who didn’t know what was going on, they put up a show to lure the white-coat scientist into revealing the secret. 

The moment the white-coat scientist came out of the round alloy door, Liu Gan, Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, and the others were waiting for him with smiles and laughter. 

In that moment, the scientist felt that something wasn’t right. It was too easy. He tried to escape back deeper into the underground laboratory when he noticed that he had been tailed by Yin He. Yin He was standing silently behind him, so there was no way for him to escape. 

“Did you suffer from a hallucination attack?” Liu Gan asked Wang DeCheng, who was holding onto Han GuangMing. Han GuangMing was still crying so there was really no need to ask and guess the results.

“Yes.” Han GuangMing nodded even in his sorrow state. The moment Han GuangMing saw his grandma, he was consciously aware that he was under hallucinations. However, it had targeted his weakest and most vulnerable part so he wasn’t able to pull himself together. 

“Okay, you can tell the truth. What did you do to Little Han? How do you have the hallucinogenic ability?” Zhang ShengLi squatted down and started yelling at the scientist. At the same time, Yin He searched through the white-coat scientist and found six syringes of medicine. 

The white-coat scientist had bad luck. Originally, he wanted to hallucinate Han GuangMing, steal the medicine, and hijack the yacht. Then, he would be able to escape from the island. He never once stopped to think that this might have been a trap just for him to hand over everything he had.

“So what is this medicine? Is it used to induce the hallucinations?” Liu Gan took the syringes from Yin He. At this moment, the scientist was pressured onto the floor. 

“You could remain silent, but I have ways for you to open your mouth. Your laboratory is definitely not lacking in this aspect. There are so many different types of dissecting tools. I believe, I can find one that will make you talk. Then you’ll wish I haven’t started.” Zhang ShengLi patted the scientist’s face as he continued to threaten.

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