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Chapter 184 - Volunteer Participants

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Nintendonuts

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“We had to use the sponsor’s molecular formula to create a whole set of genetically modified drugs. Only through constant experimentation were we able to produce the right formula for this drug. Once this genetically modified medicine is injected into the human body, it would cause a mutation in the chemical structural foundation of the human body. Towards a few people, it would awaken the ability to induce hallucinations on others nearby.” 

“This sort of hallucination ability can have strong or weak effects. There were individuals that got injected and had the ability to hallucinate a dozen people. Then, there were individuals like me that could cast it once every several days and each time it only affects one person. There were some individuals, who awoken the weakest hallucination ability, that can temporarily interrupt the mental state of mind. Most of the other people simply had no effect after injection.” The white-coat scientist revealing the secrets to the medicine.

“So what you are saying is that this medicine has a certain probability of stimulating the ability within the body? And it can also interrupt the abilities of others by causing hallucinations?” Liu Gan eyes widen, confirming his theory.

“Yes.” The scientist nodded.

“So what is the dosage limit like? How long before the next shot? What are the side effects?” Liu Gan continued to ask. Liu Gan didn't dare to directly inject the medicine in himself.

“I know that you are the leader of this group. So your word would hold weight. If you can promise a few things, I will tell you how to use the medicine. First you can't kill me, after I told you. Second, you can't leave me behind on this island. Third, you have to take me away from this city to the countryside wherever it's safe there.” The white-coat scientist started negotiating. 

“Okay, that is not a problem to us. That is what we were planning to do anyway. However, if you dare to play any more games and spew lies. I will make sure that your days would be worse than it was in the underground prison. You will wish you were dead, by the time I'm finished with you.” Liu Gan agreed.

“The way to use this medicine safely… for an adult, using one syringe is absolutely safe. However, using only one syringe, the probability of awakening the hallucinogenic ability is around 10%. The more syringes used, the higher the chance of awakening the ability. The problem is that using two syringes raises the lethality up to 30% and the chance of becoming mentally unstable reaches 50%. When you inject three syringes, the lethality rate reaches 70% and mental instability becomes 90%.”

“Injecting four syringes, the lethality is around 95% and 100% mental instability. Injecting five syringes, has a lethality of 99%. You saw the creature with gills on his neck, he was the only successful specimen that survived six syringes and still haven't died. However, his mind was lost for a long time and he became a monster. Well, as to what happened to him and how he survived, you have witnessed it,” the scientist explained to Liu Gan. 

“How many syringes did you inject?” Liu Gan asked.

“Two syringes.” The white-coat scientist hesitated briefly before answering.

“I will find some willing participant to accept the injections. Everyone will be injected with one syringe. If everything goes according to what you have said regarding that dosage, then they should be safe. If an accident occurs, I will make sure you suffer a painful punishment!” Liu Gan said to the scientist.

“Don't worry. With only one dosage, it isn't a problem. Our laboratory experiment has proven that point. I don't have any need to lie to you. However, if everyone injects only one syringe, the awakening the ability will be low - around 10%. This will be a great waste for those six syringes.” The scientist replied.

“After wasting these. You can always reproduce it anew right?” Liu Gan asked the scientist.

“This plan requires several components. First off, it requires the cooperation of large scale industries. The raw materials are extremely precious. Manufacturing costs are high. Did you believe that we can produce however many you want?” The white-coat scientist scoffed. In terms of this industry, the scientist is the expert as it was his pride.

Liu Gan looked at the scientist’s expression and felt that it was the truth. However, there still needed to be preparation against overusing the medicine. Even though overusing the medicine would have a higher rate of awakening the ability, the lethality and chances of mental instability were too high. Obviously, it did more harm than good when overused. 

So why not find five willing volunteers, including himself. As long as one of them awakens ability, then it would be worth. 

“Do you have any way of confirming if the person has the ability after injection? Are there special characteristics that we should look for?” Liu Gan asked again.

“No way of confirming, it all relies on luck. There were some people that didn’t awaken the ability even after injecting more than one dose. There were others that required only one injection. This is all part of life science studies. We have only merely begun digging into this aspect.” The white-coat scientist shook his head and sighed.

Since it’s all reliant on luck, Liu Gan didn’t continue asking any more useless questions. He rounded everyone up and explained the use of the syringes as well as the harmful effects it could cause. Then, he asked for five volunteers that would be willing to experience the effects of the syringes. They would have a chance to awaken an ability.

Liu Gan left a syringe for himself. But before he injected it in himself, he had to confirm whether or not what the scientist said was true - that one injection would not have any side effects. So he required at least five participants before he would attempt to do it himself. 

“I won’t guarantee that this scientist didn’t lie. In his attempt to kill us all. There is a risk to the volunteers, but everything is up to your decision.” Liu Gan put an emphasis on those last few words.

“I am willing to test it.” Zhang ShengLi started off. Even though he had his doubts about the dosage level for the syringes, he knew that Liu Gan really needed participants. So to set an example for the other team members, someone needed to step up and Zhang ShengLi had volunteered himself. 

“I am also willing to experience it. Even though I have awakened my ability, getting another ability wouldn’t be a bad idea.” Wang DeCheng offered himself up.

“Count me in too!” Han GuangMing offered himself. He won’t be left out after he had sen that Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng had volunteered. Previously, he’d made a mistake by letting the white-coat scientist escape on his watch so he needed to redeem himself.

Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, and Han GuangMing quickly volunteered themselves and set a good example. Soon, Zhao Meng and Martial Thunder also stepped up to the challenge, while others were still hesitating and lost the chance forever. 

These several local survivors thought that the players were purposely staging an act to trap them. Even though the local survivors joined late to the team, they felt that Liu Gan placed more importance toward the players, which played a factor in them not volunteering themselves. 

Even though Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng, and Han GuangMing wanted to be the first person to be injected with the syringe, Liu Gan had left that opportunity to Han GuangMing. 

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