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Chapter 175 - Staff Living Quarters

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Oz

“Who would've thought that something this large would be found underground? Certainly they didn't construct a hotel? If this was a hotel, the guests would have a hard time coming down.” Some other team members chimed in with their opinion.

At the far end of the large Hall was a series of stairs that continued further down. Next to the set of stairs was a reflective glass material that was the door to an elevator. There was enough electricity to supply the emergency light, but definitely not enough electricity to power the elevator. So the group continued on foot, heading deeper underground. 

The stairs were covered with red carpet, and along the walls were pictures. There were group pictures, and judging from these photos, it seemed like these people were not family members, interacting more like coworkers. This area should be where the research scientists had worked at. 

At this moment, Liu Gan didn’t know what they were researching here, nor does he know where the laboratory was. It doesn't seem like the laboratory was on that floor, so they kept going deeper underground.

With Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng volunteering to clear the path in front, Liu Gan and Yin He assumed the rear guard.

As another two zombies dressed in waiter clothing approached, Zhang ShengLi used his weapon, long iron rod, to block the zombie, while Lee Miao walked over to kill the zombie from behind. She swung at the zombie’s neck and cut off the head. Right now Zhang ShengLi was doing the same thing Liu Gan had done for him. He was feeding Lee Miao kills.

Looking at this scene, Liu Gan felt regretful. During that time on the bridge crossing, with the sea of fire burning down the horde of zombies, he should’ve let Doctor Lee toss a grenade over. From one hand grenade, she would’ve reached the physical attributes close to a level 4 player.

But it was inconsequential, as she would quickly reach that level with Zhang ShengLi leading her, so there was no need to worry about it excessively.

Right now, the group was split up into three squads. The first squad was lead by Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng in the front, opening up the road. The middle squad consisted of the rather weak team members. Finally, covering the rear were Liu Gan and Yin He standing behind a few meters back, as this would allow the two of them to provide help if any danger should crop up.

After a long while of walking, they finally reached the lower floor’s corridor. Taking a look around at the surrounding, this place truly felt like a hotel. Down the long corridor, both sides had rooms that were labeled on the door with a number.

The corridor had scattered zombies walking around. They weren’t wearing waiter clothing; some were in pajamas, others were wearing work clothes. There were even zombies that had on the white coats that research scientists would wear.

The zombies spotted Zhang ShengLi and rushed toward him. Wang DeCheng and Zhang ShengLi were both ready and clashed with the zombies. The regular zombies were no match for these level 5 players, as the zombies dropped like flies on the floor. These zombies had yet to die, allowing Lee Miao to go in for the last hit.

Just like any other game, with a high level veteran leading the way, it became really easy for newbies to gain experience. As the newbies level up, their strength would naturally improve, which would increase their combat power. When playing this type of game with teammates, it was more fun with multiple people.

“ShengLi, what do you suppose the purpose of this underground construction is?” Wang DeCheng asked while walking up to him.

“Seems like a research facility. Do you see those zombies wearing the white coats?” Zhang ShengLi replied. When Zhang ShengLi was stuck in the Biochemical Intelligence Research Center building, he had spent more than two days there and had killed numerous zombies, so he was very familiar with these white coats.

“Then this floor would be the staff living quarters?” Wang DeCheng guessed.

“Seems so. If we push further ahead, their laboratory should be deeper underground.” Zhang ShengLi replied. 

“This is the key to this floor, split up and check each room to see if you can find some sort of identification card, key or anything that resembles it. Gather everything useful and bring it back here.” Liu Gan handed over a series of keys to the group. 

With this many members at his disposal, such insignificant tasks, like clearing out rooms, wouldn’t be required of Liu Gan to do personally anymore. These types of affairs were left for them to accomplish. 

Wang DeCheng and Zhang ShengLi each lead a team. One team searched the rooms on the left side while another team searched the rooms on the right side.

Liu Gan and Yin He stood in the hallway, awaiting their search results. Their duties were to stand guard. In case there was a swarm of zombies rushing over or if a Variant Zombie were to appear. Either way, if a room housed a Variant Zombie, they could rush in to save them, so the ideal location to standby at was at the corridor. 

This island had plenty of food, enough to feed the group for more than several days. They were worried that one of the rooms might have another hallucinogenic-inducing Variant Zombie, or some other types of Variant Zombies. Therefore, Liu Gan didn’t rush them on the speed at which they searched the individual rooms. What he did stress was that safety was number one priority, whereas speed was number two.

For safety reasons, the way they searched wasn’t very fast. Every team member would open the room door ajar and use a flashlight to shine in. 

Several different situations played out. The first type was that zombies were hiding by the doorway. As the door was pushed open, the zombie attempted to claw and bite the closest hand. This was when a player pulled out their makeshift iron rod with a pitch fork attachment and stabbed the zombie by the neck while others chopped off the head. 

This type of fighting method was as familiar a routine as a walk in the park. If it wasn’t for Liu Gan’s constant reminder that they had to pay attention to safety, they would’ve kicked open the door and rushed in for the kill.

A different situation was when they opened the door and there were no zombies at first glance, they would then make some noise to bait them out. If there were still no zombies charging over, then they pushed the door further open and, most importantly, had to check behind the doors. Once the bedroom was clear, they had to check in the bathroom. 

In this type of situation, when the door was pushed further open, there were often many zombies hiding behind it. So the squad would retreat back into the corridor and bait the zombies out so they can be annihilated. If things got out of hand, Liu Gan and Yin He would rush up to kill them all.

With this floor of hotel-like rooms, there were around a dozen of these rooms. After wasting half an hour to ensure that the rooms were cleared out, the search for items began. Objects like fire starters, cigarettes, cell phones, headphones, and even unopened packages of crackers were found. The only things missing were identification cards.

After searching this floor, Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng continued onto the next floor. This was the third underground floor they were heading up to. Without encountering much danger this time, the team members were able to relax a little.

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