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Chapter 174 - Large Engineering Project

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Liu Gan simply looked at Yin He without talking.

“I really want to know, but what is the weakness of someone as strong as you?” Yin He curiously questioned.

Was this another side effect of having an increase in closeness level? She actually started talking to Liu Gan voluntarily. She was also interested in issues related to him.

“I used to have a lot of weak points that others have used to their advantage. It nearly cost me my life. Now I don't have any speakable weakness, and I also won't let them easily have their way with me anymore.” Liu Gan said as he reached out to touch her cold, tiny hands.

“Ah.” Yin He replied in disappointment.

“Did our intimacy level increase?” Liu Gan teasingly pulled Yin He closer to his body.

“Sleep. You overexerted yourself today. If you don't rest properly, then you will have more weaknesses tomorrow.” Yin He pushed him away while giggling.

Liu Gan stared into Yin He’s eyes for awhile. Without saying much, he laid his head on the bed and slept through the night.


The second morning on the small island, in the middle of the river. 

“Elder Liu found and injured the Variant Zombie responsible. With his assistance, I killed the Variant with my own hands! As of last night, I am level 5! So as long as you follow Elder Liu and be a loyal team member, you can be like me and Zhang ShengLi and reach level 5!” Wang DeCheng announced loudly to everyone.

“That Variant Zombie is dead?”

“Congratulations Brother Wang!”

“Ah… I envy you!” 

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The group of players began chatting and debating the death of the Variant Zombie. However, although they felt relieved at the good news, some were envious of Wang DeCheng, as it was because he obeyed Liu Gan’s commands and proactively took action that he was given the chance to .

“Did that Variant Zombie really have hallucinogenic abilities?” Zhou JingJing walked up to confirm with Wang DeCheng.

“Yes, the hallucinations coaxed Xu ChangHui into inadvertently killing Zhou MingLiang. Then, it tried to put me under a hallucination, but I didn't get baited by its illusion.” Liu Gan replied to Wang DeCheng.

“Miss Lee, do you now know that my actions weren't intentional?” Zhou JingJing hurriedly said to Lee Miao. The whole injuring Lee Miao incident was giving Zhou JingJing pressure.

“I know, I understand. Zhou JingJing, you don't have to be so hard on yourself.” 

Even so, Zhou JingJing cried as she laid her head onto Lee Miao’s shoulder. Not only had this Variant Zombie caused her to injure Lee Miao, but it forced her to speak of her past events that she had sealed up inside herself long ago. These two types of injuries had caused her emotional to be very low from last night till now.

“I want you to know. This small island has a secret construct below ground, so there could be many Variant Zombies. It could also house many potential treasures. After eating breakfast, I will go down to investigate it. Is there anyone willing to follow me down?” Liu Gan pulled out the key that he had obtained from the Variant Zombie.

“I am willing to go!” Zhang ShengLi immediately declared.

“I am also willing!” Wang DeCheng said.

The other team members were all scrambling to outdo each other as they exhibited willingness to head down with him. Lastly, with Zhang ShengLi, Wang DeCheng and Liu Gan were going to lead the rest of the team. It was a good opportunity for them to obtain combat experience, as that would raise the overall strength of the team.

Even though everyone enthusiastically agreed to take on the challenge, Liu Gan also accepted their requests to rest and reorganize for half an hour after breakfast. When everyone was prepared, they gathered at the entrance of the storage room in between the first floor and the second floor. Liu Gan placed the key into Zhao Meng’s hand, since he wanted to do the honors of unlocking the round alloy door lock.

This key was the correct key to open the lock. As Zhao Meng inserted the key into the keyhole, he twisted it a complete circle, in which the sounds ‘ka ka’ could be heard. It seemed like the key linings for the first stage teeth lined up so it could enter into the second stage of the unlocking process. Then, Zhao Meng spun the key around one more circle, and the round alloy door produced sounds of deadbolts retracting lightly as it was able to correctly open.

As Liu Gan had suspected, it was a deep well that had spiraling stairs that lead all the way down. Using the flashlight to see the situation below, the well was at least a dozen meters deep. There was no water at the bottom, only another hatch cover.

Liu Gan prepared to enter into the stairs for the well, but Yin He blocked him. It appeared she wanted make sure it was safe before she allowed him to go in.

Liu Gan looked at Yin He and felt uncomfortable. Since he knew that her battery could only last until today’s afternoon, he didn’t know what to say to her.

Hopefully, he could quickly find a suitable place for her to recharge.

Yin He was able to quickly reach the bottom of the deep well. At the bottom was the hatch cover that didn’t have any locks. Unscrewing the red bolt, Yin He easily opened the hatch.

After opening the hatch cover, Yin He reached the opening below, and when she confirmed it was safe, she used her earphones to notify Liu Gan to head down.

Liu Gan lead the group; one by one, they walked down the spiraling stairs. Following closely behind was Zhang ShengLi and Wang DeCheng. They entered into a large hall.

The hall’s emergency light was turned on by Yin He. Even though the light was dim, it was enough to clearly see the surroundings. This hall was built with a western-style design. The hall itself was huge, with the ceiling being four meters high. The walls had western sculpture statues. In the middle of the room was a big couch with a glass coffee table. This was definitely a huge contrast to the first floor lobby’s decorative design. The first floor lobby, where they slept, had a eastern-style of design, but here was a western-style design. 

No matter if it was eastern-style design or western-style design, this place didn’t look like a laboratory.

As the group moved deeper into the Hall, two female bloodstained waiters came out from a corner to greet the group. If it wasn’t for the pale face with blood on the side of the lip, these two would have been beautiful ladies.

Two members of the group rushed up to reward them. The female waiters were rewarded with a slash on their head as tips. Hence, the group continued moving forward deeper into the large Hall.

“They did a really good job in waterproofing the place. It must have been a large construction. To construct a building in the middle of a river is not easy. Especially with the constant thunderstorms and tornadoes, this place would’ve been flooded, but there are no signs of water permeating this place.” Zhang ShengLi expressed his view.

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