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Chapter 166 - Air Vent

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“These set of footprints all lead toward the river. Regardless of what Zhou JingJing thinks she might have seen, it is definitely not her sister based on the evidence so far.” Yin He explained to Liu Gan. 

“Then why do you suppose she said that?” Liu Gan asked Yin He. In his mind, he had an answer already, but he wanted to listen to Yin He’s analysis. Besides, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to hear her out. 

“This point isn’t strange at all. Perhaps creating hallucinogens is one of the creature’s ability? It would explain how it could cause her to hallucinate. I suspect that the remains we found in this area were also due to the hallucinations. However, the method of infection is still unknown. One thing is clear, it is that the hallucinatory ability of this Variant Zombie is very powerful. It was able to conjure the ability over a wide area, essentially turning every scientist on the island against each other. Right now, its’ ability is very limited, so it couldn’t use the same ability on us. Therefore, it pinpointed Zhou JingJing and Lee Miao, who were isolated from the rest. It was due to Zhang ShengLi’s intervention that the creature couldn’t devour the brains of those two.” Yin He explained without wasting a breath.

“You are very smart, and you found clues that no one else did. You were able to accurately connect the dots through the evidence.” Liu Gan was highly impressed with Yin He. Is the reason she could spontaneously do something like analyze a situation perhaps due to how they had gotten slightly more friendly recently?

“It is still hard to say if that is completely accurate. First, we need to find this Variant Zombie. The problem with looking for this amphibious zombie is that it can travel by land and water; to track it on land is easy, but once it submerges itself into the water, then it is impossible to follow.” Yin He spoke her mind to speak to Liu Gan. 

“As long as this hallucinogenic-causing Variant Zombie is nearby, it proves that there is a high chance of a secret laboratory being situated around here. It is just that we haven’t found the right entrance to it.” Liu Gan said out loud. He was more interested in the high-technological products and enhancing medicine than having the ability to produce hallucinations. 

If this Variant Zombie was a byproduct of the laboratory’s experiment, then he might be able to find the drug that can induce the same ability as the Variant Zombie. According to what Jiang JinYuan had said, these drugs in the laboratory could directly exploit the development of the player’s ability, either by injection or oral consumption. This way, he could have his own hallucinogenic-inducing abilities. This ability would be a wonderful addition to when he has to assassinate Variant Zombies or other players that he might come across.

Right now, these ideas are all in Liu Gan’s head as he speculates on what he can gain from this laboratory. As long as they are able to find the secret entrance to the laboratory, then they will know. 

“When I climbed onto the high walls, I realized that top of the walls had many air vents that are around ten centimeters in diameter. When I placed my ear close to the air vents, I was able to hear the roar of some zombies. I could also smell the distinct fumes released by zombies.” Yin He reported everything she had investigated.

“Ah? There are air vents? Seems like the laboratory is definitely below the ground! We must undergo a thorough search.” Liu Gan’s eyes lit up as he heard the news.

After the exchange of words with Yin He, Liu Gan went back to the restaurant. He relayed to everyone his speculations. It was a hallucinogenic-inducing Variant Zombie. So that all their prior discussion regarding ghosts and spirits were not plausible, effectively calming down those who were scared. With Liu Gan protecting them, they wouldn’t have to be too nervous. 

“This Variant Zombie has retreated back into the water, so it’s safe to assume that it won’t come back anytime soon. The high walls surrounding the compound have air vents, so there must be a secret structure nearby. That poses a certain threat, so we will have to divide up into three groups again. I will lead one team; Yin He will lead another; and Zhang ShengLi will lead the last one. The goal this time around is to continue searching on this island. Pay attention to the ground, I want us to search every inch of it. Make sure you find the entrance leading to the underground structure.” Liu Gan meted out orders to everyone in the restaurant.

“We need to search again?” A few team members showed signs of unwillingness. Today, they had experienced too many things. They didn’t want to be tormented any longer. As Liu Gan glanced at those few team members, they immediately lowered their voices.

“Elder Liu, should we release JingJing from her bindings? While it might delay the search process, don’t we need to appoint someone to specifically watch over her?.” HuJun suggested to Liu Gan.

“Okay, you can be in her group with Yin He. Look after her well. If she has any abnormalities, don’t hide it from me. Report it to Yin He.” Liu Gan agreed to HuJun only on those terms. As this was a hallucinogenic-inducing Variant Zombie, Zhou JingJing might be more sensitive and alert to that ability because she had been influenced by its hallucinations once already.. Even if she is recovering at this moment, it shouldn’t be too big of a problem. 

Right now, the most important issue was to search through this compound. If they had to divvy up their manpower to keep a watch on her, it wouldn’t be optimal. Since it wasn’t safe anyway, it was best if she had her own freedom and was on Yin He’s team. That way, if she acts irrationally, Yin He can immediately detect it and terminate the threat to prevent further damage to their other team members.

If this hallucinogenic-inducing Variant Zombie appears, then everyone on the field will have an equal chance of getting affected. The plan was to find the secret entrance immediately, obtain the things he needed from the laboratory, and leave this island. Since they weren’tt able to kill the Variant Zombie while it was underwater, this was the only option.

“Thank you, Elder Liu!” HuJun was surprised that Liu Gan had agreed, quickly releasing the bindings on JingJing’s hand. 

“No way? If she hurts someone else after she’s released, then what happens?” Zhang Hua said in a concerned tone.

After Liu Gan and Yin He left, HuJun and Zhou JingJing looked at Zhang Hua with hateful eyes. He felt a shiver going down his spine. The two would definitely bear their grudges against him, so if there was a sudden dagger plunging into his back, they wouldn’t be responsible for it since they can blame it on the hallucinations. 

“If you don’t want to be in the same group as them, you can be in my group.” Liu Gan said to Zhang Hua. Liu Gan was clearly not going to change his mind after he had made his decision.

Zhang Hua rushed up to Liu Gan’s side. He looked back into the angry eyes of HuJun and Zhou JingJing, who both stared back at him.

After commencing the second search, Liu Gan and Yin He lead the groups separately toward the grounds outside of the main building. In addition to searching the ground, they were also paying attention to the activities up on the high walls. 

Zhang ShengLI was responsible for the area within the main building. Even though the inside of the main building was only around 200 square meters in total, Liu Gan’s orders were to look through every inch, so they had to thoroughly inspect even the carpets and floor tiles. The entrance to the secret laboratory could be anything.

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