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Chapter 165 - To carelessly guess

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: Allenwa

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“HuJun, you shouldn't stick too close to Zhou JingJing for now so you won't be influenced by your emotions and do something wrong. Let the others take care of her. Wang DeCheng, Han GuangMing, you two will be responsible and take shifts to observe Zhou JingJing. If she acts irrationally, report to me.” Liu Gan gave a direct order to Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing.

“Okay!” Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing replied to Liu Gan. They turned and comforted HuJun, and promised him that they would be kind to her so he shouldn't worry too much. 

“Yin He have you found anything abnormal?” Liu Gan watched Yin He move toward the wall of a bathroom stall, then he moved over and in a low voice he whispered.

“The walls have wet footprints, and the floor has wet stains. These stains seem to have been from the outside. It came in from that direction.” Yin He pointed at the air vent above them. 

Liu Gan also took a look at the bathroom stall that was closest to the air vent which had a water stain. The floor indeed had water stains. When Liu Gan first came in, he was watching the ongoing situation with Lee Miao and Zhou JingJing so he wasn’t able to look for clues immediately. Luckily, Yin He hadn’t been standing around idly. 

“Doctor Lee, when you were in the bathroom, aside from Zhou JingJing’s abnormal actions did you notice anything else in particular?” Liu Gan turned around and asked Lee Miao. 

“I think… I might have heard some strange sounds… However, it sounded like it came from the men’s bathroom. Other than that… I didn’t notice anything different.” Lee Miao tried her best to recall the events in her memories.

“Do you need me to investigate this clue?” Yin He walked over and whispered to Liu Gan.

“Investigate it a little, but don’t go too far. Don’t enter the water. If you find anything unusual, notify me first so I can think about how to handle it.” Liu Gan replied.

“Got it.” Yin He received Liu Gan’s command, and she immediately kicked off the wall and landed on top of the stall. She chased after clues on the exterior of the air vents. 

If his PDA had power, Liu Gan could’ve used the PDA to make tracking easier for Yin He. It was just upsetting that the PDA was out of juice, so he could only wait for the report from Yin He.

“The previous corpses contained scars from battling each other. Then they had their brains taken out either to be eaten or just removed. It is quite possible that everything that happened here might be about to be reenacted once again. If it wasn’t for Brother Zhang rushing in to save Doctor Lee from Zhou JingJing, it could be possible one of their brains would’ve been dug out of their skulls.” Zhou MingLiang started up his deliberation. 

“There’s nothing else that needs to be said - just that this island is haunted. The things that Zhou JingJing said she saw and from what Doctor Lee has said, it could be possible that Zhou JingJing was possessed. So when she opened up her mouth, no words came out. She thought she saw her dead sister so that would explain why she withdrew her dagger to harm Doctor Lee. Only things like possession could demonstrate these activities.” Wang DeCheng affirmed his ghost theory.

“Me too! I also feel like it was the doings of a ghost! If it’s like that on this island, then that’s too scary! I don’t want to dwell on a haunted island. Let’s take the yacht and leave this island. If we continue to stay here, then I’m afraid we will be like the corpses we found. We might end up killing each other. Then have our brains removed! Zhou JingJing was only the beginning! First she lost control of herself, the next person could be you or me or everyone else! What else might be the reason behind the twenty corpses here?” Zhao Meng got agitated from yelling out his point as he expressed his fears. 

“Yes! If it was zombies, or specifically Variant Zombies, we could do our best to fight them in a hard battle. However, if it was those supernatural activities from ghosts, we don’t have that sort of ability to resist them. We can only submit to their will and allow it to kill us. I don’t want to lie to you guys, but when I worked in the hospital before. I really encountered a ghost… It was just too terrifying!” said Xu ChangHui in a gloomy tone. Since he was an employee of a hospital before.

“Ah? You saw a ghost? Let’s hear it?” Zhou MingLiang said with an excited expression. 

“Stop talking! Haven’t you guys had enough? It’s close to midnight and we are stuck on the island, so that is already intimidating enough. Why must you talking about ghost encounters?” Martial Thunder loudly protested to them.

“Before anything is figured out, let’s not jump to conclusions! Whoever is going to keep jumping to conclusions and spreading rumors is just disrupting the group morale! Don’t blame me if I will be harsh on them!” Liu Gan finally opened his mouth to stop the debate.

Finally the debate stopped, but the damage had already been done. Many of the team members were scared. with all the corpses with wounds gained in battle against each other, and the removal of the brains from the skulls. These were all classified as supernatural activities. In their eyes, it was a possible event since it happened to Zhou JingJing. They were afraid that someone nearby them would cause injury to them. 

If it occurred then would their ending be the same as the corpses on the floor? First hallucinations, then they would fight amongst each other, then for unknown reasons their brains would be removed from their skull. To die this way was definitely too terrifying. It was already hard to survive to this point, so they valued their lives more than anything. They really didn’t want to die to an unknown cause. 

“Everyone return to the restaurant, I’ve arranged for Yin He to investigate the matter. As long as everyone stays together, there won’t be anything happening.” Liu Gan replied to everyone. As they all departed from the bathroom and headed toward the restaurant. 

“According to me, we shouldn’t stick to each other. Sticking to each other is more dangerous, since we might kill each other in combat. It’s best if we divide up so it isn’t that dangerous.” whispered Xu ChangHui into Zhou MingLiang’s ear.

“Yes, I am worried about that too.” Zhou MingLiang nodded to Xu ChangHui. 


After a few minutes, Yin He entered the restaurant and called Liu Gan outside to report her findings.

“What’s the situation?” Liu Gan asked Yin He.

“Follow me.” Yin He told Liu Gan as they headed toward the public bathroom. Liu Gan followed behind Yin He to the back of the bathroom until Yin He stopped behind a wall.

“Right here is a trail of a nonvisible liquid This trail leads over that wall.” Yin He explained to Liu Gan. 

The sky was completely dark. Without the visual aid of an infrared ray, Liu Gan couldn’t see clearly. He could only use his flashlight and pointed it on the ground. There was a thin wet trace, that was still a fresh footprint. 

This thin footprint lead all the way over the high wall. If a creature can create these footprints over the wall by escaping, then it must have really strong climbing capabilities since the wall is very high. 

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