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Chapter 156 - River Channel

TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney

ED: NoriPixel

"I did not expect for Wang to die there, ah. Really, it was such a pity..." Sitting on the yacht deck, Han GuangMing sighed. All along the way, everyone could be considered friends that survived through hell together. Thus, as he looked helplessly at Wang YongChang falling into the heap of zombies, he felt hurt, like he had lost a close friend. 

 "He has fear of heights, and when we were on the bridge, climbing the top of the steel pillar, I also boasted about him with a few words! We survived the hundred meter high climb, so I did not expect him to die from ziplining seven or eight meters high. I feel bad for him! "Wang DeCheng also lamented a few words.

The players on board look a little sad. This sadness was not because of Wang YongChang, but also because it could’ve been any one of them that fell.

After entering into the game, these people had experienced death again and again. Only under the guidance of Tiger Lord and Liu Gan’s successful leadership during the camp at the supermarket were they able to have a few days of stability. Then, after the onset of corpse tide, they had to abandon their base camp and were forced to flee. All along the road, they had lost companions. One moment, they might be joking with one another, and the next, they were forever separated.

Although they survived, the sad mood involuntarily spread throughout the yacht. As the yacht cruised quietly down the stream, they had no idea which direction was correct, so no one spoke up. Everyone looked very tired, fearful, and tense. The fear and tension was more intense than how athletes would feel.

 In particular, just escaping from the building to the Large Tree and subsequently fleeing to the yacht required a lot of physical and mental consumption. The players and survivors hadn’t spoken much after they boarded, and soon drifted to sleep with eyes half-closed laying on the yacht deck.

"Elder Liu, where are we preparing to go?" Zhang ShengLi walked into the control cabin to Liu Gan and asked. Compared to other people's exhaustion, he still had spare energy to be excited since he was promoted to level 5 today. 

"Of course, we continue to Green Pao Bay. With the yacht smoothly sailing down the river, we will reach Green Pao Bay faster. Once we reached Green Pao bay, we will check out if Serenity Aircraft is still there. If it’s still there, then we will think of a way to steal it.” Liu Gan answered Zhang ShengLi.

"Can we flow down the river and directly reach Green Pao Bay?" Zhang ShengLi asked again.

 "No. Green Pao Bay is by the south side. We need to pass through the hub of the city center to get there. Currently, we are traveling west." Liu Gan shook his head.

"Then… how do you intend to do that?" Zhang ShengLi thought and asked Liu Gan. Since he was now level 5 and was the acting vice leader, he wanted to offer as much help as possible. Thus, he has to comprehend the way Liu Gan thought. That way, he could closely match Liu Gan’s plan. Or he could even help out by giving ideas and suggestions, therefore repaying the favor to Liu Gan.

"My intentions? Of course, it is to leave this area, cross through the hub of the city center, and find a place to dock before the gasoline runs out. Then, reach Green Pao Bay from the shortest distance on foot.” Liu Gan answering Zhang ShengLi.

There was a very high chance, around eighty to ninety percent, that Serenity Aircraft wasn’t at Green Pao Bay, but still Liu Gan wanted to give himself a goal, give the team a target destination. Even if the target was illusory, it was better than having no goal. Otherwise, the team would once again fall into despair and hopelessness.

"Elder Liu, the moral of the players are very low now. Why don’t you teach me how to sail so I can operate this yacht for a while. Then you could go and talk to the players. That way, maybe you can encourage their morale or rest for a while?” Zhang ShengLi said to Liu Gan.

"No need, even if the morale is low, that is something even I can’t solve. Wait until we find a suitable place to stay. The moment they know they are safe and realize that they don’t need to experience fight or flight is when their morale will naturally go back up.” Liu Gan said.

"Well, if you are tired, call me to exchange places with you. I will head up to the deck to rest for a while." Zhang ShengLi sense that since he couldn’t help Liu Gan, he turned back to the deck.

The sky gradually darkened. This time, it had nothing to do with the tornado. Judging from the time of day, it was the correct time to be dark. As Zhang ShengLi left the control cabin, he was standing on the deck when he suddenly saw ripples in the water of something that was rapidly approaching. He moved closer to the side of the ship to take a closer look.

The water really had something moving in it. Previously, when HuJun and Zhou JingJing were dangling on the bridge, there seem to have been a monster in the river when they had almost fallen into the water. Zhang ShengLi confirmed the presence of the river monster for sure this time. The monster rushed over to the yacht, and about three or four meters from the yacht, it leaped out of the water to take a bite at a player.

 "Out of the way!" Zhang ShengLi suddenly rushed over and pulled away that player. With a fire axe in his hand, he charged forward to hack it down.

The monster screamed in pain before returning into the water. Zhang ShengLi had clearly wounded it with the axe. The wound was able to scare it before it had retreated back to the water. Quickly, it disappeared into the river below.

It seems that some of these Variant Zombie had some wit. This one knew to escape after being injured, unlike like the ordinary zombie that blindly attacked regardless of any damage done to it.

 "Everyone pay attention! There are underwater monsters that will attack people standing on the side of the ship. Try to stay in the middle and do not stand on the edge of the boat!" Zhang ShengLi shouted to everyone while sitting on the deck of the ship.

 Everyone looked at him, still half awake. They moved from the side of the boat to squeeze toward to the center and went to sleep. Zhang ShengLi helplessly took up the position of guard duty and stood on the deck, constantly looking around.

Liu Gan saw everything happening outside from within the control cabin. He felt that Zhang ShengLi could resolve the problem, and that there was no need to go out to do or say anything. Having another level 5 player was really convenient.

Until the appropriate time, he would upgrade these two trusted players, Wang DeCheng and Han GuangMing, to level 5 too. Thus, they could effectively play a role in the team's security and management. That way, he could delegate the task into their hands and then concentrate on doing his own things.

* * *

"Brother Liu, according to the Biochemical Intelligence Research Center database that I downloaded, it shows a small-sized laboratory in the vicinity. This research center is a secret laboratory opened here in this branch." Yin He came over to Liu Gan.

 "Small-sized laboratory? You said we are in the vicinity, does that mean it is onshore?" Liu Gan looked at the shoreline on both sides of the shore. Since both sides of the shore had large gatherings of zombies, there was no suitable landing place.

 "No, it's in the river, right in front of where we are heading." Yin He shook her head and pointed in a certain direction.

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