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Chapter 155 -  Yacht

Translator: Tannhäuser

Editor: Weirdo

Yin He expressionlessly passed on Liu Gan’s words to Wang YongChang.  For ten seconds, Wang YongChang dealt with a headache before he finally summoned up the courage to stand on the window ledge.  Panic-stricken, he looked down before he glanced at the team members gesturing nonstop to him from the big tree across the way.

Wang YongChang gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, tying himself to the slip rope hanging outside.  Using all of his strength, he took a deep breath and stepped out onto the rope, sliding towards the big tree.

While he slid, Wang YongChang kept his eyes closed, feeling as if the time he spent sliding was somewhat longer than anyone else.  As a result, he could not help but open his eyes, glancing in all directions, discovering that he was still suspended in midair.  Why was this?  This caused him to suddenly recall an incident when one of his classmates fell from a slip rope at an amusement park.  Afterwards, he had rushed to the scene and saw the miserable sight of his classmate’s brains splattered all over the ground.

Wang YongChang could not help but begin to tremble.  His two hands grabbing the slip rope suddenly lost all strength.  Moreover, as he had been hurriedly forced by Yin He to set out, he forgot Liu Gan’s instructions on what to do when he lost his grip on the knot: the need to lock his wrist or waist against the slip rope.  In the split second before he reached the large tree, his two hands suddenly lost their strength and grip on the slip rope.

He was at a height of seven or eight meters.  On the ground were several thick layers of corpses.  Falling from this position would not necessarily cause him to die, but would cause him to be embedded in the pile of corpses, making it difficult to escape.

If one doesn’t do it, one won’t die.  He hadn’t expected to fall from here.  Wang YongChang let out a loud blood-curdling scream.  Accompanying the burst of screaming, his entire person fell down onto the blanket of zombies at the base of the large tree.  After he fell, he didn’t suffer any injuries.  It was only when he attempted to use his hands to prop himself up did he realize that his hands had been entangled in a pile of messy intestines.  As for the owner of that messy pile of intestines, it picked this moment to suddenly open its mouth and bite down on the back of Wang YongChang’s hand.

Wang YongChang once again let out a blood-curdling scream.  Hearing his screaming, all of the zombies in the vicinity roaming on the zombie layer were disturbed and began to charge and pounce towards Wang YongChang.

“Save me!  Liu Gan, save me!  Brother Zhang!  Brother Wang!  Save me!” Feeling his entire body being bitten, Wang YongChang realized that there were increasingly more zombies gathering around him.  He was terror-stricken, once again shouting loudly.

Zhang ShengLi hesitated for a moment, seemingly wanting to go save Wang YongChang.  However, Liu Gan extended his hand and stopped him.  It was obvious that Wang YongChang had already been bitten.  There was no point in rushing forward to try and save him.  It was likely that that would cause others to be bitten as well.  The dozen or so team members on the large tree could only look on helplessly as Wang YongChang was brought down by the zombies, continuing to scream nonstop.  Afterwards, his body was torn to shreds.

“This is really difficult to understand.  He was able to climb up onto such high steel beams without any problems, and yet he ultimately died on this dozen or so meter tall slide.  Was this worth it?” Zhang ShengLi’s heart felt somewhat sad.  After all, he had left Wang YongChang back there. 

“He couldn’t even do such a simple thing!  When he was dying, he still screamed loudly enough to harm everyone else.  It’s fine if we no longer have this kind of teammate!” There was extremely unhappy expression on Liu Gan’s face.

Originally there weren’t that many zombies underneath the large tree.  After everyone had safely reached the tree, they only had to climb down the trunk, killing the few zombies below the tree and by the shore without disturbing the zombies in other parts of the residential neighborhood, easily boarding the yacht. 

However, the situation now wasn’t so simple.  Because of Wang YongChang kicking up a racket, now all of the zombies in the small residential neighborhood had been gathered here.  This many zombies even took the shape of a small scale zombie horde.  If at this moment, Liu Gan decided to forcibly climb down the tree and fight with the zombies, it was extremely likely that they would once again lose members.

Therefore, at this moment, they could only abandon their original plans.  Everyone was forced to slide again.  The objective of this second slide was the yacht on the water.  In the building, after Yin He untied the other end of the special rope, she did not return to the tree and instead pulled the rope to the vicinity of the yacht.

Yin He first climbed onto the yacht, throwing all of the zombies, alive or dead—dropped onto the deck of the yacht by the tornado—into the water.  Then, under Liu Gan’s guidance, she undid all the fastenings and chains.  After she had weighed anchor and started the engine, she guided the yacht away from the dock.  After tying the slip rope, she piloted the yacht to the middle of the river, pulling straight the slip rope.

Under Liu Gan’s arrangements, everyone began to slide again.  Having already slid once, everyone seemed to be more proficient this time around.  No one said a word as there were several hundred moaning zombies underneath the tree.  They slid along the rope one by one until they reached the yacht. 

After everyone had boarded the yacht, Liu Gan piloted the yacht back to the shore.  Yin He went ashore and climbed up the tree, recovering the special rope.  She returned by stepping on the heads and shoulders of the zombies, hopping and skipping back aboard the yacht.

This coil of special rope had already played a major role twice.  The first time was dealing with the Carapace Spitter Zombie, pulling the pin from a grenade.  The second time, the rope allowed everyone to traverse through the air above the heads of the zombies to the tree before traversing to the yacht.  Therefore, the rope must be recovered.  One couldn’t say for sure, but it was possible that in the future, the rope would be able to be as useful as these two previous occasions, saving everyone’s lives.

Comparatively speaking, everyone this time was lucky.  The fuel in the yacht was relatively abundant.  After Yin He had safely returned, Liu Gan piloted the yacht to the middle of the river.  Both sides of the river were densely packed with zombies.  When they discovered the yacht in the middle of the river and the sound of the yacht’s engine, some of the zombies unexpectedly jumped into the water.  Moreover, they began to swim in the water.

One could see that although these zombies would not normally enter the water on their own accord, once they discovered food and prey in the water, they would still jump into the water to swim over to hunt.

Although these zombies could swim, their speed after they had entered the river was a lot slower than their speed on land.  Their sense of smell was also not as sensitive as on land.  Their sight was also badly affected.  After they had followed and swam after the yacht for a little while, they were shaken off.  Losing their objective, they turned and swam back to land.  It seemed that they were spurred on by basic human survival instincts, unwilling to remain in the water for extended periods of time.

All of the tornadoes in the city had vanished.  The buildings on the both sides of the river were all like the building that Liu Gan and company had previously sought shelter in, heavily and appallingly damaged.  Adding the fact that all of the grounds were covered with the dismembered bodies and amputated limbs of zombies, it seemed like the present Ningjing City increasingly had the heavy feeling of the end of days.  

One could not know how this tornado had started nor how this tornado came to an end.  In any case, it had come and gone, devastating the entire city, ravaging the confidence of all the players and survivors.  According to Liu Gan’s speculation, more than half of all of the players and survivors inside the city would have perished from the tornado.

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