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Chapter 138 - Feeling of Safety

TL: xDh20, lifeisajourney


This bridge is the "cable-stayed bridge" look it up.

The player screamed horrifically from the moment he was next to Liu Gan till he hit the asphalt on the bridge. His head and body smashed onto the ground with a tremendous force that caused him to flatten out. Afterwards, there was no sound that came from him.

A large amount of blood seeped out from his crushed skull and body. It dyed a large portion of the bridge deck red.

“This is to everyone. You aren't allowed to look down. Concentrate on climbing up! Once we reach the top, then I can guarantee your safety!” Liu Gan shouted to everyone above him.

The players and the survivors telephoned Liu Gan's command up the chain. Since the previous player's fatal mistake, all the players who remained became more cautious. They encouraged one another through shouts. Finally after ten minutes or so, one by one they reached the concave pit area right below the steel pillar.

[TL: So 29 people left in the group. 23 players, 5 survivors, and Liu Gan.]

Yin He had prepared a series of ropes that she tied around the concave pit in a circle to serve as protective railings. Players and survivors could follow one by one from the steel ladder onto the pit and sit down.

Looking up from on the bridge deck, the conclaves depression didn't seem like a large area, but in fact it was quite huge. It spanned a lengthy distance of a dozen meters, with at least a meter and a half in width. This was plenty of room for the players to sit down. After they sat down, they were able to regain their composure as they held onto the rope that Yin He had installed earlier for their protective railing.

Even so, players on top had no real sense of safety. All they needed to do was look around and they would shake from fear. The worst part was that the wind speed was high at their altitude. They felt as if they would slide off or get blown off by the wind.

Of the whole group, only Liu Gan and Yin He were really calm. Yin He was an android so not much needed to be said there. Liu Gan loved to mountain climb, and skydived in wingsuits for fun. There was also the time when he tried to climb Mt. Everest. So he lost his fear of heights long ago.

This wasn't even his first time being trapped at an elevated location. When he first joined the game, he was stuck on a billboard that was a dozen meters high for most of the day. That time he was alone, but this time he had a whole group of people to accompany him.

“Elder… Elder Liu, I have a bundle of rope and a small knife. We can cut up into segments and tie it onto the protective railings to form a grid lattice. The extra parts can be used to tie to the waist of everyone, which will then tie to the net. That way we will feel a lot safer.” Suggested one of the local survivor as he handed the rope and knife to Liu Gan.

Liu Gan agreed with his suggestion and they proceeded to cut his rope into short segments. From Yin He's protective railings that formed the outer circle. The space in between the corner to corner, was tied down by these new short segments to form a net. Then every player attached extra rope pieces to connect from their waist to the net. Now that they had tied themselves to the net, when the bridge shook or swayed, the rope will be able to stop the players from flying out of the concave pit.

With this protective net, the player's felt more at ease. Not everyone was comfortable at operating high altitudes. Even though they weren't as scared as the player who fell, sitting down at a hundred meters high was scary, but it still felt safer with a rope at their waist. Nevertheless, a large portion of the players still shook from fear, and they couldn't even look down.

“I miss my home, I miss my dad and mom!” Shouted a nineteen year old college student (player), as he burst in tears.

This was just a game. There was just so much suffering. It was hard to escape from the corpse tide and survive. Now he had to endure the torture of waiting at high altitudes. Not everyone can endure all this just to survive!

“If we follow Elder Liu, there will be that day. He will lead us back to our world! Don't lose hope!” Said Zhang ShengLi as he comforted the nearby player.

While everyone stared at Liu Gan for an answer, Liu Gan stared up at the sky, he wasn't prepared to answer this question.

“Where did you guys come from?” Zhou MingLiang asked Wang DeCheng. The local survivors were already interested in the physiques of the players. They can tell that even though both of them were humans, but they came from different worlds. Just from what Zhang ShengLi had said earlier proved that point.

“We originally were playing a game…” Wang DeCheng explained to Zhou MingLiang.

Wang DeCheng and Zhou MingLiang started to chat, and that caught the interest of others. This was able to partially distract the attention of the players and the survivors. The player, who was crying earlier, was able to calm down a little.

“You mean that you are a person from another world, since playing this game called [The Trembling World], you were transferred into the game world?” Zhou MingLiang made sense of the situation.

“Yes.” Wang DeCheng nodded.

“Does your world have a game called [The Trembling World] as well?” Liu Gan chimed in on the conversation. As he recalled, the billboard advertisement was advertising this game.

“Yes, there is this type of game. There were a lot of advertisements done online, locally, television, newspaper, and popular sites. However before the game servers were released the apocalypse occurred.” Zhou MingLiang answered Liu Gan.

“Then what was the game content like? What were the advertisements saying about the game? Did it reveal any details regarding the gameplay?” Liu Gan directly asked Zhou MingLiang.

“No, it only mentioned that it was going to be the best game of this era. It can allow people to really experience the difficulties that come with surviving in the post apocalyptic world… even though the game servers didn't launch, we can still experience the difficulties it mentioned.” Zhou MingLiang said with a depressed expression.

Not only was surviving difficult, but there was also the pain of losing loved ones and friends. This modern era was reverted back into the primitive age. No it was worst than the primitive era, since at that time they wouldn't have streets full of zombies.

“So everything we are experiencing now is related to this game? Is it also the reason for the sky raining down red-colored rain? That lead to these mutants?” Asked a male survivor called HuJin. He was the male survivor who was saved by Liu Gan earlier.

“No one knows? I can only say that I find that San Xing Corporation doing biochemical research very suspicious. Somehow it got very famous, perhaps the rumors were true that they had powerful friends in the government. Oh does your world have a San Xing Corporation too?” Zhou MingLiang asked Wang DeCheng.

“Yes, it isn't that different from the San Xing Corporation here. It's like it got famous overnight too, but the company itself was very suspicious. I have a friend who worked there as a security guard and he told me that he had to sign a confidentiality agreement.” Wang DeCheng added.

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