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Chapter 137 - Afraid of Heights

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This bridge is the "cable-stayed bridge" look it up.

“It could be possible that once half of the bridge loses the support of the suspension cables, the tugging tension that was balancing the bridge will be lost. Previously, I thought we only needed to blow up that half of the bridge and that would cut off the corpse tide so we could escape. I never would’ve thought that we would be trapped on this half of the bridge and unable to escape.” Zhou MingLiang embarrassingly answered Liu Gan.

“Then what do you suggest?” Liu Gan asked Zhou MingLiang again.

“To get off the bridge as soon as possible, as this half of the bridge could collapse at anytime.” Zhou MingLiang answered Liu Gan truthfully.

“How do you suggest that we get off this bridge?” Liu Gan looked at the bridge deck and the flames that were still burning. After the flames ignited the vehicles, they would burn for at least another fifteen minutes. In addition, there were still hundreds of fearless regular zombies who rushed into the sea of flames toward them, meaning that putting it out was not a plausible answer.

Even if it was a pack of wild wolves, they would know when to retreat when faced with this large wall of flames. Only these strange monsters called zombies would not be afraid of anything. They will march on ahead with only the fear of there not being enough meat to split up.

Beneath the bridge were two ferocious monsters, with sharp fangs that encircled them in the river. They were waiting for the food on the bridge to drop down. These would be the people who had lost hope and as last resort, jumped into the water to escape.

No one said anything, they only looked on at Liu Gan, especially the players. In their eyes, there was nothing Liu Gan couldn't do, even in such a dire situation nothing would be able to stop him.

“Expert Zhou, if this half of the bridge also collapses, then would that cause this steel pillar to collapse with it?” Liu Gan asked after he thought for a little while.

“No way, when it topples over at a certain angle, this half of the bridge will also collapse. Once this half is gone, it will lose the counter tension from the steel cables. So based on my previous design, the steel pillar’s foundation within the water was very sturdy. It will allow the infrastructure to balance out again.” Zhou MingLiang shook his head.

“You believe that this half will collapse at any moment?” Liu Gan asked for confirmation.

“Yes, judging from the angle it is at now the bridge deck is nearing its’ limit. If it tilts another half degree, then this side of the bridge will be like the other side. With suspension cables releasing in place, it will collapse into the river below. Could happen within this minute, or next minute. The bridge collapse could occur any moment!” Zhou MingLiang warned Liu Gan.

“Then, we only have one route of escape. We have to climb up onto the steel pillar. Once we reach the top, there maybe a flat platform or surrounding large concaves to use as shelter for us to temporarily stay in.” Liu Gan quickly suggested.

The bridge deck had a sea of flames and the corpse tide blocked the escape route, so there was no chance to fight their way out. If they chose to remain on the bridge deck, the roads might collapse any moment. By that time, nothing on the surface will be safe. Not only that, but the suspension cables would be dancing in midair and everyone would die upon impact.

The best available option was to climb on the steel pillar. Then he would have a few options of choosing either the peak platform or the surrounding concaves to wait for a better chance of escape. As long as he climbed higher, then there would be a lower chance of getting struck by the recoil of the suspension cables.

If they escaped by the river, a few of them may be able to survive the attacks of the mysterious monster but if they were struck by one of the flying suspension cables, there was no chance of survival.

“It's too bad that in case this half of the bridge deck collapses, we would be stuck at the top of the steel pillar. Would that mean we would be forever trapped up there? When will we be able to make it to the other side of the bridge?” Zhou MingLiang asked Liu Gan. Other players and survivors looked at Liu Gan as well.

“First we have to make sure the bridge doesn't collapse and then afterwards I can think of a plan to get down. Yin He take the lead, I will cover the rear so everyone climb up quickly! According to expert Zhou, this bridge might collapse any moment!” Liu Gan quickly shouted and ushered them onto the steel ladder attached to the exterior of the steel pillar.

Yin He went up first on the steel ladder. To climb this type of steel ladder was as easy as walking on the ground for her. Within two minutes of climbing, she reached the peak. Then, from her earphones, she reported the situation to Liu Gan. Liu Gan quickly decided that everyone would head up to the region right below the peak, which was a concave pit.

The area at top of the steel pillar had a suitable surface area, but it was too slippery. There weren't any areas that could be used as leverage. The moment the steel pillar slanted at an extreme angle, the people who were climbing it would have a hard time trying to maintain balance and slipping off was highly plausible.

There were some grooves in the area, and Yin He could use the rope she carried to wrap around the four corners to create a border. This would serve as a temporary fence railing, so when the players stalled here, at least they would have something to fasten themselves. This sturdy place also worked by catching them in case they slipped and fell.

Afterwards, Yin He climbed back up to the top, there were some players that were afraid of heights. As they looked up at the steel pillar that seemed to be high up within the clouds, they shifted their attention to the steel ladder right on the exterior of the steel pillar. Suddenly, they felt dizzy and their legs were weak, as they were terrified.

This half of the bridge also started to shake and large crevices appeared. The suspension cables produced large horrifying sounds as if the moment when it would detach from the bridge deck was soon. This was the deciding factor for the players and survivors as they were forced to climb up on the steel pillar and ushered from behind by Liu Gan.

The cable-stayed bridge’s steel pillar seemed to have reached into the clouds, in fact was a hundred meters high. It was like around the height of a thirty floor apartment. However, the sensation of standing at the top of a thirty story high building and standing at the top of a summit that neared thirty stories high were two different feelings. Especially to those who were afraid of heights, this feeling wes deadly.

The moment they reached the halfway point on the climb the wind speed increased, and there was a possibility of getting blown off. A player in the middle of his climb, his heart rate accelerated, started sweating from his palms. He looked at his surroundings and below. He felt weak in his grip as he got dizzier. In that moment, he lost his grip on the steel ladder and fell from his spot.

That was around t meters high in the air.

Other players quickly pulled themselves closer onto the steel ladder just to avoid the player that was falling down. Liu Gan felt as if something was wrong as he heard screams of terror from the player. So he quickly stuck one hand out and gripped tighter on the other hand onto the steel ladder, in an attempt to grab the player’s limb. Sadly the speed that the player fell at was too fast, and Liu Gan was only able to grip part of his clothing.

As the player struggled, and screamed for help…

“Don’t struggle! Grab the steel ladder!” Liu Gan shouted. As he pulled the player back onto the steel ladder.

The player’s clothes weren’t tightly secured, and with only the sound of a large rip, Liu Gan was left with only a piece of cloth.

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