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Chapter 132 - Killing on the bridge

With Liu Gan and Yin He opening a path, the group's momentum increased. Amongst the local survivors there were some strong players. Especially those that were on the roof when they stalled Liu Gan earlier. After they witnessed Gan and Yin He ruthlessly killing zombies, only fear was visible in their eyes.

Luckily, the local survivors didn’t fight with the players. If they fought these two god-killers would rush over and nobody could stop them. I would be a complete massacre.

“Throw away the bicycles! Charge towards the bridge with full speed and kill!” Liu Gan was feeling that the situation wasn’t right as he commanded the players.

The players were showing painful expressions, one could see their reluctance to part with their resources, since throwing away the bicycles meant leaving behind their food. A good amount of local survivors who were starving and physically thin, once they heard that players were abandoning their bikes, they saw that there were a lot of food on those bicycles. They rushed towards bicycles and forced food into their mouths, it didn't matter if food was raw or cooked.

At this moment, not only the zombies on the bridge rushed over also all other zombies in area which heard the noise were also rushing towards group. Liu Gan and Yin He with stronger local survivors were killing more and more zombies, but these zombies were coming in like a big wave which made it harder to approach the bridge.

For the elderly, sick, and disabled people who rushed over to eat the food was unhindered. With attacks from zombies their voices or cries for help could be heard. However everyone was focused on their battles, they had to care for their own safety, so it was impossible for anyone to care for the elderly, disabled and the sick people.

The real world followed the survival of the fittest with only the strong surviving and the weak perishing. Even if they were transferred to [The Trembling World] the law of the world didn’t change, in fact it became even more cruel. There was no pity for the weak, it wasn’t because they weren’t feeling any sympathy, but because they themselves had to work hard to survive and there wasn’t time to feel sympathy.

[TL: Sympathy is a luxury for the strong. Please read from the original site at GravityTales . com. Much thanks]

Facing this entrapment in [The Trembling World], no one was strong and everyone was weak. The degree of difference amongst the weak was not the same for everyone. Those that were overflowed with sympathy would disregard their own safety to rescue the elderly, disabled and sick, but they all would get dragged into doom of other people, by getting surrounded by zombies and then getting shredded to pieces.

“Do your hardest to protect the doctor! If you can’t protect her then abandon her!” Liu Gan shouted ,as he fought off zombies, to Wang DeCheng and Zhang ShengLi.

“Yes. Understood.” Zhang ShengLi nodded. He had Lee Miao by his side. Lee Miao was carrying a simple shield, so every time the zombies close in on her, she would use it to push them back. Then, Zhang ShengLi would come to her aide.

With this many zombies coming closer. A loud scream came from behind, it came from a player who was fighting zombies with the local survivors. After the elderly, disabled, and sick dead from the local’s side were all . The players and strong locals also started to diminish in number!

After 10 or so minutes, Liu Gan was able to kill his way until he reached the bridge entrance, but by that time the corpse tide was nearby, the tide were looking like densely packed ants as it marched over. The number of zombies looked endless. Once they saw flashes and heard sounds of battle, they rushed over.

Following Liu Gan only 29 people remained alive as they continued to fighting against zombies.

Liu Gan watched [The Walking Dead], an American TV series. In this show, the zombies were moving slowly even after they saw a human, it would chase to catch its food. So normal people could easily escape as long as they could run.

But not in [The Trembling World]. Every single zombie here would run as long as it could. The zombie running speed was faster than running speed of a normal human and once it smelled the scent of fresh blood. It would run like a cheetah at its top speed, and ferociously claw and bite.

“Everyone throw your backpacks! Once you are tired drop all the bags! Follow me towards the bridge! If you want to survive, then follow me closely! After I kill some zombies on the bridge, use the cars to set up a blockage! This was we can temporarily stop the flow of the corpse tide!” Liu Gan told the players of his plan.

The situation was a lot worst than before. To protect their own lives, they had to give up certain objects.

As Liu Gan was fighting with his fire axe in a swift fashion. Yin He also working hard to kill off straggling zombies, as she worked her way towards the bridge. Up ahead the bridge there was a car accident. A cement truck crashed into a large truck. Nearly half the bridge was sealed off. This was a perfect location for setting up a blockade.

Liu Gan was assessing situation of surrounding area, while Yin He was clearing out the nearby zombies. Then players and a few strong local survivors gathered behind them. Together they all pushed a nearby truck towards the traffic accident, with intentions of sealing off the last portion of the traffic accident before the corpse tide passes that gap.

“Wait for us!”

There were several injured players and local survivors who were doing their best catch them, as they were shouting loudly at the people pushing the truck. The zombie tide was just

a few meters behind these injured players. In a few moment, the zombies covered the roadway of the bridge, and for those who were in way of the tide. Their fate was very obvious...

“Shall we wait for them?” someone asked Liu Gan. Right now, not only the players but also the surviving locals were also treating Liu Gan as their leader.

“We can’t wait!” Liu Gan sighed as he looked the injured players and locals. If they wait any longer, their lives would be in danger as we;;. Hearing that order, everyone pushed a large truck over to the gap. They sealed off the roadway for the bridge completely.

For safety’s sake, after overturning the large truck. Everyone split up to push over suitable small cars to strengthen the blockade.

From the other side of the car blockade they could hear loud screams and curses from the players and locals. The remaining players and locals that followed Liu Gan their faces were full of regret, and there was a hint of hopelessness in their eyes.

However, there wasn’t any time for them to feel despair and hopelessness. The scattered zombies all heard ruckus when they were moving the cars and they were rushing toward Liu Gan and his group. The weight of the zombie was more than ten tons so the cement truck started shifting from its’ spot.

The most daunting sight was when the zombies overrun the blockade purely by piling up one on top of another as they formed a zombie ladder and the rest were able to successfully climb on top of the car. Any sort of obstruction facing these blood-crazy zombies were nothing but a useless shell.

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