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Chapter 131 - To Survive

Lee Miao was shocked. She looked at Liu Gan, but was unable to make a sound since this was the first time she had seen him so fierce when he spoke to her.

When they were in the large skyscraper, Zhang ShengNan was being foolish, but Liu Gan didn’t stop her. Zhang ShengNan’s temperament was very stubborn and he was dispensable. So in his future platoon, he will would sure there will be no such person.

However, Lee Miao was different. She was a doctor, so before Liu Gan could find a doctor with a better skillset, she must survive for the sake of treating wounded players. His respect for her was limited to her job. So as long as she obeyed his commands, he didn’t have a problem. If she decided to act foolishly without permission, he would have people restrain her and limit her freedom.

He was doing this not to save her, but for the good of the whole group.

“We have a large wave of the corpse tide closing in on us. The elderly, the disabled and the sick will be walking at a slow pace. We can’t afford to go help them. Even if we do help them, they will only slow us down. What will happen to our resources that we need to survive on. If we abandon these valuable resources now it is no different from giving up on surviving. Elder Liu is right, don’t act selfishly.” Zhang ShengLi tried to comfort her.

The former Zhang ShengLi might have been the first to stand up and rush over with Lee Miao to help, but ever since his sister’s death it would always be a painful lesson for him to remember. He would never make such a foolish mistake again. Although he didn’t know whether this was a right or wrong decision, he knew that as long as Liu Gan spoke out against it then he would stand by his decision.

After experiencing so many things, Zhang ShengLi finally understood one aspect of surviving in this post-apocalyptic world. He had never met anyone who would think things out more than Liu Gan and there was no other person than him that would be as calm in these situations. Ever since Zhang ShengNan died, Zhang ShengLi decided that no matter what Liu Gan decided to do, he would unconditionally obey.

“They are really pitiful.” Lee Miao sympathetically said again, but ultimately she gave up the thought of trying to help them and followed Zhang ShengLi with the group.

This thirty year old female has experienced many situations so her temperament matured just as much, so she won’t act like a spoiled teenager. She would accept criticisms and persuasions. Besides that, she knew that if Liu Gan got provoked, he would definitely kill her.

After walking past the hospital back entrance, there was still a kilometer of distance between them and the large bridge. They must make it past these two long streets. As the group walked closer to the bridge, they could see that there were a lot of zombies gathered on it.

From a glance, the bridge seemed to have been covered by many parked cars, but in between the cars on the bridge were many scattered zombies wandering about.

Liu Gan climbed a nearby high-rise and he hung onto the infrastructure exterior as he used his enhanced eyesight to analyze the situation. His heart skipped another beat as he looked on… Across the bridge that was close to the city center on the opposite side, had an established camp by the end of the bridge. The zombies nearby hadn’t been cleared out in the vicinity. In fact, with a closer look, the streets were packed with zombies! Even though it isn’t as packed as the large corpse tide, it was enough to cause a headache.

Looking back at where they had came from. The corpse tide covered up his visual field of the horizon. They were steadily closing in on the location where the local survivors stalled the group earlier. An estimate of ten or so minutes was left before the corpse tide reached the group. It was really hard to determine the source of this corpse tide. It was as if the game was forcing these players into a dire situation, as if it must kill off every single one of them.

Amongst the corpse tide, Liu Gan could faintly distinguish a large bulky zombie from the rest. It was absolutely certain that this was the Giant Colossal variant zombie that Liu Gan was looking for. If only he could kill one, he would reach level 6, but seeing this variant zombie he wasn’t too happy at all.

Mixed amongst the corpse tide was this variant zombie. Even if he was a strong player, charging straight into there was certain death with no remains left.

Even after reaching level 5, this [Trembling World] was making it hard to survive in. From his point of view, the game was increasing in difficulty. Even if he pushed himself to get stronger, [The Trembling World] seemed to always have a surprise for him.

“You lead the group and continue toward the river, I will go with Yin He to see if there are boats nearby the river.” Liu Gan said to Zhang ShengLi and his other trusted aides, then left with Yin He.

Noticing Liu Gan’s grim expression, Zhang ShengLi and the others knew that the situation wasn’t good. So they ushered the group to rush closer to the edge of the river. If it wasn’t for Liu Gan and Yin He having power leveled these players, they wouldn’t be able to clear a path through the zombies in their way.

After Liu Gan and Yin He left the group. The group was stalled by the zombies on the street closer by the bridge. This caused the players to advanced extremely slowly and they were barely able to move up half the street. By this time, the local survivors were able to catch up to the players with the elderly, the disabled and the sick.

A portion of the players turned around to face them. They carried shields and axes as they watched the local survivors catch up. Amongst the local survivors they also had strong individuals that carried spears, swords, wooden sticks, and bows that were aimed towards the player. It was as if war could break out at any moment.

Just as the swords were about to be drawn and bows bent, someone yelled and everyone tensed up.

“If you want to live then join us! Humans shouldn’t kill each other!” Lee Miao rushed up to and urged the people and players on both sides.

“I only want to live!” replied a local survivor loudly.

“We do too! If you won’t attack us, we won’t attack you!” Zhang ShengLi, acting as vice commander, and replied for the players.

“Then let’s work together!” the local survivors lowered their weapons and supported the weak, disabled and sick as they mixed with the player’s group.

The two groups mixed together, and they advanced, killing their way toward the bridge. Even though these two groups had fought and killed each other before so they had a hatred of each other, now they shared a common intention.

It was to survive.

Liu Gan with Yin He reached the river side, and his expression was even more grim. Alongside the river, he couldn’t find a boat. Seems like if he wanted to avoid the large-scale corpse tide that followed behind. His only option was to force his way through the bridge. So before the corpse tide reached the bridge, he needed to secure a path first. He could find a secure location later.

Seeing that the local survivors and players were mixed together, Liu Gan immediately understood what happened. He didn’t speak much about it, and he only lead Yin He to the front to open up the road.

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