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Liu Gan soon finished eating the two packs of brine chicken, then he opened up several canned beef. In a few seconds, he finished eating everything. He even finished the can of beer.

After To eat meat and drink beer after a long time could only be described with one word. Amazing.

“Brother Wang, don’t be polite, come join me.” Liu Gan motioned Wang DeCheng over.

“No need, Thank You.” Wang DeCheng was embarrassed. He didn’t know what to say. The good alcohol and meat were reserved by Tiger Lord and his elite team members. If Tiger Lord found out that he accepted the offer then he wouldn’t be able to stay in this camp.

Deep down in his heart, he didn’t have a plan. Since Liu Gan was brought in by him and now he created such a huge mess. Once Tiger Lord finds out, he didn’t know how he could  diffuse the situation.

“Don’t worry about it, eat first. I will take responsibility for everything. Since you are my Brother, I won’t let anyone bully you.” Liu Gan could tell what Wang DeCheng was worried about, so Liu Gan tried to reassure Wang DeCheng.

“Really, there’s no need.” Wang DeCheng was flushing from embarrassment. Wang DeCheng was completely lost, he could only tremble in fear for Liu Gan as he watched him.

Since Wang DeCheng wouldn’t eat, Liu Gan could only continue eating. Ever since he entered the game, he only ate biscuits and instant noodle. Now there was finally a chance to eat meat, he could only continue eating because it tasted so amazing! One bite after another he continued eating. Liu Gan also found more vacuum packaged or canned meat and without restrained, he emptied all of them.

Since even if he wanted to take some, he wouldn’t be able to carry them. So why not fill up his stomach.

Throughout the entire process, 10+ players could only stare at Liu Gan with their mouths open. Not one of them dared to walk up and stop him. These meat products were the supermarket’s prized food section. Only Tiger Lord and his elite team members were able to enjoy these resources. Now that Liu Gan was pigging out on the food and drinks, Tiger Lord would definitely be mad if he witnessed this.

Li ChangHui was still screaming and cursing, but once the players nearby him learned about his spine injury, then they didn’t bother with him. With the lack of doctors and medicine, his injuries would seal his fate as a crippled. So even if others continue to fawn over Li ChangHui, there wouldn’t had a significant meaning.                                                                                                                                                                                         

Today it was Li ChangHui’s turn to guard the supermarket. Tiger Lord and the other three member of the elite quad as well as a few level 3 players whom they were away. Since they were worried about the supermarket getting ambushed, the place where they were farming experience wasn’t too far away. The messenger quickly arrived and informed the camp boss that someone strong had entered into the supermarket, and injured Li ChangHui, with the intention of robbing their goods.

Tiger Lord was enraged when he heard this news, and immediately ordered the elite team members to return to the supermarket.

By the time Tiger Lord returned to supermarket , majority of the players already surrounded the storage zone. From afar, they were watching Liu Gan eat and drink. Li ChangHui was in a lot of pain while sitting along the wall.

“Tiger Lord!” Li ChangHui shouted when he saw the camp Boss returned. Normally, he would call him Brother Tiger, but now that he needed help, he called him Tiger Lord.

“What happened here?” Tiger Lord looked at Liu Gan and then to Li ChangHui. Then walked over to Li ChangHui’s side and asked.

“Tiger Lord! This person forced his way in! I only asked what he wanted and he didn't give any explanation then beat me up. I mentioned your name, then he said you were a joke! Afterwards, he ate all our stuff! Please Tiger Lord, help get justice for me!” Li ChangHui plead with tears and snot flowing out from nose. Li ChangHui deliberately lied to start a fight between Tiger Lord and Liu Gan.

However, Tiger Lord only nodded but didn't reply. With a darkened face, he walked over to Liu Gan and stopped a few meters away.

Liu Gan looked at Tiger Lord briefly, then completely ignored his presence and continued eating and drinking. He continued eating until he felt bloated, it’s too bad that Zhang ShengLi was laying down to rest and the other two sisters were not here, otherwise they could have joined him eating all these food.

He did promise Lee DingXiang to give her some food for guiding him, so what he could do was package some of the meat for her.

Even after reaching level 5, he had been eating only biscuits and instant noodle so he was feeling sluggish. Only after eating meat and drinking alcohol Liu Gan felt like he rejuvenated to full strength.

“This brother, what is your honored surname?” Tiger Lord asked Liu Gan.

“No need for honoraries, surname is Liu.” Liu Gan finally lifted his head and looked at Tiger Lord and finished the can of beer within his hand.

“Three days ago, I was with 300 of my brothers when we were transferred to an  area that was nearby Fortune and Youth supermarket. Me and my 300 brothers worked very hard to clear up zombies. Now only 10% zombies remain, then we took over this supermarket. If you are a player, who is starving and thirsty then you can join us. If you didn't want to join, you could have used your stuff to barter with us. There was no need to for you to severely injure my follower and forcibly take it in a grandeur manner for yourself.” Tiger Lord coldly asked Liu Gan.

Seeing that Li ChangHui had been beaten so badly, Tiger Lord knew that Liu Gan couldn't be low leveled. It was possible that he was also level 5. Even though, Tiger Lord rushed back with his elite squad, Liu Gan continued to eat and drink. This made Tiger Lord very mad because Liu Gan ignored him while eating and drinking, but before acting on impulse, he asked Liu Gan for an explanation.

This Tiger Lord in the real world was a special forces member, who was retired few years ago. After retiring, he felt that his physique was still good shape so he had hopes of becoming an elite soldier like the ones in online novels. Where he could be a bodyguard to a beautiful young lady or female CEO and enjoy the luxurious life of the rich and famous.

In the end, there was no beautiful lady or a pretty CEO that hired him as bodyguard. Tiger Lord had his hopes too high. He ended up getting hired by a newly rich CEO in a rural village. Everyday he would do tasks that he felt were beneath him, like being a driver and running errands. To Tiger Lord, this was below his status that caused him he felt upset, but he didn't want to leave since he was earning a hefty paycheck of couple of ten thousands monthly. With that alluring paycheck, he could only swallow his pride and continue.

There was a time, when the newly rich CEO needed the car, but because Tiger Lord had something to do, so he was late to arrive. The newly rich CEO scolded Tiger Lord. On a normal day, Tiger Lord would've held in his anger, but that particular day he was having a really bad day. With the scolding, Tiger Lord beat up the newly rich CEO to the point where that CEO ended up in a hospital ICU.

Committing this felony and pursued by the police, Tiger Lord only had the option of running away and become a fugitive.

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