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Even though Liu Gan looked like a fighter, and a self-proclaimed level 4, but he was no match in numbers against Li ChangHui’s side. A powerful dragon couldn’t crush a snake in it’s hole!


“You are my brother, he attacked you. How can I just let this go? If anyone else knew that my brothers can be picked on while I stood and did nothing, then how can I live?” Liu Gan replied to Wang DeCheng. Then, Liu Gan walked in front of Li ChangHui.


“I will count to three. If you didn’t leave your bag and the girl, then don’t blame me for my actions!” Li ChangHui shouted at Liu Gan. Now it was clear, that he wanted to take Liu Gan’s girl too.


Yin He didn’t receive an order to kill, so she stood aside watching everything that was happening. Occasionally, you could catch a glimpse of her smile,her smile was so alluring that one would die to see it.


The other players within the camp discovered that Li ChangHui was in a staredown against a stranger, so they rushed over and soon they surrounded them. Some people were smiling mockingly  at Liu Gan while others revealed pitiful or sympathizing expressions.


Li ChangHui had the worst temper in the elite group. Today, this stranger dared insult him, it was evident that the stranger would have a bad end.


“One, Two…” Li ChangHui stood right in front of Liu Gan. Arrogantly, he started to count down. This was his territory, so if Liu Gan dared to fight, then he was looking to die.


Before Li ChangHui could reach ‘three’. The surrounding 10+ players all heard a loud ‘pa’ noise followed by an echo, then in front of them  Li ChangHui’s body flew to out of the circle.


Liu Gan’s didn’t even use his full strength, and half of Li ChangHui’s teeth were broken while his cheeks swelled up.

Li ChangHui was crawling up from the ground, he covered half the side of his face that was aching . He was shocked, he never thought that Liu Gan would dare to smack him in front of all the other players. Even though it was just a smack, how come it was so heavy?


The surrounding players were also stunned, this was their camp! Li ChangHui was part of the elite team and Tiger Lord’s right hand man! This stranger dared to attack Li ChangHui? Did the stranger want to live?


“You dare to come here to stir up trouble, I will hack you to death!” Li ChangHui suddenly shouted angrily. While he was cursing, he picked up his chopper which was on next to the wall and charged at Liu Gan.


In front of all these other players after getting smacked by this stranger. If he didn't get some face back, by hacking Liu Gan to death, then how else could he, Li ChangHui, survive in this camp?


The surrounding players also cried out in fear, deep down they all knew that this stranger honestly didn’t know the way things worked in the camp. Not only did the stranger lost his chance to walk away, but he smacked Li ChangHui on the face in public. Since Li ChangHui was completely infuriated, judging from his temper, he would definitely kill the stranger.


The next moment, stunned the surrounding players once again…


Li ChangHui, and he swung his chopper  downward while Liu Gan was standing in the spot and didn’t move, so Li ChangHui thought that he was going to hit Liu Gan. Li ChangHui thought that he could redeem the respect that he lost in public by killing Liu Gan. However, right before the chopper landed, Liu Gan’s body suddenly sidestepped the attack. The next thing he saw was Liu Gan kicking his waist.


Li ChangHui would never have expected that Liu Gan, who looked so normal had an ample strength behind that kick. The moment the kick landed on his body, Li ChangHui felt as if his body had been hit by an iron hammer. Even the half-eaten brine chicken, he had eaten moments ago, oozed out from within his ruptured stomach. In addition, several of the lumbar vertebrae bones located at  the lower back were shattered time. His whole body flew off like a kite that was detached from its string, he was sent flying a dozen meters away and landed on the wall, then he gradually pulled himself up so that he could sit on the floor.


He tried to to stand up, but he was extremely shocked since he couldn’t feel his legs.


Even though Liu Gan didn’t use  his full strength, the reason why Li ChangHui’s legs lost nerve sensation was because Liu Gan was a level 5 player with alloy metal limbs. It was just too easy, with no competition when fighting up against a level 4 player it was as if an adult beating up a kindergartener.


Even if Li ChangHui wasn’t alone, even with 10 or 20 players who was as strong as him wouldn’t be a match for Liu Gan!


“He is a spy who was sent by the local survivors! All of you go up and attack him!” Li ChangHui couldn’t stand up, he was scared and felt cornered so he shouted at the nearby players. Because half of his face was swollen and some of his teeth broken,the sound he made was very unclear.


“You dare to attack?  I will disable whoever dares to come. Come in pairs and I will kill you both!” Liu Gan stretched out his bones and muscles so his whole body was cracking with his the joints creating popping sounds. His face showed a sinister expression the whole time.

[TL: I crack my body like that too!]


This all started because he got tired of eating biscuits and instant noodles, so he had to endure countless trips to reach here to find meat to change the taste in his tastebuds. Since Fortune and Youth supermarket was occupied by these players, he gave up on the idea of robbing the place, and settled for a supply exchange, but no one would’ve thought that this would be the result. Now he didn’t want to be courteous any more.

(EN: Only readers would have thought that xD)


Other players were terrified of Li ChangHui, so when they hear his command, they had to obey. However the moment, they noticed Liu Gan was even more powerful than Li ChangHui especially after witnessing that kick. Even level 4, Li ChangHui wasn’t Liu Gan’s opponent. Since these  people were level 2 and 3 players, they definitely didn’t have a chance. After Liu Gan shout, all ten players who were in a circle,backed up and nobody dared to rush forward to die.


This included the close players that were near Li ChangHui. At this point, they all slipped away, leaving behind a cloud of dust behind them as they ran out, heading towards their boss Tiger Lord to report this situation.


Within the supermarket, another dozen of players came over since they heard disturbances. They soon gathered around, and in a moment’s notice they surrounded Liu Gan with nearly 20 players.


Wang DeCheng was suspiciously looking at Liu Gan but he didn’t say anything. Originally, he thought that Liu Gan was going to get beaten up, but he never would’ve thought that both times when Li ChangHui attacked Liu Gan, it didn’t even touch Liu Gan. In fact, both times that Liu Gan attacked, each time it was more powerful than previous and that lead to Li ChangHui becoming disabled.


In this terrible world, being disabled was worst than being killed. Even dying would be easier, since being disabled meant to live while suffering.


Liu Gan fiercely looked around and swept over the areas with supplies. He picked up a vacuum sealed brine chicken and popped open a can of beer and started eating while drinking.

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