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Seeing that Liu Gan was standing still and staring at them. The two local kids quickly trotted over. They stopped a few meters away from him.

“Do you have anything else?” Liu Gan asked the two loudly. The other kid that was hiding on the bank, had mud on her face and had a stinking body, was also a female. She was younger than the one who spoke with Liu Gan earlier.

“Do you have any more biscuits and instant noodles?” The older of the two girls asked while looking at Liu Gan’s backpack.

“Yes, but I also need to eat too so I can’t give more.” Liu Gan replied to the older girl.

When he had to ask her for directions, Liu Gan already gave her a bag of biscuits and pack of instant noodles, in the apocalyptic world this type of reward was a very luxurious. Even though, Liu Gan was disgusted from eating all the biscuits and instant noodles, but he couldn’t be very generous to the point of giving away all his food.

Even though these types food was very hard for him to swallow, but they were necessary to fill his stomach. So before he finds a new source of food, he must rely on these to hang onto his life/stay alive.

“Can we use some food in exchange with you?” the younger girl courageously asked Liu Gan.

“Which food/what type of food do you have for exchanging/to exchange?” Liu Gan suddenly got interested. He really didn’t want to keep eating biscuits and instant noodles, so if there was something else to exchange, he would give it a try.

“You can follow me.” the younger girl said to Liu Gan. Afterwards, every time she move forward, she would turn back her head to check if Liu Gan was still following.

Liu Gan turned on the earphones which was given to him by Yin He. He told Zhang ShengLi and Yin He to join him. Soon, they revealed themselves from their hiding place and walked over. When the two younger girls saw them, they nervously looked at Liu Gan.

“They are my friends, they aren’t bad people.” Liu Gan explained to the two younger girls.

Zhang ShengLi was standing behind Liu Gan and attempted to smile at the two younger girls. The two younger girls seem to have felt that Zhang ShengLi didn’t have any bad intentions, so they smiled back as they continued to lead the way.

Even though Zhang ShengLi was a bit worried about the two identities of the mud covered girls. He wasn’t worried about possibility of a trap. Seeing that Liu Gan didn’t question this matter, it was pointless if he asked now. From his standpoint, Liu Gan was very cautious and he wouldn’t easily fall for other people’s trap.

The three followed the two younger girls as they walked past a nearby river dike when they arrived at a miniature park. The two younger girls who were leading the way, suddenly stopped moving. They gave a warning then they changed route gesture. When Liu Gan looked ahead he saw that several zombies were wandering inside the miniature park.

“When we came here before, they weren’t there. I don’t even know when they got there. Even though they won’t bite us, they will definitely bite you. We should find another way around.” The older girl whispered to Liu Gan.

“The place you want to go is up ahead?” Liu Gan pointed at the small park.

“Yes, it is in that house.” the younger girl pointed at the row of houses past the park.

“Okay, then we don’t need to take a detour.” Liu Gan said after picking up his fire axe then she started to charge towards zombies. When he got close to the zombies and he chopped off the their head. The decapitated zombies fell onto the ground.

After Liu Gan put away his fire axe, he signaled the two younger girls to move forward. After the two younger girls witnessed everything their eyes were wide open with shocking expressions. They never knew that this guy would be so powerful. These few zombies, he was able to kill those zombies easily..

“You are awesome!” said the younger girl with a thumbs up. Her sludge painted face showed that she was worshiping him.

It looked like her age was around around sixteen or seventeen years old. The other one who was the younger, was around fourteen or fifteen years old. They both had a strong stench of smell of sludge. The moment Liu gan got close to them, he would stop breathing, otherwise he would pass out from their scent.

“With this odour, zombies won’t bite us.” The younger girl explained the purpose of the smell to Liu gan. Her face revealed a mischievous look, not only does the stink deter zombies, it will also deter any males that have alternative motives.

“You are very clever.” Liu Gan gave a thumbs up to the younger girl. Even though she was very young, to able to survive for seven days after the catastrophe was splendid. It showed that she was very intelligent.

The young girl smiled at Liu Gan then ran up to the other girl. The two local girls walked them through the miniature park and walked to the house they pointed earlier.

After walking through the small park, they didn’t encounter any other zombies. Liu Gan followed the two young girls to the row of houses. These row of houses were constructed on a highland. Their exterior looked broken and worn down, like the old parts of the city that still had the ancient designs and didn’t get the modern renovation yet.

Even though these row of terrace houses looked shabby, but their bottom halves were stone based, the top halves were held together by a thick solid brick, so they were definitely a sturdy old houses.

The young girl walked around the terrace house, after confirming that the surrounding was safe. She pulled out a key to open the lock. So that Liu Gan and his party could enter.

After opening the door, from the room inside emitted a wet moldy smell. The design of the room was very simple. It had two filthy beds, and an old wooden table inside/ old wooden table that was in the middle of the room inside. On top of the wooden table there were textbooks for school assignments and such. The wooden table had two stool shaped chairs, and on the floor there were variety of materials.

Zhang ShengLi sat down and started to chat with the two girls. He learned that they were sisters. The older sister was called Lee DingXin and she was 16. The younger sister was Lee DingXiang and she was 14. A few years before the catastrophe, their parents died in an accident and they both became orphans. So originally they both disn’t live here. They were part of NinJing city’s homeless people. During the day, they would go to the city and beg around, or even look through garbage for food. At night, they would hide in the street sides or under bridges or anywhere quiet to sleep.

This catastrophe didn’t effect their original living style, previously they would have to hide from city workers and now they would have to avoid zombies. Before the catastrophe, they didn’t have a set residency. Wherever they go, they would get kicked out. But now, they could live wherever they want.

When the catastrophe occurred, they two sisters didn’t reach this location yet. They were following the river banks to avoid some zombies. Then they found their way to these terrace houses that no one lived and the surrounding zombies were few in number, so they moved in.

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