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TL: xDh20, LifeisaJourney
ED: Amaranth

Chapter 106: Large Pharmacy

At daybreak when they went out to search for food and daily items, Lee DingXiang would lock up the house so that no straggling zombie could enter by chance.

For their safety, the sisters would cover themselves with large amount of sludge with revolting smell. According to what they said about the peculiar aspect of warding off zombies was a specialty of this pungent smell that could only be found in this sludge .

When the sludge on their body nearly dried, the disgusting smell would dissipate and it would become less effective in warding off zombies. So throughout out the day, the sisters would had to go to the river to renew their cover with sludge. The aquatic plant was a cover so local survivors and players had a hard time recognizing.

“It was only because I had a great cover, that you were able to discover me.” Lee DingXiang jokingly said to Liu Gan.

“So what good stuff do you have to trade with me?” Liu Gan asked the two sister. Mainly because this room was very revolting, he couldn’t bear to stay in here longer than he needed to.

“These few days around the river, we digged up quite a lot of water caltrop, if you can cook it thoroughly then it won’t get contaminated. Even if you are unwilling to trade, these water caltrop you can just take them. Take as much as you can carry.” Lee DingXiang walked over to the kitchen and took out a large pot of cooked water caltrop, and placed them on the table.

“You invited us over, and showed us all your food. Aren’t you afraid getting robbed?” Liu Gan picked up a water caltrop and skeptically asked the girls.

Their trust in him is way over the line. Even though Liu Gan felt that they are kind hearted and they didn’t have any ill intentions, but there was a chance of the water caltrops having some poison. As long as there was a chance, he had to be alert for these types of situations.

“You won’t. I can tell that you are a nice person.” Lee DingXiang smiled. Even though her face was covered with sludge, her smile was still very convincing. In the apocalyptic world, these type of positivity in a smile was rare.

“Sometimes people might seem like nice people, but they might not be. Who is to say that they won’t kill you!” Liu Gan suddenly showed a malicious face.

Lee DingXiang and her sister Lee DingXin got scared and they quickly tugged onto each other for support. Nervously both of them looked at Liu Gan.

“Brother Liu, don’t scare the poor kids.” Zhang ShengLi couldn’t hold back anymore.

“I’m just doing it for their benefit.” Liu Gan shook his head and stopped his evil look. Then picked up a water caltrop and placed it in front of Lee DingXiang.

“I don’t want to eat now.” Lee DingXiang shook her head as she replied to Liu Gan.

“If you eat it, then I can confirm that this food isn’t poisonous.” Liu Gan said expressionlessly to Lee DingXiang.

“Why would it be?” Said Lee DingXiang. Then she finally understood meaning behind Liu Gan’s words. Quickly she ate the whole thing, just to put Liu Gan at ease. Then grabbed another two and ate one more, and she passed one of them to her sister. They both wanted to prove that the food definitely wasn’t poisonous.

“This brother here is actually very kind, but he has encountered many bad people before. So he has to be extra careful. Please don’t mind him.” Zhang ShengLi explained to the two sisters.

“Okay then that should be expected.” Lee DingXiang smiled at Liu Gan.

Liu Gan picked one up and bit down, even though these didn’t have any particular favor, but if you compared them to the biscuits and instant noodles, these had an amazing taste.

“Don’t listen to him, I’m not a good person, but I am willing to trade with you.” Liu Gan opened his backpack and pulled out some food to trade with the two girls.

Both girl’s eyes lit up when Liu Gan pulled out some flowery green biscuits and an instant noodle out. It looked like they were tired of eating water caltrop as well, so they were more interested in eating other stuff like biscuits and instant noodles.

They carefully took a box instant noodle and box of biscuit. As they approached, they observed Liu Gan’s expression. Only after seeing that Liu Gan didn’t do anything they were able to relax. They were very satisfied this trade, they would be willing even if Liu Gan took all their water caltrop away.

“We don’t need to eat this many water caltrops so we will only take a portion.” Liu Gan used a ccc to packaged up the water caltrop. With the amount of biscuits and instant noodle given, he took a similar amount of water caltrops.

“Old man you don’t have to be courteous with us. It was very easy for us to obtain these water caltrops. We can go everyday to the river to collect some. In the water, they grows very fast. So everyday we can have a big harvest t.” Lee DingXiang said to Liu Gan. She examined Liu Gan’s ccc, then placed a large pot of the water caltrops into the bag.

“I only have to wait until I go to Fortune and Youth supermarket, then I can get more good stuff to eat. It’s not because I’m being courteous with you.” Liu Gan got up to leave and after thinking for a little bit, he pulled out two more bags of biscuits and two bags of instant noodles and placed them onto the table. This was his way of equal value bartering.

“Old man you still want to go to Fortune and Youth supermarket?” Lee DingXiang stood up and asked Liu Gan.

“Yes.” Liu Gan nodded. It was inappropriate for her to call him old man even though Liu Gan was 23 years old and previously no one called him like that before,. Even if he didn’t shaved for few days, but his phenomenal physique was quite a threatening sight. So if they made a mistake about his age, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

It would normal if a girl that’s younger to call him old man, since it’s technically isn’t wrong.

“If you want to go to Fortune and Youth supermarket, I can lead you there. Even if I give you instructions, this district’s roads are very complicated. You can easily get lost.” Lee DingXiang said to Liu Gan.

“Oh?” Liu Gan said as he stood still in front of the the door.

“We are this city’s rats. We know every nook and cranny of every route, waterway, underground passage. So we will have no problem guiding you.” Lee DingXiang added.

Lee DingXiang’s survival instinct was very strong, she wanted to follow Liu Gan, not because she wanted to rely on him to survive but for her own reason… Her sister Lee DingXin had a peculiar blood disease, so she would need a special type of medicine to treat her ilness. Before the catastrophe, she didn’t have any money to treat her sister. Now that it was an unguarded pharmacy after the catastrophe, it was easy to just take it.

The nearby pharmacy that Lee DingXiang searched for didn’t have this particular medicine, near Fortune and Youth supermarket, a block had a large hospital and several large flourishing pharmacies. So they must had a medicine to treat her sisters diabetes. But she knew that her own strength that she couldn’t get there alone.

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