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The girl covered her mouth and sniggered. "You fool. When did I say I'm injured? It's you that kept saying it." She then laughed, walked to Xiao Chen, wiped his face with her left palm and made his face black.

  Xiao Chen smelled a faint inky fragrance. Therefore, the reason why her palm was black was that she put ink on her hand. He was so angry that his body shook, but he could not vent his anger to a little girl. He thought this girl was extremely weird and eccentric. He said nothing, swung his sleeve, took the Ancient Sounds and left.

  The girl shouted behind his back, "Hey! Where are you going?"

  "I'll return the zither to the Immortal-saving Clan. Don't follow."

  The girl laughed and could hardly breathe. She shouted, "Don't forget, you lost and still owe me three things! Remember my name. I'm Flower Yet-ending!"

  Xiao Chen paid no attention to her. Then, he went to the Immortal-saving Clan to return the zither. He did not realize that this trip had planted trouble for himself in the future. Later in the trial of the Mystic Cyan Sect, the Immortal-saving Clan testified that he colluded with a woman of the Devil's Practice, saying that he robbed their zither together with that woman.

  Since the departure in the Beautiful Immortal Mountains, the two youths' unblessed relationship did not come to an end. A lot of things happened. Xiao Chen gradually found himself unexpectedly had feelings for her, but also found the identity of her—the daughter of a leader in the Devil's Practice. Until the major issue happened, Xiao Chen was found guilty of colluding with devils. On the day of the trial, Flower Yet-ending suddenly rushed to the Mystic Cyan Mountain and bore all those false charges for him.

  Flower Yet-ending was a member of the Devil's Practice, and every member of the Immortals' sects wanted to kill her. That day, Xiao Chen would even destroy his cultivation to take her away. He held her and walked in the midst of sword rain. No one could stop him.

  The sect leader of the Mystic Cyan Sect, Perfected Immortal Qingxuan, sensed the issue while in seclusion. He rushed out and found Xiao Chen had lost control. He then punched at Xiao Chen.

  The cultivation of Perfected Immortal Qingxuan was so profound, and this punch was so powerful. At this moment, Flower Yet-ending used the Three-Life Soul-Breaking Spell to block the punch for him, just like Li Muxue did that day.

  Finally, Xiao Chen was disheartened and jumped off the 3,000-meter-high cliff with her. Later, Ling Yin saved Xiao Chen, but no one knew where was Flower Yet-ending. After this incident, Xiao Chen's Nascent Soul was destroyed, and he was imprisoned, waiting for the autumn trial. He was so painful about Flower Yet-ending's death and wanted to die. Ling Yin could not bear seeing him like this, so she tricked him and made him take the Love-killer Pill to forget everything about Flower Yet-ending.

  As for the issues later, Xiao Chen was still unable to escape his fate. In the execution day, on the Immortal-slaying Platform, Ling Yin used her mighty magic to trick everyone and saved his Soul with the Samsara Jade. As for what happened later, or if he had woken up again, he really could not remember.

  Memories of thousands of years ago hit his mind again and again. In fact, until today, he did not hate his grandmaster, Perfected Immortal Qingxuan. Once Xiao Chen conducted the deliverance by a sword and failed. Perfected Immortal Qingxuan then spared his cultivation to reform Xiao Chen's body and Soul. Truth be told, that punch from Perfected Immortal Qingxuan on the trial was even less than 10% of his power. He did not want to kill Xiao Chen at all.

  What he hated was the man who framed him and the Immortal-saving Clan which showed righteousness and morality on the surface but was actually dirty and filthy! Who was behind the all these? Xiao Chen thought of someone.

  Qianyu Nishang.

  Qianyu Nishang was a woman he met on his way back to the Mystic Cyan Mountain after he returned the zither. She was about the same age as his and said she wanted to join the Mystic Cyan Sect. Xiao Chen did not think much and led her to join the sect.

  But Ling Yin said that she would only have one disciple in her life. Therefore, Qianyu Nishang did not become Ling Yin's disciple but joined another school. Because Xiao Chen led her in, so she was very close to him, and he often talked about training experience with her.

  Qianyu Nishang was incredibly gifted. Only in a few months, her name had spread all over the continent in the Immortal Century. She was like a legend, and she was likely to be more famous than Xiao Chen.

  They often discuss their cultivation methods. There were seven schools in the Mystic Cyan Sect

  Later, one of the evidences when Xiao Chen was framed up was that the Mystic Cyan Sect disciple was killed by the cultivation method of the Yaoguang School. Ling Yin was the creator of this school, and she only had Xiao Chen as her disciple. Ling Yin was the master, so no one suspected her. Therefore, the only possibility was Xiao Chen.

  Xiao Chen thought about it carefully. Although he only told Qianyu Nishang a little about the Yaoguang School's cultivation method, she might be able to learn the essence of it because of her strong talent. Therefore, she must be a part of the scheme. Maybe this was why she came to the Mystic Cyan Sect!

  Xiao Chen did not know when the cold wind blew in from outside the window. Xiao Chen's clenched his fist, cracking knuckles. He smiled coldly and said, "Qianyu Nishang, you must have ascended to the heaven's realm and escaped from that major calamity. You must have not expected that I was reborn after thousands of years..."

  "Are you up, Young Master?" Lil Ruo's voice came from the outside.

  Xiao Chen opened the door and went out, looking at her with a smile. Unexpectedly, in just one year, so many things had happened. He still remembered the scene when they went to the Three Pure Sect.

  "Lil Ruo, I'll be leaving after some time. You..."

  "Are you going to Violet Manor?"

  Xiao Chen nodded his head. As a cultivator, he should have cut off his thoughts on the mortals. In his last life, he had nothing to worry about. However, in this life, he had so many relationships and burdens.

  "Where are the two seniors?" Xiao Chen asked.

  "They are in the Water Clear Pavilion."

  In the Water Clear Pavilion, the two elders were sitting beside the bed. Li Muxue was quietly lying on the bed, and her face looked a bit alive as if she was just asleep.

  Zi Mo sighed and asked, "Why would we lie to him?"

  Qing Feng took a deep breath and sighed, "The Destinies of the two kids are against each other. If they continue like this, one of them would definitely die. Only by separating them could they avoid the calamity. This time, Muxue had the Blood Jade that Junior Sister gave her to keep her Soul. Next time, alas..."

  "When are you going to restore her Soul?"

  Zi Mo looked at Li Muxue on the bed and said in a low voice. But Xiao Chen heard it while entering the courtyard.

  "Seniors! Did you say that Muxue still can be saved?"

  Xiao Chen couldn't wait to rush into the room. Zi Mo glared at him and said, "Kid, there's nothing for you to do here. You can just focus on going to Violet Manor!"

  "No! Tell me, senior, can she still be saved?"

  Qing Feng sighed and said, "People have three souls and seven spirits. She still has three souls, but there's one spirit missing, and this spirit is in charge of memory. I'm afraid that she will never remember you again in her life."

  Xiao Chen couldn't help stepping back and feeling dizzy. This was good. Since they knew each other, he had never done anything for her, instead, she had risked her life for him many times.

  It's a good thing that she could forget him, no matter if she was the reincarnation of Flower Yet-ending or not. At least this would not make him owe much more to her or to Yet-ending.

  Three days later, after seeing Li Muxue wake up, Xiao Chen left quietly and went to Liu Province. When he knew that Huangfu Xin'er was not at home, he went to the Three Pure Sect.

  Back in the courtyard on the Sunset Peak, he still remembered every flower and tree. He said goodbye to the three princes and went to Moon-watch Peak. Bai Ying was still sitting alone in the Moon-watch Pavilion.

  "Kid, you're finally back."

  Xiao Chen smiled, holding two wine jars in his hand. Bai Ying stood up and said, "Forget it. We have important business today. We'd better not drink. Let me tell you a story."

  "What story?"

  "Legends had it that in the ancient times, Jiutian Xuannv saved one person by picking off one of her Immortal bones. After that person finished Samsara, he had a part of Jiutian Xuannv's memories and thought that he was the reincarnation of her..."

  Xiao Chen smiled and understood the meaning of her story. Bai Ying smiled and said, "Kid, remember to come back often, even if you can't find the person you are looking for."

  "Rest assured. If one day I have nowhere to go in the Violet Manor, I will come back."

  "Stinky brat..."

  He had a lot of things to do there. First, he had to rescue Senior Sister Luo and Xian'er. They must have been brought to the Skygale Sect in Violet Manor by Daofeng and the other two people.

  An hour later, he went to the mountain back of the Three Pure Sect. Some elders had already opened the transmission formation. Zi Mo said, "Kid, there's been chaos in the Violet Manor, so nobody will receive you there. You will go to the Jade Qing Sect after you get there, okay? I have roughly calculated the position, and you should be teleported to somewhere near the Jade Qing Sect in Qing Province."

  Yu Yifeng was in the Jade Qing Sect, and Xiao Chen was aware of this information. He nodded and said, "Okay."

  A few moments later, he said good-bye to several elders again. Finally, he looked at Bai Ying, and then turned and went into the channel of the formation.

  Once he entered the formation, the entrance of the channel suddenly closed. Zi Mo suddenly shouted, "No! Sh*t! I forgot one thing! It's going to be bad..."

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