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"What?! You said the people of the Spirit Silence Room..."

  Perfected Immortal Daofeng whispered something to Tiangu Zi. Tiangu Zi's face changed dramatically and turned pale and terrible. He then took out his Immortal's Sword which sheared through his left arm. Blood splashed around as he completely cut off his arm.

  The Xiao family disciples were frightened and wondering what he was doing now.

  Tiangu Zi said in tremor, "I've committed a heinous crime today. I cut off my arm to offer my apology!" He then was about to turn around when he heard a cold voice. "Humph! Are you going to leave just like this?"

  All of a sudden, a black air appeared between Xiao Chen's eyebrows, and his eyes gradually became dark purple. Perfected Immortal Daofeng noticed the tide was turning and suddenly thrust his sword to Tiangu Zi's heart.

  "This man deserved to die! Now, one life for another!" After saying so, he slapped on Tiangu Zi's head and destroyed his body and soul instantly.

  "This man is dead. I'm leaving now." He then rode on the Immortal's Sword and left. For a moment, none of the Xiao family disciples knew what had happened.

  Xiao Chen looked blankly at the person in his arm, shouting, "Muxue! Muxue!" However, her body was turning cold.

  Xiao Chen immediately pushed some True Energy into her body, but it felt empty. She was really dead...

  "Ahhhh!" With an earth-shattering long howl, a cold wind blew in the Fly Cloud Court. Then, gradually, snowflakes danced in the air. One piece after another, they were white and flawless.

  "Muxue! Muxue! Wake up! Wake up now! It's snowing! It's snowing..." Xiao Chen smiled while crying. However he sobbed, the person in his arms could never see the falling snows.

  He finally understood now. Whoever he was holding in his arms, Li Muxue, or Flower Yet-ending's reincarnation—

  The affection had been deep into the bones.

  The big snow continued for a day and night, and Cloud City became all white. People said that this was a snow of good fortune and a good sign. Families hung up the big red lanterns, celebrating with joy. Firecrackers and gongs rang out together, adults made meals in the kitchens, children made snowmen in the snow and had snowball fights...

  In the Fly Cloud Court, Xiao Chen still held Li Muxue in his arms and kept pushing True Energy into her body to keep her body temperature warm. However, he was covered with layers of snow. He never moved an inch, and nobody could talk him out of this.

  All of a sudden, two rows of sword radiance from the skyline, one teal, and one purple, fell into the Fly Cloud Court. Elder Zi Mo and Qing Feng came on the news.

  Qing Feng quickly grabbed Li Muxue's wrist and sent some True Qi into her body. After a short while, he shook his head.

  Zi Mo frowned upon seeing this. He sighed and said, "Little junior sister! Little junior sister! I can't even protect your only disciple. I'm of no use in this world! I'd rather die!" It sounded sad.

  Qing Feng sighed and looked at Xiao Chen, saying, "You get up first."

  Xiao Chen looked blank. "Seniors, can you save her?"

  "Her soul has dispersed. How can we save her?"

  "Her soul has dispersed... No, it's impossible..." Xiao Chen kept shaking his head. Suddenly, he blacked out.

  When he was in a coma, he seemed to have heard someone calling his name softly in his ear. That person seemed to be Flower Yet-ending or Li Muxue. When he opened his eyes and saw the person in front of him, he could not touch her at all. He then madly ran after her, but the distance between them could never be shortened.

  He finally woke up from the nightmare with sweat all over his body. The snow outside had stopped. Looking at the snow on the branches, Xiao Chen's memory gradually became clear.

  Until now, he finally understood why he couldn't remember the figure in the glimpse in his mind. The figure was a woman in a devils' sect thousands of years ago called Flower Yet-ending.

  Because at that time, Ling Yin cheated him and made him take a Love-killer Pill which was refined by Nirvana Flower. No matter Immortals or demons, whoever took the Love-killer Pill would forget the person in his deepest memory.

  The story began a long time ago. At that time, he was just a Mystic Cyan Sect disciple who only wanted to eliminate the devils and protect the Daoist. He was young and arrogant. One day, he sneaked down the mountain with four senior brothers to hunt down some remnants of the devil's practice, but he did not know that he was in the trap of his enemy.

  It was a great blow to him at that time. His best friends, the other four senior brothers, were all died in the battle. At the last moment, he crushed the jade note that Ling Yin gave him. Lin Ying arrived in time and saved his life.

  Since then, he depressed. Ling Yin could not bear seeing him like this, so she let him go out of the sect to travel and train, and to release the sorrow in him. That decision contributed to this unblessed relationship. He made acquaintance with the daughter of the sect leader of a Devils' sect, Flower Yet-ending.

  After Xiao Chen went down the mountain, he played around. Every time he arrived at a beautiful place, he played zither or eliminated villains for local people. One month later, he had already felt a lot better and planned to go back to the Mystic Cyan Mountain. However, he passed by a place called Beautiful Immortal Mountains on his way back. He found this place beautiful, and there were more than a hundred kinds of birds. He was so happy and forgot to go back. He then found a bamboo woods and continuously played zither for three days and nights.

  The spring water in the bamboo forest passed by and rattled. In the last day, Xiao Chen sat beside the spring and played zither. The resounding music made hundreds of birds dance and sing, depicting a picture of a hundred birds singing to a phoenix.

  "Swoosh!" A pebble suddenly flew from behind him. The pebble came so fast that it knocked off the bird standing on his shoulder with a bang. Xiao Chen suddenly turned his head and said, "Who!"

  It was a girl about 15 or 16 years old. She wore a beautiful white dress and was too far for Xiao Chen to see clearly. "This person threw a stone from 300 meters away, and she even precisely hit the target. Moreover, I haven't noticed her. Her cultivation is definitely not below mine. But she seems to be a bit ruthless."

  The girl slowly approached him with light steps when Xiao Chen saw her face clearly. It was unmatched and moving like an Immortal in heaven. Xiao Chen felt ashamed under her beauty. But she kept looking at the sky and did not look at him, which made him feel even more ashamed. He said, "The bird did not offend you. Why did you kill it?"

  The girl suddenly turned her head, and a pair of eyes which were as clear as water fell on his face. She had a vague smile and said, "I've been listening to someone playing zither for three days and nights here, but these birds kept chirping incessantly. Does it matter that I hit them?"

  Xiao Chen said unhappily, "Everything had a life. Chirping is the nature of birds. You can't change that. So, why do you have to hurt them?"

  The girl looked up at the sky and said, "You play your zither, and I kill with stones. This is also our nature. Can you change it?"

  "You! You are unreasonable!" After saying so, Xiao Chen took the zither and left. After walking for 2,500 meters, he saw that the girl was still following him. He turned around and said, "What do you want by following me?"

  The girl said, "Is this path only for you to walk? Can't I also walk on this path?"

  Xiao Chen thought that there was no reason to speak with this person and ignored her. He switched a path, but the girl was still following him. After a long time, she said, "Hey! The one in front of me! Your zither skill is mediocre, dare you compete zither skill with me? The one who loses will do three things for the winner!"

  Xiao Chen thought this absurd and ignored her, kept walking. The girl said again, "You must be afraid of losing and dare not to compete with me, right?"

  Xiao Chen turned and said, "I dare!" He loved playing zither and thought himself to be the best zither player. This girl provoked him like this, how could he not have the desire to compete?

  When the girl heard this, a cunning smile flashed through her face. She smiled and said, "Okay then, wait for me here for three days. If you leave, you lose!" She then flashed out of the bamboo forest like a smoke.

  Xiao Chen sat on the ground and actually waited here for three days. At noon, footsteps sounded from afar. He raised his head and saw that girl coming. He thought this girl was a sincere person and she was not fooling him. He walked close to her and found her face pale, and her clothes had bloodstains. He asked, "Why are you injured?"

  The girl said nothing and sat opposite him. Xiao Chen saw the jade zither in front of her. It was the famous zither, Ancient Sound, which was the most precious treasure of the Immortal-saving Clan. Did she actually...

  Just as he was about to ask, the girl said, "The Immortal-saving Clan members are so mean. I said I want to borrow their zither for a while, they didn't agree and even beat me. Then I just had to kill the zither guardian and borrow the zither by force!"

  "You!" Xiao Chen was shocked. How could they casually borrow their most precious treasure? She even killed ten guardians of the zither keeping pavilion. Although the Immortal-saving Clan was not some major sect, it was an Immortals' sect and shared the Immortal's Practice with the Mystic Cyan Sect. What she had done was no different from a member of the Devil's Practice.

  The girl frowned and said, "You've got a famous zither. I can't defeat you with a normal zither. All right, let's begin!"

  Xiao Chen swung his sleeve and stopped talking. He sat down, and a self-composed melody, the Mortal's Song, slowly started. The girl also stretched out her slender fingers and gently picked the strings on the zither.

  In a zither competition, the one who first disturbed the other's rhythm won. The zither skills of the two youths were extraordinary. With time being, when they knew that there was no one winning, they both pushed True Qi into their zither sounds.

  Xiao Chen saw that her face was getting paler and paler, and thought she must have been hurt badly before. Was he taking advantage of her now? He also saw her left palm turned slightly dark, which reminded him of the Heart-damaging Palm of the Immortal-saving Clan. When someone was hit by this palm, the poison would penetrate into his internal organs. If the poison had spread throughout her body, nobody could save her. He said hurriedly, "Alright, girl, this game is a draw between you and me. Please stop playing quickly!"

  The girl raised her head and said, "What draw? If you can't defeat me, just concede." Then, the sound from her zither became more intense. Xiao Chen thought that if he continued like this, she would definitely be poisoned all over. He then deliberately played a wrong tune.

  The girl immediately cheered. "Haha! You lose!" Xiao Chen swung his sleeve, took up his zither, and left. The girl shouted behind him, "Hey! What are you doing!? Do you want to cheat?"

  Xiao Chen didn't really want to leave. He just pretended to act like this to make his following move look more natural. He turned and said, "I'll help you to drive out the poison in your body, and then you will go to the Immortal-saving Clan with me to confess your sin, and let them handle you."

  The girl raised her head. "What did I do wrong? Why should I let them handle me?" Xiao Chen said, "You took their zither away and killed their people. Isn't that wrong?"

  The girl said, "They didn't lend me the zither. They deserved to die!"

  "You!" Xiao Chen was somewhat displeased. "What you had done is no different from a devil or demon!" The girl glared at him and said, "I am a demon. What are you going to do? Kill me?"

  Xiao Chen knew that he couldn't reason with her. After a short while, he calmed down. He thought that her life was the most important thing at the moment. If the poison kept spreading in her body, even an Immortal could not save her. He walked over and said, "Let me drive out the poison in you first."

  The girl stepped back and slapped on her own chest to make the poison spread faster. Her face looked paler instantly. Xiao Chen exclaimed, "What are you doing?!"

  The girl said, "Just let me die! You did it anyway!"

  Xiao Chen thought this girl was unreasonable and extremely eccentric. She went to the Immortal-saving Clan to take the zither and was hit by the Heart-damaging Palm of the clan members. Did he have anything to do with this? He said, "Why is it?"

  "Why it isn't? If I didn't have the zither competition with you, would I go to the Immortal-saving Clan to rob their zither? If I didn't go there for the zither, would I be surrounded and attacked? If you came to help me, would I be hit by the Heart-damaging Palm?"

  Xiao Chen just thought she was talking nonsense by using lame arguments and perverted logic. But on second thought, it seemed that she was right about everything. If his desire of winning did not arise in him, nothing would happen. He said, "All right. I harmed you. Can I drive out the poison in you now?"

  The girl stepped back again and said, "I don't want you to do that! You cursed me as a devil! Unless you admit that you are wrong!"

  "Ridiculous! I do things a clear conscience. Where am I wrong?"

  The girl said, "Okay! Then it's my fault!" She then punched at her chest again. Xiao Chen looked shocked and hurriedly said, "Stop quickly, miss! I was wrong! I shouldn't have called you a devil!" The girl chuckled and asked, "And?"

  "And what?"

  "All those Immortal-saving Clan members were unreasonable. Do you think they deserve to die?"

  Xiao Chen's face fell. "Miss, you are wrong about this. They..." Before he finished his words, the girl raised her hand and was about to punch herself again. Xiao Chen immediately changed and said, "They deserve to die!" But in his mind, he thought, "Alas! Xiao Chen! You, as a disciple of the Mystic Cyan Sect, even said unorthodox things like that. After you go back to the sect, you should confess to your master for your sin."

  The girl smiled and agreed to let him drive out the poison in her. Xiao Chen sat behind her and kept thinking that the words he had said were just expediency. He then ran his True Energy and pushed two strokes of thick True Qi into her body.

  Gradually, he felt something wrong. She didn't seem to have been injured or got hit by the Heart-damaging Palm. Before he could do something, his True Qi was continuously sucked away by her. Xiao Chen was startled before he stood up and stepped back. He then pointed at her, saying, "You! You lied to me!"

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