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The crowd was still in fear when the dark cloud approached. As the black gas around the cloud gradually dispersed, a man with his hair cascading down on his shoulder appeared. He stood on the dark cloud and looked like a demon lord of the nine heavens, making people want to bow.

  Just now, the Xiao Family members had heard Xiao Ning from this demon's mouth. They were so scared. Seeing the demon standing proudly in the air with a deep hatred in his eyes, they felt doomed.

  The great demon, Gu Feng, turned his head as two beams of cold light burst out from his eyes that could even pierce through people. The crowd saw his cold eyes and were scared as hell. They moved away from their eyes and dared not to meet his eyes.

  "Which demon are you?" Gongye Zi was so scared and burst out shouting.

  "Hum?" Gu Feng looked at the ground with his eyes which were as sharp as two ice arrows and ready to pierce through Gongye Zi. Gongye Zi trembled and finally came to his senses. He then rode on the flying sword, escaping northwest.

  On the cloud, Gu Feng suddenly opened five fingers while saying "die". Gongye Zi, who was 300 meters away, instantly turned into a blood mist. The other Skygale Sect disciples saw this and dared not to breathe. They were so scared and fell to the ground.

  "Where is Xiao Ning?"

  The crowd had already been scared to death by him. No one dared to make any noise at the moment. Gu Feng saw that no one answered, and then he waved his hand to the ground as a streak of black smoke rose to his head. He closed his eyes and meditated for a moment. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and said, "Xiao Ning! How can you die! We still have a duel to be finished! How can you die!" He then roared for a long time and scared the souls out of the people.

  "Such a strong Devil Qi..." In Xiao Chen's mind, the voice of Evernight rose.

  Xiao Chen looked at the Jade Zither in his Divine Vessel and said, "Evernight? Are you awake? You can also feel this person's Devil Qi?"

  "I just woke up. I can't last long. You go first, son. I'll come out in shape and deal with him."

  "No!" Xiao Chen's voice was adamant and undebatable. He then looked at the cloud, saying, "Senior, Gu Feng, I have some words..." Before he finished, a cold light came from the cloud. "Who are you?"

  Xiao Chen's eyes were determined and did not avoid. He said, "I'm Xiao Chen..." Although he hated the Devil's Practice, he was not foolish enough to provoke Gu Feng as Gongye Zi did.

  "The descendants of Xiao Ning? Die!" After saying so, he sent out a wave of Devil Qi to Xiao Chen. Suddenly, some sounds of the zither rose as the Devil Qi dispersed.

  "Hum? Such a strong strength of soul..." Gu Feng said to himself. He then raised his hand as a huge black hole appeared in the sky. The black hole descended as if it was about to consume everything.

  Only in an instant, the black hole had covered the Fly Cloud Court.

  Silence. A deathly silence.

  When the black hole disappeared, the Fly Cloud Court almost collapsed as a blood mist shrouded the place.

  A gust of foul wind blew as the blood mist dispersed. In the Fly Cloud Court, the Skygale Sect disciples had all turned into a blood mist in that black hole while the Xiao Family members stayed intact.

  "Good! The blood curse is still there! You said that you are not afraid I break out! Xiao Ning, how dare you lie to me! You mean hypocrite! You..." Gu Feng stood on the cloud and kept cursing.

  Suddenly, he thundered, "Violet Manor Barrier! Open!" He then waved both hands in the void as the void was torn apart for a 10-meter-wide rift. Inside the rift was nothing but chaos. Obviously, the other end of the chaos was the Violet Manor.

  Xiao Chen saw that he was about to leave and hurriedly sent a divine message into the air: "Wait! Why do you hate Xiao Ning so much?"

  Gu Feng turned his head and shot out two beams of cold light from his eyes, saying, "Xiao Ning is the most despicable person in the world. He agreed to have a life-and-death duel, but he secretly let the five major sects ambush me and took the chance to hurt me badly. I have to revenge!" He then stepped into the void.

  After a long while, the crowd came to their senses as if they had been through a Samsara. Those who died today were mostly children, old men, and women.

  Xiao Chen thought of his parents and rushed to the ruins. He used his Divine Sense to sweep around and found his parents in a half-collapsed house. Tears were falling from Xiao Yifan's face. He held Su Qing in his arm. A sword pierced through Su Qing's heart. He could not tell if she was dead.

  "Mom!" Xiao Chen's eyes almost burst out, and he madly ran over. Xiao Yifan's eyes were filled with blood streaks. His body had seven or eight wounds. He incoherently said, "Chen'er, you're back! You're back..."

  Xiao Chen immediately sent True Energy into his mother's body. At this point, Li Muxue and the others also arrived. Li Muxue was good at healing spells, so she immediately cast it out.

  After a long time, the night was deep as the new moon hung at the mountain top. Su Qing finally woke up slowly under Li Muxue's healing, but her face was still extremely pale. She caressed Xiao Chen's face and smiled, mumbling, "Chen... Chen'er... You're back. I miss you so much..."

  Xiao Chen clenched her hand tightly as tears poured down on his face. "Mom, it's my bad. I shouldn't have gone out and caused trouble..."

  Xiao Yifan wept with joy when he saw her wake up. Suddenly, Su Qing's face became extremely frightening, as if she had seen some of the most terrible things. She kept saying, "Coming... Coming..."

  Xiao Chen quivered upon seeing this. It's said that before people died, people would see the Black and White ghosts from the Underworld. He hurriedly held her up, saying, "Who's coming? No one. Mom, what have you seen?"

  Su Qing's face looked so horrified. Her body kept shaking. "Now! Hide me quickly!" As her voice fell, the sound of footsteps rose from outside.

  When the crowd turned around, they saw a middle-aged man with a majestic air.

  The cold-faced man looked into the room and walked forth. Xiao Han and some others moved over, trying to stop him. However, when they were one meter away from him, they could not go any further as if that man had an invisible strength all over his body that kept everyone out.

  Xiao Chen rushed forth and stood at the door. He said coldly, "Who are you? What do you want?" That man finally stopped and just stood there quietly looking at him without saying a word.

  However, this made Xiao Chen nervous because he could see through this man's cultivation. His Divine Sense was countless times more acute than that of normal cultivators. If he could not see through one's cultivatoin, then this man either had no cultivation or this man's cultivation was far beyond his.

  Obviously, this man was much stronger than Gongye Zi. He might be at the Nascent Soul Realm.

  When Xiao Chen wanted to ask again, Su Qing's thin voice sounded behind him. "Chen'er... He... He's your second uncle."

  Xiao Chen was stunned because he had never heard of the family of her mother. Also, with such profound cultivation, could he be from the Su Family in the Violet Manor?

  Su Tianxiao said coldly, "Get out of the way. Do you want me to ask you?" His calm words contained majesty. Xiao Chen trembled and retreated to his mother. Xiao Yifan's face had already frozen.

  "Second brother..." Su Qing lowered her head and dared not to look at him. Su Tianxiao snorted coldly and swung his sleeve. Then, he sent some True Energy to her body. Only for a moment, she looked much better.

  "Humph! When I saw your life-and-death light flashing, I knew something had happened to you." Su Tianxiao then coldly looked at Xiao Yifan, saying, "Back then, I entrusted my sister to you. Is this the way how you take care of her?"

  Xiao Yifan couldn't argue with his head down. It was Su Qing that blocked the stroke for him. Xiao Chen flashed in front of his father. He looked at this uncle who descended from the sky and said nothing.

  Su Tianxiao flicked his sleeve and looked at Su Qing. "Third Sister, you've been out for so many years. Father had always talked about you. In the festivals of every year, he ordered men to cook your favorite dishes. But you've never come back..."

  Su Qing lowered her head. "I..."

  Su Tianxiao said coldly, "What, are you still not going to come home and see him?"

  Su Qing suddenly raised her head and then shaking it. "No! I won't go back!" She knew that if she went back, she would never be able to go out again. The Su family also had a thousand-year-rule that forbade associations with people surnamed Su.

  Su Tianxiao flicked his sleeve and said, "Twenty years ago, I let you go. Today, as your brother, I can't let you decide!" Xiao Chen flashed in front of his mother and said, "Mom doesn't want to go with you. I won't let you take her away."

  Su Qing hurriedly pulled his sleeve and said, "Chen'er, don't talk to your uncle like this..."

  Su Tianxiao swung his sleeve coldly. "Third Sister, you really have raised a good son! Among the youngsters of our family, none of them has his courage."

  Obviously, he had already heard of Su Wan's issue. As his voice fell, the energy in the air suddenly became turbulent. Xiao Chen's chest felt stuffy and then he could not move at all.

  So were the others. None of them could run True Energy or move. This was the Imprison Technique of the Su Family, which bound up people with a strong will of mind.

  Su Tianxiao walked to Su Qing and dragged her to the outside.

  "Chen'er! Fourth Brother!"

  Su Qing kept struggling as tears fell from her face. But she could not get away from Su Tianxiao. Xiao Yifan kept shouting. "Sister Qing!" But he could only helplessly watch her wife being taken away.

  Xiao Chen kept chanting the Mystic Cyan secret spells. Finally, he broke free from the imprison technique. But Su Tianxiao had already cast a seal and disappeared with Su Qing out of thin air.

  A moment later, the imprison technique automatically disappeared, so the others could also move now. Xiao Chen silently looked at the crescent moon in the sky and stood silent for a long time.

  Xiao Yifan came out slowly. Xiao Chen turned around and saw his father's wounds. He said in a decadent voice, "Father, you go back first. I will definitely bring mom back..."

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