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Two days passed quickly. Xiao Chen's injury was almost completely recovered. He went out of the room and found out that the Falling-jade Glow was built in a valley. The ground was flat, and there were houses, chickens, dogs, farmlands, and canals.

  There were children, white-bearded old men, and countless men and women everywhere. This was a Utopia far away from the mundane life. These people looked like ordinary people, but they carried a faint demonic aura.

  An hour later, Yi Tong took him to a bamboo forest. Deep in the forest, a zither sound rose. After walking for a moment, there was a quiet pool at the end of the forest. Beside the pool was a bamboo room, and two red lanterns were hung under the eaves. The plaque on the door had five nice-looking words in red: Still Waiting For The Parted.

  The zither sound obviously came from the room.

  "Lil Tong, is it Mr. Xiao?" The music suddenly stopped, and then a woman's voice rose.


  They entered the room and saw the room was furnished in a neat and elegant way. A jade zither was placed on a bamboo table, and in front of the table sat a fairy-looking woman in white. Without make-up, she still looked more beautiful than countless Immortals. Beside her was a 15 or 16 years old girl clad in teal.

  Xiao Chen said with his hands clasped, "I'm Xiao Chen. Sister had saved my life. My gratitude is beyond words." He saw the woman was in her 20s. She was slightly older than him, so it was of good manner to call her sister.

  The woman's name was Bai Susu, and she was the owner of this room. She looked at Xiao Chen as her eyes were full of unspeakable sadness as if the place between her eyebrows had infinite sorrow. She sighed softly and said, "18 years passed so quickly. You've grown so quickly in the blink of an eye."

  "What?" Xiao Chen didn't understand what she said. The young girl in teal shouted, "Yeah, yeah, yeah! It's him that bullied me in the tavern! The barbarian also did not help me! Sister, help me teach him a lesson!"

  Of course, Xiao Chen recognized that the girl was the who had hurt people with a poisonous needle in the tavern. Bai Susu gently glared at the girl and said, "Qing'er, watch your manner to the guest." She then looked at Xiao Chen again, saying, "Sorry, my sister is born with a naughty nature. Mr. Xiao, please don't mind her."

  Xiao Chen gave a bitter smile and said, "No, no, no..." If he had known this young girl had a sister with horrible cultivation, he would never dare offend this girl.

  They chatted for a while before Xiao Chen got up and clasped his hands, saying, "Thank you, Sister Bai, for your help in these days. I won't bother you no more..."

  "Are you leaving so soon?" Bai Susu raised her head, the sorrow between her eyebrows became deeper.

  "I have family issues to attend to. I really dare not to delay."

  In fact, Xiao Chen really wanted to stay for more days. He had never seen this woman in front of him, but he felt close to her. Unfortunately, he had been tied up with issues recently. He had to deal with them as soon as possible.

  "All right. There are many barriers on Falling-jade Peak. Lil Tong, see Mr. Xiao off."

  Two hours later, Yi Tong had sent the two people out of the woods. Xiao Chen clasped his hands and said, "Brother Yi, see you."

  Yi Tong nodded with a smile. "Well then, see you soon. I'll buy you a drink someday."

  "Good!" Xiao Chen smiled. Somehow, he also felt very close to this Yi Tong, even though they almost ended up fighting when they first met.

  He and Li Muxue went to the town nearby and found a carriage. The most important thing right now was to go back to his home as soon as possible. He always felt more and more uneasy in his heart.

  When Yi Tong returned to the Falling-jade Glow, he and Bai Susu stood on the top of the cliff. Yi Tong looked at the purple-gold gourd on his waist, asking, "Is he really the one big brother risked his life to resurrect?"

  "Yes. He is the one that your big brother would rather sacrifice his own life to resurrect."

  Bai Susu took a deep breath, and her eyes suddenly turned cold. "Tomorrow, send men to the Skygale Sect and tell them by the name of Spirit Silence Room that if they dare to do anything to Xiao Chen, the Skygale Sect will be no more in this world!"

  At the same time, two white-haired old men stood on the top of a high mountain in Cloud City, their clothes dancing with the wind. One of them looked at the direction of the Xiao Family. He was Gongye Zi.

  Next to him, the old man in teal robe said, "Gongye Zi, listen to me again. If you vent your anger on the mortals, things will be difficult if the Immortals' League heard it. Not to mention that this Xiao Family..."

  Gongye Zi raised his head, his face full of murderous aura. "That kid made me lose 30% of my Life Span for nothing. I will refine all his family into blood souls! If things do happen, I'll take the blame!"

  The carriage arrived at the Cloud City at dusk. At this point, Xiao Chen suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart, as if his heart had been hollowed out. He murmured, "Mother..."

  He pulled up the curtain and saw evil Qi was surging above the Xiao Family with dark clouds. It was a sunny day, so the black clouds must not be raining.

  Thinking of this, his body turned cold as coldness rose from his heart. He then flew out of the carriage and sprinted to his home. Li Muxue saw this and quickly followed him.

  But at the moment, on the high mountains of the Xiao Family, murderous sounds shook the sky. Countless guards of the Xiao Family lay on the mountain path, and blood flowed like a river in the Fly Cloud Court. Corpses and head scattered everywhere, and countless houses turned into ashes under the raining sword Qi.

  Xiao Tianqi was covered in blood, and his face was overwhelmed with horror. He looked at the old man in red robe and said in tremor, "Why... Why is this..."

  The old man in red was Gongye Zi. He snorted coldly and said, "Why? Because your man has offended the man he should not offend!" He then swung his sword to some women hid behind the tree. Blood splashed. Those women fell down heavily before they could even scream.

  A disciple next to him immediately opened the Soul-collecting Bag and collected the souls of those women. Some old men, children, and women far away were too scared to move.

  Xiao Tianqi's body trembled. He thought that this man should be a cultivator. Last year, Xiao Wan'er, Xiao Han, and Xiao Chen left the family. Now that the former two had returned, but Xiao Chen had not. Xiao Chen might have made some huge trouble outside.

  "We are all ordinary people. Senior, how can you let us go today?"

  Gongye Zi smiled coldly. "Let you go? Murderous intent has taken over me. Even the Buddha cannot stop me!" As his voice fell, a blood column suddenly splashed beside him. The disciple who held the Soul-collecting Bag was beheaded by a flying sword from the outside.

  Then, some rows of white radiance flashed as seven or eight disciples were instantly beheaded by a flying sword. Finally, a figure flashed. Xiao Chen landed in the court. His eyes were thoroughly red, and his face was filled with murderous intent.

  Xiao Tianqi finally saw him coming back and said in tremor, "Xiao Chen! How did you offend the senior? Confess to this senior quickly!"

  Xiao Chen sneered and said, "Confess? I'll kill this old fu*ker today!" As his voice fell, he thrust his sword to Gongye Zi as a white radiance dazzled. "Clash!" The long sword in Gongye Zi's hand was broken.

  The Unsullied was an ancient Legendary Weapon. How could a normal cultivator's sword resist it? Gongye Zi's eyes immediately burst out keen light. He threw away half of the remnant sword in his hand and hit Xiao Chen with a punch.

  This punch was no ordinary attack. It made the ground keep shaking. Xiao Chen struggled to take this punch and felt his body was about to collapse. Although Gongye Zi had lost a great amount of original Qi, he was a Core Forming Realm cultivator. How could Xiao Chen, a Lv 9 Qi Refining Realm cultivator, resist the damage?

  Xiao Chen's eyes were filled with blood streaks at the moment. As long as he survived today, he would definitely ravage the Skygale Sect someday!

  Gongye Zi had also noticed the hatred in his eyes. So he decided that Xiao Chen must be dead today. He then punched out as Li Muxue also arrived.

  "Wait! Senior, you're also a member of a cultivators' sect. You've killed so many people today, are you not afraid that the Immortals' League will know?"

  Gongye Zi smiled coldly and said, "If I'm afraid, I won't come!" While speaking, he punched at Xiao Chen.

  Two figures flashed. They were Xiao Han and Xiao Wan'er. They joined forces and managed to block this attack.

  Xiao Chen looked at the two people beside him and asked, "Where are my parents?" If his parents died today, it would not be enough to only ravage the Skygale Sect.

  "I don't know." Xiao Han said coldly. He controlled his flying sword to attack Gongye Zi.

  While they stayed to hold Gongye Zi, Xiao Tianqi found a girl in purple. She was the Xiao Chen's cousin, Xiao Yu.

  "Yu'er, listen to me. Today is about the survival of the Xiao Family. Only you have the power to open the seal of the ancient tomb in the back mountain. Listen to me carefully. You will enter the cave of the tomb, and then break the eight steles..."

  Xiao Yu listened, her face looked confused. She did not understand what he was saying. However, the faces of the elders beside changed. "No! Never! That seal is..."

  Xiao Tianqi shook his head. Now was the decisive moment of the 1,000-year-existence of the Xiao Family. The elders noticed that he was determined to do this and said no more.

  "Yu'er, come! I'll pass you the spell!"

  Xiao Yu leaned over and listened intently. After passing the spell, Xiao Tianqi said, "Once the seal is opened, you must immediately leave the tomb as far as possible!"

  Xiao Yu nodded and dared not to hesitate. She immediately ran to the tomb in the mountain back. At this moment, the ancient tomb was surging with evil Qi, and the black clouds above were rolling as if it was the end of the world.

  In the Fly Cloud Court, Xiao Chen and some others were fighting against Gongye Zi. But they were losing. Suddenly, an earth-shaking evil roar rose from the mountain back. People could not even stand straight and fell to the ground.

  At the moment, dark clouds were rolling over the tomb. That piece of black cloud quickly moved to the tomb, and then countless bolts of lightning rumbled and struck down. But they did not disappear, instead, they were dazzling in the air and shone the mountain back of the Xiao Family bright as day!

  "It's the Heavenly Punishment!" The sudden scene shocked everyone!

  When a power which was stronger than the limit of the area appeared, the Nine-heaven Mystic Thunder would fall! This was the Heavenly Punishment. It also applied to the process of a cultivator ascending to Immortal, or using the golden needle to survive the Thunder Ordeal.

  Everybody stared agape at the lightning which was soul-shaking. All of a sudden, an overwhelming aura swept over, making people feel a sense of suppression in the chest and unable to breathe.

  "It's the Devil Qi!" Xiao Chen was more than shocked. He was so familiar with the aura of that man. It was the Devil Qi from thousands of years ago.

  At this moment, Gongye Zi also became uneasy. He stopped engaging Xiao Chen and the others because this aura was so horrible.

  All of a sudden, a piece of dark cloud moved to the Fly Cloud Court rapidly. Countless thoughts flashed through Xiao Chen's mind at this moment. He suddenly thought of the cave in the tomb that he trespassed before and the stone tomb surrounded by eight steles. This man was the host of that tomb!

  Now, he was certain that it must be the great patriarch of the Xiao Family, Xiao Ning, who set numerous seals to imprison that great demon under the stone tomb and made an oral instruction to his family not to unseal under any circumstances. However, thousands of years later, his instruction was gradually mistaken as "Do not unseal unless there's no other choice."

  "It's been 1,000 years! Xiao Ning! Can you seal Gu Feng the mighty me?" A man's voice suddenly rose from the dark clouds.

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