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The remaining nearly one-thousand-strong Inner Disciples were plunged into despair and panic. Xiao Chen carefully guarded the people behind him. He was no match for the demon followers of the Devil's Practice atop of the dark clouds. Meanwhile, the coquettish man and woman were at least in the later stage of the Core Forming Realm. The mysterious cloaked man who had been silent all along was even more unfathomable.

  First Elder slapped on a sheepish, bitter smile."It's fate that the Fortune of our Three Pure Sect has run out, but can you tell me how did you all drug us with the Mystical Immortal Fragrance?"

  The coquettish man smiled gently. "You must direct that question at your dear disciple."

  A disciple of the Devils' sects appeared from behind him. The man slowly took down the hood of his cloak. It was Mo Yu. Right then, he had the mark of the devil's seal between his eyebrows as well as black lips. He had clearly fallen for the Devil's Practice.

  "How could it be Senior Brother Mo?!"

  Everyone was in disbelief. First Elder was even trembling. Not even in his wildest dreams would he have imagined his most trusted disciple would be a spy of the Devil's Practice.

  "Yu'er... You! You...!" He spat out a mouthful of blood. Fourth Elder, who stood next to him, immediately supported him before shooting Mo Yu a glare. "Mo Yu, the Three Pure Sect has treated you well. How could you do such a thing?!"

  "Treat me well?" Mo Yu looked up and burst out laughing. He then gave Fourth Elder a sharp look. "You people forced my hand! I'm the one who's supposed to enter the Violet Manor but I don't need you to send me there now. The Sacred Sect will send me to the Violet Manor, hahaha..."

  Countless disciples below began pleading with him. "Senior Brother Mo, please consider the fact that we were once disciples of the same sect and let us go! Did you forget that you personally brought us into the sect...?"

  However, Mo Yu turned a deaf ear and scanned the people below coldly. Xiao Chen clenched his fingers so tightly that they creaked from the pressure. He hated himself for not killing Mo Yu on the Floating Platform. It was his fault for being soft-hearted then and harmed the three princes and Lil Ruo...

  Moments later, Mo Yu looked coldly at Dao Feng and the other two. "Three Perfected Immortals of the Skygale Sect, you can leave now. This doesn't involve you anymore."

  Dao Feng and his two companions hesitated. The coquettish man and woman were easy to deal with, but the cloaked man terrified them. They had no choice but to drop their goal today.

  Perfected Immortal Dao Feng looked at Mo Yu before pointing to Xiao Chen. "We won't participate in the affairs of your sect, but we must take this person away."

  Mo Yu sneered, "Don't think that I don't know what the hell your Skygale Sect is up to. You can't take him. Choose one or two from the rest as a thank-you for today."

  Perfected Immortal Gong Ye was furious, "Two? Are we a charity case?"

  "Like it or not, it's up to you! If you don't want it, scram!" Mo Yu bellowed coldly. He couldn't even be bothered to give them a second look.

  Perfected Immortal Dao Feng raised his hand and stopped Gong Ye from talking. "Fine. We'll take two." He then scanned the crowd.

  The disciples were looking at Dao Feng and the other two, hoping that they would be chosen to be taken away. However, Dao Feng's gaze didn't fall on them but on Murong Xian'er and Luo Shangyan standing behind Xiao Chen.

  Xiao Chen instantly knew something bad was about to happen. He couldn't stop it even though he wanted to. Dao Feng crossed the distance and swiftly captured Murong Xian'er and Luo Shangyan.

  "Ah! Brother Xiao Chen, save me!"

  "Xian'er! Senior Sister Luo!" Xiao Chen made a move, about to chase after them. The coquettish man in the midair lifted his sleeve, producing a burst of strong wind that sent him straight back. "Only two can leave. The rest must stay!"

  Dao Feng looked at the Elders, "From today onward, these two are the disciples of the Skygale Sect. They no longer have anything to do with the Three Pure Sect." The three of them immediately stepped on their swords and directly flew up the sky.

  "Xian'er!" Xiao Chen's eyes widened but there was nothing that he could do. Xiao Han tugged at him and said softly, "Maybe it's the safest outcome for them to leave now."

  Xiao Chen turned around and looked at Mo Yu who hovered in midair, his eyes full of anger. He wanted nothing more than to break Mo Yu into pieces. Mo Yu sneered at him and said, "I told you a long ago that when an ant climbs to a place that it doesn't belong to, it must prepare to be trampled. You're now being trampled by me."

  "I'll kill you!" Xiao Chen rose into the sky and hit him with his palm. However, before he could approach, the coquettish man flicked his sleeve and sent him flying back.

  "That's enough. It's been half an hour. Elder Yan, have you thought it over?" the coquettish man asked placidly while looking at First Elder.

  First Elder smiled miserably. "Hehe! Back then, the Immortal King tried to prevent you Devil practitioners from stealing the Spiritual Meridian. Did you think the Immortal King will leave a loophole?"

  "Is that so? Well, excuse me. We'll have to take the souls of 2,000 of your disciples and see if we can break the formation." The coquettish man casually moved his fingers to cast a spell, conjuring a large pouch out of thin air. In a flash, he summoned the souls of more than twenty people.

  "Stop!" Bai Ying yelled. Out of the twenty people whose souls were stolen earlier, one of them was her disciple, Cheng Ying.

  Xiao Wan'er hid behind Xiao Chen and clasped her mouth as she witnessed Cheng Ying's soul being taken away. She tried her best to not make a sound as she cried.

  "Stop?" Mo Yu sneered. With a stretch of his hand, he crossed space to grab Bai Ying's neck. "Bai Ying, oh, Bai Ying. You didn't think you'll fall to this state, did you? If you kneel down and beg me now, perhaps I can spare your life."

  Bai Ying shot him a sharp glare. "Mo Yu, you bullied your teachers and destroyed your ancestors. The heavens will not look kindly upon you. When the Sect Leader returns one day, he'll punish you even if he has to chase you to the ends of the earth!"

  Second Elder was panicking as well. "Mo Yu! Let go of your Martial Uncle!"

  Mo Yu ignored him and continued looking at Bai Ying. "Are you referring to Old Taoist Zi Xu? Who knows if his bones have even turned to ashes by now. Maybe he can't come back anymore..."

  In the end, he sniffed Bai Ying's neck and took a deep breath. "How fragrant. I wonder if your Immortal Body tastes better than those of ordinary women..."

  "What... What are you trying to do?!"

  "Of course, it's to have a taste of you. I'm sure you've had your fun with your little disciple several times. Why don't you let everyone see what you really look like today..." Mo Yu smiled wickedly. He stretched out his hand, wanting to tear the clothing covering her chest.

  Right then, a cold voice came from the ground. "Let her go..."

  Everyone felt a freezing coldness near instantly, a cold murderous intention. It came from Xiao Chen.

  Black mist shrouded Xiao Chen as he let his True Qi flow. He was currently activating the Mystic Diabolic Enchantment that he accidentally learned when he was at the Xiao family's ancestral tomb.

  He instantly released a burst of powerful Devil Qi, so strong that it was almost suffocating. Right then, he looked more like a devil than those people atop the dark clouds in the air, like a devil from the ancient times!

  Everyone was terrified. What the hell was going on?! How could Junior Brother Xiao enter the Devil's Practice as well? This time, the mysterious cloaked man who had been silent all this time finally moved.

  Mo Yu looked up and burst out laughing. He pointed to the Elders below. "See? Did you see? The person you're sending to the Purple Manor is also a person following the Devil's Practice! Hahaha!"

  The Elders had long gone pale. No one, including Bai Ying, spoke. Only Xiao Chen's cold voice reverberated, "I said to let her go..."

  "What if I don't?" Mo Yu sneered.

  "Die!" Xiao Chen spat. In an instant, he rushed into the air. The coquettish woman immediately tried to stop him but didn't expect herself to be thrown to the ground with a single punch. The man with her was sent flying while vomiting blood after suffering a palm attack.

  Mo Yu's expression changed drastically. Then, the mysterious cloaked man finally made his move. He instantly appeared in front of Xiao Chen and their palms met, targeting bursts of dense black Qi at each other.

  Xiao Chen retreated about three feet away and said coldly, "Give me your name!"

  The cloaked man said in a low voice, "The Dharma Protector of the Xuanyin Sect, Feng You!" The sound was incomparably hollow and so much black Qi swirled under his hood that his face couldn't be seen. This person wasn't an ordinary person who had gone to the dark side but a true devil. He was a genuine devil practitioner.

  "Leave everyone's souls behind and get out of here," Xiao Chen said in a cold voice. Even though he was operating the Mystic Diabolic Enchantment, he knew what he was doing because he was able to maintain his rationality.

  "That will have to depend on whether you have this ability," Feng You said. Suddenly, he divided into three, producing two doppelgangers.

  Two doppelgangers possessed the complete strength of the main body. Feng You had no need to act personally as the two doppelgangers were enough to keep Xiao Chen fully occupied. Right now, he was carefully observing Xiao Chen, trying to figure out why the latter possessed such a familiar smell. It was the smell of that person.

  Below, the Elders also experienced a drastic change in expression. They had never heard of a terrifying person named Feng You in the Xuanyin Sect.

  The battle had gone on for half an hour. Xiao Chen was completely helpless against Feng You's two doppelgangers. He made yet another transformation of the Mystic Diabolic Enchantment, once again producing the overwhelming devil Qi. This time, the black mist didn't just shroud him; it filled the entire sky. Even his pupils gradually turned a dark purple. His breath immediately exploded, magnifying by several times. With a wave of his hand, he instantly killed twenty of the disciples of the Devils' sects near him.

  Xiao Wan'er and others had long become dumbfounded by then. Who was that man in the sky? Was it the Xiao Chen that they knew or was it a devil?

  With a sneer, Feng You muttered to himself, "So it's true..." Then, he retrieved his two doppelgangers and personally attacked Xiao Chen.

  Following a thunderous explosion, dark clouds gathered in the sky. The shock of the collision sent Xiao Chen flying more than ten feet away. He clutched his chest and spat out a mouthful of blood.

  "What's wrong? Back then, that person didn't even hesitate in inviting death in order to help that woman resurrect you. Is that all you've got?"

  Xiao Chen steadied himself. "What are you talking about?! What resurrection?!"

  "Hehe. Looks like you don't know anything. That's fine too." While speaking, Feng You launched two fierce palms at Xiao Chen. The latter was completely helpless against the attacks and spat out blood once again. This person's Palm Strength was likely above the Nascent Soul Realm!

  Right then, Xiao Chen was a little unsteady on his footing. He couldn't make another transformation of the Mystic Diabolic Enchantment again or he would really fall to the dark side. He was trying his best to make his mind clear with the Mystic Sacred Writ but was distracted after hearing the person's talk of resurrection.

  "Answer me!" Xiao Chen charged at the man with a roar. He triggered three changes in his Mystic Diabolic Enchantment and the demonic fire flared monstrously. This time, he shrouded the entire Black Dragon Peak with his devil Qi.

  Feng You took the blow and couldn't stop himself from taking several steps back.

  Xiao Chen's consciousness was a little blurry at this point. However, when he looked at the distant Bai Ying, it was like seeing his master Ling Yin. He mustn't let his mind fall into disorder, never. His master was still in the enemy's hands. He mustn't let his mind fall into disorder!

  "Soul-as-blade!" With a loud shout, an hundred-feet-long black demonic sword suddenly appeared in the sky. Dark clouds gathered and lightning thundered. It was none other than the third transformation of the Mystic Diabolic Enchantment, the Soul-as-blade. It was a fatal attack that used true souls as a sacrifice.

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