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The square had already burst into an uproar. Countless Outer Disciples went congratulate Xiao Chen. Those who supported Mo Yu turned and left the square.

  "Brother Xiao Chen!" Murong Xian'er rushed to him with tears in her eyes. Xiao Chen wiped off the tears at the corners of her eyes and said softly, "It's okay. Don't cry."

  "Gosh! Such a beautiful girl. Brother Xiao, is she your junior sister?"

  A dozen elders were whispering, "The final move of that kid. Is that the long lost ancient skill? Where did he learn that?"

  "Who knows? I seem to have heard him talk about Yi Chen, the disciple of the Immortal of the Yaoguang Temple..."

  Seven days passed quickly. Today was the ceremony of Xiao Chen's winning the name to be sent to the Violet Manor. It was not that noisy and bustling as last time with Mo Yu, and the Outer Disciples did not come up.

  The ceremony was very simple. It was mainly about informing Xiao Chen the things he needed to know about entering the Violet Manor. Two or three months later, the Three Pure Sect would open the Teleportation Formation, and there would be men in the Violet Manor to receive Xiao Chen. At the end of the ceremony, Xiao Chen took an oath that he would never do something to humiliate his master and sect or to turn against the righteous course.

  After the ceremony, Xiao Chen went back to Bai Ying. She smiled at him and sighed, saying, "Alas. Although I hate to part with you, I'll still have to see you off..."

  Xiao Chen had a bitter smile. She said this as if she was marrying her daughter to someone. He said, "Rest assured. I will definitely come back to see Elder Bai!"

  Bai Ying smiled and looked at a piece of dark cloud that suddenly gathered on the horizon, saying, "The disciples sent there before had also said this..."

  "If I said I will come back, I will definitely come back!"

  Xiao Chen turned serious. He's been here for about a year. He had never noticed that he had already developed some emotional ties to the Three Pure Sect, especially to Bai Ying, Luo Shangyan, and the others. He suddenly felt unwilling to leave.

  "Brother Xiao Chen!"

  Accompanied by Luo Shangyan, Li Muxue, and some others, Murong Xian'er rushed to him, bouncing. Xiao Chen stroked her hair and felt glad that she had forgotten the bad things that happened after she went out of her residence.

  Xiao Han, Xiao Wan'er, and some others also went to him and said, "Cousin, congrats. Please come back often!"

  Xiao Chen smiled and nodded. "Sure..."

  As his voice fell, the whole Lingtai Mountain suddenly shook violently as golden light shone in the sky and thunders rumbled.

  "What happened?" Every disciple was shocked and then rushed to the square.

  Bai Ying's face changed and said, "Somebody is trying to break the defense formation of our sect!"

  "Brother Xiao Chen, what's the matter?" Murong Xian'er tightly pulled Xiao Chen's sleeve and said.

  Xiao Chen pulled her to his back in order to protect her. He always had had a bad feeling. It seemed that something bad was finally going to happen today.

  The mountain kept shaking. Judging from the offenders' aura, his cultivation was apparently not low. Now that the Sect Leader was out there investigating the Demonic Flowers, and there had been no news from him for a year, the five elders were panic.

  The First Elder calmed down and yelled, "Every disciple, ready to form a sword formation! Foundation Building Realm disciples, follow me to reinforce the defensive formation."

  Before his voice fell, a huge rumble sounded. Right after that, three rows of sword radiance fell to the square. All of the defensive formations of the Lingtai Mountain were broken by these three men in a split second.

  "Elder Yan, long time no see. Isn't the Sect Leader, Zixu, here in the sect?"

  The First Elder's body shook. He said with shivers, "Perfected Immortal Dao Feng, you've destroyed the defensive formation and broke into the Three Pure Sect. What do you want?"

  The comer was the three major elders of the Skygale Sect: Daofeng, Gongye, Changle. All of them were at the late Core Forming Realm, and they'd just ended their seclusions.

  Perfected Immortal Daofeng swung his sleeve and said, "How dare you ask me? Three months ago, it was Xingzhen Zi that destroyed the gold elixir of Yunyin!"

  Everybody's faces fell upon hearing this, and they looked at the Second Elder. He stepped forth and said calmly, "I'm afraid that there's a misunderstanding. That day, I did follow them. But I did this to make sure that Perfected Immortal Yunyin can leave safe and sound. But on my way, I've noticed a huge amount of blood in the grass. I'm afraid..."

  "Nonsense!" Perfected Immortal Gongye had a bad temper. He said coldly, "Two disciples of our sect saw this personally. You destroyed Yunyin's gold elixir. If Yunyin did not manage to use Earth-fleeing Skill to escape, the disciples would also die in your hands!"

  Xiao Chen's eyebrows furrowed tightly. The Second Elder was never a man who liked killing. There must be something going on. Bai Ying snorted coldly and said, "People can always find an excuse to blame someone. The Skygale Sect has been planning to destroy our sect for years. But today, with only three of you here..."

  Before she could finish, the First Elder immediately thundered, "Shut up!" He then looked at Perfected Immortal Daofeng and said, "There must be something wrong. In my humble opinion, we should report this issue to the Immortals' League in the Violet Manor and let them investigate. You have broken our formation, which is already a violation of the regulation of the Immortals' League!"

  The First Elder had no choice. Without the Sect Leader, he could only hope that the three comers fear the Immortals' League. If they really ended up in a fight, the elders might survive, but many of the 2,000 disciples would die.

  Daofeng and the other two people fell silent. They had their purposes here today. How could they report this to the Violet Manor?

  There was utter silence. All of a sudden, someone exclaimed, "What happened?! I can't run my True Energy!"

  Among the crowd, an elder went pale in panic. He was an ordinary elder of the Three Pure Sect.

  "Me neither!"

  The whole square gradually fell into chaos. The Fourth Elder, Fifth Elder, Second Elder, and First Elder realized that they could not run their True Energy one after another. The First Elder went pale and pointed at Daofeng, saying, "You! Are you really going to ignore the law of the Immortals' League and shed blood in our place?"

  Bai Ying looked terrible because she was also not able to run her True Energy. It seemed that the Mystic Skill of every elder of the Three Pure Sect was sealed at the same time.

  Nearly thousands of disciples began to panic. Now that their elders' cultivation was sealed, they might very well end up dead. Xiao Chen held Bai Ying and asked, "What's wrong?"

  Her forehead was covered with cold sweat, her face pale. She shook her head and said, "We are under the effect of the Illusive-Immortal Incense, and we can't run our True Energy in four hours. There's a rat in our sect." She then looked at the Daofeng and the other two people, saying, "No wonder today you openly came here to challenge. It turns out that you've already arranged someone in our sect."

  Perfected Immortal Daofeng frowned and said, "Don't you speak nonsense. We have nothing to do with this."

  At this moment, a voice rose from below, "Report!" A youth in white rushed uphill in a hurry and said, "We are under attack down the mountain! There's a large number of the Devil's sects' members! All disciples on Sunset Peak have been killed!" He then started to sob.


  Everybody's faces changed. The fifth elder's body shook, and he almost could not stand straight. The First Elder looked pale and terrible. He pointed at Daofeng and said, "You... You even collude with the Devil's Practice!"

  Daofeng and the other two people also trembled, their faces changed suddenly. Perfected Immortal Gongye said, "Don't make an unfounded attack on us. We came here on ourselves. We've never colluded with the Devil's Practice!"

  Xiao Chen could only hear a drone in the ears. He instantly rushed to the youth in white who had reported the message and grabbed his collar, saying, "Did you just say that everybody on the Sunset Peak was killed..."

  The young man's face was already covered with tears. He blankly nodded his head.

  Xiao Chen loosened his grip as he felt his vision spinning and he could not stand straight. Three princes and Lil Ruo were all on the Sunset Peak...


  A burst of laughter came from the skyline as a piece of dark cloud gathered quickly. There were a large number of people on the cloud wearing strange clothes and holding weird weapons. Obviously, they were not from a Cultivators' sect.

  In a flash, darkness shrouded the Lingtai Mountain which was bright and clear before. Countless dark clouds gathered here from all directions. In the rolling dark clouds, countless people suddenly appeared. Before long, they had surrounded the Black Dragon Peak.

  These people moved quickly, so they came prepared.

  The faces of the disciples on the square changed. Those standing on dark clouds were all evil men from the Devils' sects! Since when did so many of them come to the Three Pure Sect?!

  A few other pieces of dark clouds quickly approached, and there were only a few people standing on it. The leading character was a bewitchingly pretty man in red with red hair and lips. Beside him was a man in a black cloak. A black fog covered the area under his hood, so people could not see his face.

  There was also a voluptuous woman with exposed clothes who kept smiling.

  Behind them were a few disciples of the Devils' sects. They carried several big black bags, which showed countless faces as horrible shrieks rose from the inside.

  The First Elder trembled and said, "You... You are the Mystic Dark Sect!"

  The man in red laughed to the sky and said, "It's been 60 years since the war on the Mount Qi. I didn't expect that First Elder Yan still remembers us. Hahaha!"

  The Mystic Dark Sect was the strongest Devils' sect on Mount Qi. Back then, the Cultivators' sects had joined forces, encircled Mount Qi, and annihilated them. They had been recovering their strength over these years hiding outside the Nine Provinces. Now, they had come back.

  Several elders' faces were completely pale. They could not run their True Energy in four hours. How could their disciples withstand the attack of these evil men?

  "Speaking of which, it was Perfected Immortal Daofeng that had tremendously helped our sect." The sexy woman on the cloud looked at Daofeng and said in a charming voice.

  Perfected Immortal Daofeng now realized that Yunyin died in the hands of the Mystic Dark Sect. They planned to let Daofeng break the defensive formation of the Three Pure Sect.

  The Anti-devil formation of the Three Pure Sect was especially effective for those who practiced the Devils' cultivation methods. Usually, they would immediately perish once they approached the formation. Even those high-level Devils' cultivator could not break it.

  The man in red smiled gently and said to the First Elder, "Yan Li, the souls of a thousand disciples on the Sunset Peak are in my hand. Are you still not going to tell us the crack method to the Immortal-slaying Formation?"

  The bags in the hands of several disciples carried all souls of the Outer Disciples from the Sunset Peak. Horrible shrieks kept rising from the bags, making people's hair rise on end.

  Xiao Chen now realized that these people wanted to utilize the Earth Spiritual Meridian below the Lingtai Mountain. The sexy woman said with a smile, "It's all right if you don't tell us. The souls of two thousand disciples of yours are enough to break the Immortal-slaying Formation."

  Upon hearing this, the disciples on the square started to panic. Many of them unleashed their Immortal's swords. However, the man in red waved his hand, and all flying swords were broken.

  "You have 30 minutes to think about this." The woman smiled and casually snatched two Inner Disciples. Before the two disciples could scream, their souls were collected to the black bags.

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