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As his voice fell, the long sword in Xiao Chen's hand turned into a row of golden radiance and dashed out, bringing up a huge wave of wind. Mo Yu lifted his sword to block the attack. However, he had consumed too much energy before, so he could barely block this incredible attack. "Clan!" Finally, his Immortal's Sword was broken into two pieces, and he was sent flying backward.

  The crowd burst into an uproar, and people exclaimed one after another. The First Elder trembled as cold sweat appeared between his brow. Chu Hanyan stood by his side, and her face also changed slightly.

  As for the dozen ordinary elders beneath them, they could not believe what they just saw. How could a Foundation Building Realm cultivator be sent flying by a Qi Refining Realm cultivator?

  Mo Yu landed on the ground, and he was still in shock. That blow was even mightier than his Lv 5 Foundation Building Realm attack. How could this be?!

  Xiao Chen smiled casually and said, "Men like you, who take pills to increase cultivation, will never understand why."

  "Humph. Is that so?" Blue veins stood out on Mo Yu's forehead, and his eyes became horrifying. Suddenly, he thundered, "Earth Devil's Blaze!"

  In a flash, the whole Floating Platform turned into a sea of fire. The blaze dashed into the sky with tumbling black smoke. Even the crowd on the ground felt the heat.

  As a result, cheers rose again. The eyes of the First Elder and the others burst out approving light. Among the disciples, only Mo Yu could wield Fire magic spells so well.

  "Humph. Are you going to fight with magic now? Unfortunately, I happen to know a little bit about Water magic spells."

  Xiao Chen smiled faintly and jumped into the air. He then punched at the platform twice. In a split second, dragon roars shook the sky as two blue water dragons more than 100 meters long descended from the sky in an imposing, unstoppable manner.

  Looking at the two giant water dragons in the sky, the crowd was struck dumb. They then exclaimed, "Gosh! What spell is this? Can't it be some long lost ancient spells?"

  This was the second move of the Dragon Roar Palm from the Mystic Cyan Sect: Water Dragon Roar.

  Mo Yu was horrified. How could there be such a powerful Water magic spell? Before he could think more, the blaze on the platform had been put out. Among the rising white mist, a figure rushed downward from above. Mo Yu could not react until he was kicked away.

  All the people on the ground held their breath. Xiao Chen's attack just now was so quick.

  "Humph. You can defeat me in neither swordsmanship nor magic spells. As for martial arts? Humph. You can give up."

  Xiao Chen walked to him slowly with a smile on his face. It seemed that he had overestimated Mo Yu before. He supposed that Mo Yu's cultivation was no higher than Lv 2 Foundation Building Realm and was too unsolid.


  Mo Yu wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth, and his face suddenly became very gloomy, while darkness appeared between his eyebrows. He said coldly, "Is this all you got?"

  Before his voice fell, he suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of Xiao Chen, and kicked at Xiao Chen's abdomen.

  Xiao Chen's body twisted. Before he could react, he was already sent into the air. He felt like his bones were broken.

  "Whoo!" The crowd exclaimed again. The elders' faces also changed. Mo Yu's ophryon turned dark, and a faint, black air shrouded his arms. This was absolutely not a Cultivator's skill! This was an evil, strange skill.

  "Let you taste my Blood-turning Devilish Skill!" Mo Yu smiled coldly and appeared behind Xiao Chen again.

  "Blood Devil Spell!" As his voice fell, countless rows of blood-red sword Qi rained down. Smoke and dust spread all over the platform, so the crowd could not see clearly what was happening above. But judging from the shaking degree of the platform, the sword Qi there were definitely unbearable for a normal cultivator.

  Li Muxue, Luo Shangyan, and some others had their hearts in their mouths. Murong Xian'er was also looking at the Floating Platform, murmuring, "Brother Xiao Chen..."

  Moments later, the platform quieted down. A bleak voice rose from above, "Humph. He's dead. I, Mo Yu, win."

  Li Muxue and the others instantly turned pale. Tears burst out in Murong Xian'er's eyes as she said, "Brother Xiao Chen..."

  No one spoke in the square, and there was no wind. Under such a formidable sword Qi attack, even if Xiao Chen had his "undead" body, he could not hold it.

  A gust of wind suddenly blew away the smoke and dust. At the next moment, the square burst out a heaven-shaking cheer and acclaim. No one could believe that Xiao Chen was still standing under such a horrible attack!

  A dozen ordinary elders were so excited that their bodies kept shaking. Even they could not block that kind of damage.

  Mo Yu's face was full of horror and he kept mumbling, "Impossible! No way! How can you still be alive! Even if you are not hurt by the sword Qi, how could you withstand the death Qi of the Blood Devil Spell!?"

  Xiao Chen wiped off the blood from the corner of his mouth and sneered coldly, saying, "Dead? Haven't someone told you that I've got a nickname called 'Undead Body'? Things like death Qi is my favorite..."

  "I don't believe it!" Mo Yu looked mad. He gave a battle cry and charged to Xiao Chen with his hand shaped as a claw.

  Xiao Chen smiled coldly and said, "It's over." After saying so, he started chanting spells.

  "The 13th Devil-vanquishing Print of the Mystic Cyan Sect, Mystic Sky Print!"

  As his voice fell, a huge square, gold seal suddenly appeared in the air, and the runes on it were looming. The seal was dazzling and looked divine.

  Under the radiant light, Mo Yu felt his whole body was stinging. He hurriedly raised his sleeve to cover his eyes.

  Xiao Chen still kept the hand gesture that cast the print. He thundered coldly, "Bastard! You've practiced Devilish Skills. Today, Yi Chen, the first disciple of Immortal Miaoyin from the Yaoguang Temple on the Violet-night Peak of the Mystic Cyan Sect, will cut off your devilish root!"

  As his voice fell, the huge seal descended to Mo Yu. "Sizzle. Sizzle. Sizzle." His body had a light noise as teal smoke rose from it. His face twisted and he shouted, "No! Please let me go! Please..."

  The First Elder's face changed and said, "Xiao Chen! Mercy!"

  When there were only three meters left to Mo Yu's body, the seal stopped descending. Xiao Chen swung his sleeve and said coldly, "Today, I'll spare you. You should do what you should do!" He then stepped down to the square.

  Under the leading of the three princes, cheers rose one after another.

  Mo Yu lay on the Floating Platform, seriously injured with blood stains all over his body and hair unkempt. A figure suddenly flew above. He raised his head and muttered, "Senior Sister Chu, I..."

  Chu Hanyan looked at him and shook her head, saying, "I'm going back to the Violet Manor. You take care of yourself." Her tone had a deep disappointment. She then rode on the sword, flying away.

  "Senior Sister Chu! Don't leave me here!"

  Mo Yu wanted to get up and go after her, but he was drained. He then laughed madly before he shot a cold glance to the square and said coldly, "Humph. You forced me to do this..."

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