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The First Elder looked sternly at Elder Wu, Elder Song, and Elder Liu, and said in low a voice, "Read out the No. 3 rule of the sect."

Elder Song immediately got up and said, "Rule No. 3, be fraternal and no privately savage is allowed in the sect. If someone dies because of excessive behavior…" In the end, his voice gradually dropped, thus Yan Li urged harshly. "Louder!"

Elder Song shuddered all over his body and immediately raised his voice and said, "If someone dies because of excessive behavior, the murder should be removed his accomplishments and be expelled from the sect!"

The air was silent and no one dared to speak in the hall. The regulations of the Three Pure Sect were clear but only worked for the Inner Gate. The Outer Gate had always been chaotic, and few of them would do things according to the regulations. Generally, the Inner Gate would not manage affairs of the Outer Gate. All the matters were handled by the three elders. However, this Ye Fei was not an ordinary disciple. He was introduced by the First Elder personally.

Xiao Wan'er's face turned pale. The First Elder looked coldly at Xiao Chen. "Do you have anything else to say?"

Xiao Chen raised his head, "I have! On that day, they provoked me first, and I warned them many times before, but they could not stop provoking me!"

The First Elder smiled coldly, "What a provocation! That's why you killed him? To stand up for others? Good skill! How awesome!"

"Then please, can the First Elder tell me what I should do? They wanted to kill me that day, could I just waited and died? Am I, Xiao Chen, not a human being? Should I die in their hands?"

The First Elder's face fell and he was obviously fury. All the disciples at the outside quivered. The First Elder had already completed the fourth level of the Core Forming Realm. If Xiao Chen continued to contradict himself like this, even 10 lives would not be enough for him today.

Elder Wu got up quickly and said with his hands cupped before his chest, "First Elder, please calm down. It was our fault, and we have led to this great disaster..."

Luo Shangyan also hurried to step out. She stood by Xiao Chen's side and said, "Ye Fei and Ye Shaochong had bullied fellow younger brothers for a long time. That day, they provoked Junior Brother Xiao first, and then Junior Brother Xiao accidentally killed Ye Fei..."

"Luo Shangyan, it's none of your business here. Step down!"

"Junior Brother Xiao belongs to my leadership. If the elders are determined to punish him, please punish me as well."

The First Elder smiled coldly. "He-he, Luo Shangyan, are you threatening me as a disciple of the Sect Leader?"

Luo Shangyan lowered her head and said, "I dare not..."

"Humph!" Flicking off his sleeve, the First Elder looked coldly at Xiao Chen. "Then let's put aside this matter for now. On that day, someone saw you practice a strange skill which was likely a devil one. How do you explain that?"

No one spoke. Then, Xiao Wan'er suddenly stood up and whispered, "To answer the First Elder, that is an ancestral cultivation method of our Xiao family, not a Devil's Practice..."

Cheng Ying, who stood by her side, constantly winked at her and motioned her to come back.

"Hey hey..." The First Elder sneered unceasingly. As the Enforcement Elder of the Three Pure Sect, all disciples were afraid of him. If it was Luo Shangyan alone, it was nothing; however, all the new disciples seemed to like to challenge him. This time he was fury.

"Junior sister, come back!" Cheng Ying already cried out.

A moment later, the First Elder forcibly suppressed his anger and waved his hand and said, "Fine, Xiao Chen, our Three Pure Sect is too small for a great immortal like you. I think you should go."

Luo Shangyan looked up at once and said urgently, "Please take back your order, First Elder! Junior Brother Xiao is personally introduced by the master. Besides, the master is now investigating the incident of magic flowers with the master of the Xiao Family. I'm afraid it is unreasonable for you to expel him rashly..."

The First Elder sneered. "Luo Shangyan, are you threatening me now? By dragging the master into this?"

"I dare not. It's just a matter of great importance. Please wait for the master to make the decision when he returns, First Elder..."

At this moment, the Third Elder Bai Ying, who had not spoken all the time suddenly spoke. "First Elder, I think Shangyan is right. Xiao Chen is guided by her, so Xiao Chen is kind of a disciple of the master. It is better to wait until the master comes back."

The First Elder looked at her and said, "Third Elder, this child is violent. I'm afraid he is not suitable to stay in our Three Pure Sect any longer."

Bai Ying smiled faintly. "He is violent? I think there is really something unusual. If the two disciples with the surnames of Ye have no one behind them, even if they were bold, they dared not run amok in Sunset Peak. What do you say, First Elder?" Then she looked up at him.

The First Elder narrowed his eyes. "What did you say?"

The Second Elder next to her repeatedly winked at her. "Junior Sister! Stop!"

Bai Ying smiled and said, "If I recalled it correctly, the two disciples should be led by your big disciple, Mo Yu, aren't they? They were both at the Lv 5 Qi Refining Realm and should already be qualified for the Inner Gate. Why did they stay at Sunset Peak for so long?"

The atmosphere instantly became dignified, and everyone stopped talking. It seemed that the matter was already slightly beyond the scope of today's matter. At this moment, Shangguan Yan suddenly said, "Is there a hidden intrigue in it? Or a big conspiracy?"

She sounded innocent but the atmosphere in the temple became more solemn. The Second Elder quickly turned around and shouted. "Don't talk nonsense!"

Shangguan Yan stuck out her tongue and stopped talking. Then the two elders smiled and said to the First Elder, "She has always been outspoken. Senior Brother, please don't take it personally. I think it's better to call it a day. We'll wait until the master comes back."

A moment later, the First Elder rumbled. "Fine, then wait for the master to come back."

Everyone inside and outside the hall felt relieved. Luo Shangyan wiped cold sweat off his forehead, walked to Bai Ying, and whispered, "Thank you, Third Martial Uncle."

Bai Ying smiled and said nothing. Then Luo Shangyan walked back to Xiao Chen and pulled his sleeve. "Let's go. I'll send you back."

When the two went outside the hall, Xiao Chen said, "Thank you, Sister Luo..."

Luo Shangyan bowed her head and did not speak. At this moment, an enchanting woman in red walked toward him. It was Wen Qingyu. She smiled and said in an odd voice, "Gosh! Elder Martial Sister, this time you picked up a handsome Junior Brother and left Cheng Ying behind."

Xiao Chen looked up and his eyes flashed with cold light. "What are you talking about?"

Luo Shangyan bowed her head and pulled his sleeve. "Let's go..."

Returning to the courtyard on Sunset Peak, the two entered the room. Xiao Chen closed the door and window and turned around. He said, "Senior Sister Luo, can you give me all the mental skills of the Qi Refining Realm?"

He felt that he could not stay any longer in the Three Pure Sect. The elder sister in front of him was the only one he could trust in the Three Pure Sect.

Luo Shangyan raised her head and her face changed obviously. She said, "You are unable to get Lv 2 Qi Refining Realm until next year. What are you going to do now? If the elders know..."

Xiao Chen smiled. "It's fine, I'm just asking... It's getting late. Let me send you out."

The two of them went to the courtyard. When Luo Shangyan was about to leave on her sword, suddenly a sword light fell and countless petals scattered in the courtyard.

"Mo Yu! What are you doing here?" Luo Shangyan immediately pulled out her sword beside her waist and stood in front of Xiao Chen.

Mo Yu smiled faintly, "Why? Do you have to be so nervous to see me?"

Luo Shangyan frowned and said, "The First Elder has let it go. What are you doing here?"

Mo Yu sneered, "Yes, my teacher can't say anything, but anyway Ye Fei was under my leadership..." In the middle of the sentence, he darted two cold glances at Xiao Chen as if he wanted to freeze him with his look.

Xiao Chen smiled. That was their plan... He understood now. They put on a good show to kill two birds with one stone.

Luo Shangyan took a step forward and laid her sword in front of her chest. "I warn you, don't behave in such a way. When the master comes back, there will be a decision!"

Mo Yu looked at the green sword in her hand and smiled gently. "It is the master's Shadow Sword. Unfortunately, with your poor skills, I advise you to get out of the way obediently!" Then he flicked his sleeve and directly pushed her away.

"Senior Sister Luo!"

Xiao Chen's fingers pinched, and the Unsullied Sword whistled. It broke the window and flew out. Mo Yu smiled coldly, stretched out his hand, and broke off a branch. With a flurry, the branch in his hand, like a sharp sword, blocked Xiao Chen's sword with two clanking sounds.

Later, the branch poked a few acupuncture points on Xiao Chen's wrist lightning fast. Xiao Chen had just recovered from a major injury and could not hold the sword in his hand. His sword fell, as he wanted to retrive it, Mo Yu swept with the branch and pushed him away again.

Mo Yu caught the falling Unsullied Sword in mid-air, and his eyes were flashing with blazing light. With a smile, he said, "What a good sword! What poor swordsmanship..."

At that time, Luo Shangyan hurriedly ran to catch Xiao Chen, and then glared at Mo Yu. "The Unsullied Sword was given by Senior Brother Yu to Junior Brother Xiao! Give it back to him!"

At the same time, Lil Ruo also ran out of the house to find out what had happened.

Mo Yu smiled coldly. "You are a murder. I naturally have to take away the weapon. As for Yu Yifeng, he desendes to the mortal world in every 10 years, do you think this boy can live until the next time he arrives?"

Just then, a woman's voice came from the sky. "Brother Mo, you can't keep it if it's not yours. Please return it to its owner."

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