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"Uh Ah!" Xiao Chen growled like a beast. With some clashes, he broke Ye Fei's longsword into seven or eight pieces.

Ye Fei's face changed. Losing the Immortal's Sword would cause panic to a cultivator. He channeled his True Energy madly to punch at Xiao Chen. The violent Qi turbulence made everyone nearby hard to breathe as they immediately stepped back.

"Uh Ah!" The veins in Xiao Chen's face stood out clearly. Regardless of the horrible side effects which might follow at a later time, he punched all out. The two palms met violently with a huge rumble as the shock wave spread around, shattering the big trees nearby into ashes and causing the stones on the hill to roll down.

The blow was earthshattering. Everyone's faces changed upon seeing this. "He... He can even trade a blow with Ye Fei!"

Ye Fei was knocked back for tens of meters, and he looked terrible. He had never expected that Xiao Chen's strength could surge several times stronger in such a short period of time. He bit his finger and waved it, casting out a bloodred radiance that formed into a bloodred huge sword in the air.

"Blood-sacrificing Sword!" He barked as the huge sword whistled toward Xiao Chen in a ferocious manner. The airwave it brought along sent everyone nearby flying. Lil Ruo's face changed and she shouted, "Young Master!"

"Ah!!!" Xiao Chen snarled and channeled all of his True Energy into his hands which were moving in the shape of the Eight Diagrams. This was the Heavenly Sky Palm of the Xiao Family.

A fierce gale blew stones to the air and the mountains and earth were shaking as if he was controlling the energy of heaven and earth. With a battle cry, the Palm Strength of the Heavenly Sky Palm moved to the incoming huge sword like a volcanic eruption.

With a huge rumble, the sky changed, the earth crackled, and the hills nearby were shattered under the airwave. The Heavenly Sky Palm became stronger when it met strong opponents. The following nine strokes of the Heavenly Sky Palm were unstoppable and instantly crashed the huge sword into nothingness.

Ye Fei spat out a mouthful of blood as he raised both hands to block the first Palm Strength. With a boom, the impact almost broke his internal organs. Before he could channel his Energy again, the second Palm Strength followed. Finally, when the fifth Palm Strength hit him, he could no longer hold it. A mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth again as he was sent flying back for 30 meters.

The Heavenly Sky Palm also had consumed Xiao Chen too much Energy; as a result, a mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth again.

The mountains gradually stopped shaking. The crowd went pale while looking at the cracks on the ground. Ye Shaochong lay prone on the ground, and he was scared as hell. The huge noises of the fight had also alarmed the three elders on the other side.

Xiao Chen staggered to Ye Fei, who was lying on the ground 30 meters away with spilling blood on his mouth. Lil Ruo rushed to Xiao Chen hurriedly with tears all over her face, saying, "Young Master, don't go further..."

Xiao Chen sent her away with a swing of his sleeve. At this point, he was shrouded by a murderous aura, determining to kill Ye Fei even if he would be kicked out from the Three Pure Sect!

Ye Fei looked at the approaching Xiao Chen with his cold, murderous eyes. He chanted a spell and then a red little flying sword dashed out from his sleeve, targeting at Xiao Chen's neck.

The little flying sword flew incredibly fast and approached Xiao Chen in the blink of an eye. With a clash and sparkles, the Unsullied flew in front of Xiao Chen and blocked the little sword.

Ye Fei looked horrified and said in tremor, "What are you going to do? This is the Three Pure Sect! Don't kill me. From now on, I, Ye Fei, will never offend you and stay away from the Sky-gazing Gorge."

He was seriously injured by the Heavenly Sky Palm and could not run his True Energy at the moment. He just needed to stall and wait for the three elders to come. Also, he was now determined to kill Xiao Chen.

"Heh heh..." Xiao Chen's mouth curved a ruthless smile. He growled, "You don't have the chance!" As his voice fell, the Unsullied turned into a row of white radiance and moved to Ye Fei's throat.

Ye Fei's pupil shrank as the sword approached him and he felt a sheer murderous aura. At this point, three rows of sword radiance flew here from afar. "Xiao Chen, stop!"

Ye Fei, who saw his silver lining, yelled, "Elders, save..." However, before he could utter the last word, blood splashed as his head flew into the air. His eyes and his mouth remained wide open.

The crowd afar were scared dumb, and the elders' faces changed terribly. They stammered, "Xiao Chen... You..."

"Heh heh..." Xiao Chen smiled coldly as his eyes fell on Ye Shaochong. Ye Shaochong trembled and shouted madly, "Elders, help!"

"Swoosh!" The Unsullied turned into a row of white radiance and dashed to him. When it reached only one meter away from him, it was blocked away with a clash, sparing his life. Elder Wu's sword was broken into two pieces.

Ye Shaochong was so close to death. He was so scared that he wet his pants and hurriedly rushed to Elder Wu's back.

This stroke had failed, and Xiao Chen knew that he had lost the chance to kill Ye Shaochoing. The side effects of the Immolation Spell of the Three Elements was also about to come. All of a sudden, he felt fire raging inside his body as everything turned black before his eyes—he lost consciousness.

In the morning three days later, Xiao Chen opened his eyes and found himself lying on a bed in a neat and delicate room—he was in his room. He wanted to turn and sit up, only to find a sharp pain attacking him as if his limbs and bones were forcibly put together by someone else. He could not move at all.

"You are just recovered. Don't move."

In came a young girl clad in green. A cyan-colored sword was hanged on her waist, and a green butterfly-shaped jade hairpin was on her bun. It was Luo Shangyan.

"Senior Sister Luo..."

Xiao Chen shook his head and tried to recall what happened three days ago—he regardlessly ran the Immolation Spell of the Three Elements and seemed to have killed Ye Fei. He could not recall what happened next. He asked hurriedly, "Where's Prince Zhao?"

Luo Shangyan shook her head and said with a sigh, "He was just passed out by the hit. The three elders had been treating him with their Energies. I think he's fine now."

Xiao Chen was a bit relieved. He thought that Prince Zhao was killed by Ye Fei. At this moment, two rows of sword radiance fell in the courtyard and turned into two youths in white.

"Senior Sister Luo, the First Elder summoned you and Junior Brother Xiao to the Three Pure Hall."

"Okay, got it. We'll go later."

"As soon as you can." The two people then flew to the Black Dragon Peak on sword radiance.

"Senior Sister Luo..."

Luo Shangyan walked back into the room, sat beside the bed, shook her head and sighed.

"Don't worry. I'm taking the responsibility for my doings. I won't bring troubles to you..."

Luo Shangyan said nothing in return. After a long while, she looked at him and said, "Are you feeling better now?"

Xiao Chen nodded and said, "Yes, I'm fine now." He then got off the bed.

A moment later, they went to the courtyard where Luo Shangyan was about to ride her sword and took him to the Black Dragon Peak. Lil Ruo suddenly went out of the room and said, "Young Master..."

Xiao Chen turned and said with a smile, "It's okay. I'll be back soon ..." After saying so, he stepped on the sword. Luo Shangyan then chanted some spells and the sword turned into a row of teal light, carrying the two people to the Black Dragon Peak.

The mountains in the Lingtai Mountain were precipitous and the peaks were close to each other. Looking down from above, they looked like serval huge swords pointing straight at the sky. Luo Shangyan worried if Xiao Chen would fall from the sword, so she tightly held his arm.

Xiao Chen stood at her back. When her hair flew to his face, he was touched while smelling her scent. He could not help recalling thousands of years ago when Ling Yin taught him how to fly on a sword, she was also holding his arm. He and his master soared between heaven and earth, but now he was not able to do this just yet. A sense of unutterable bitterness rose in him.

The Three Pure Hall was located on the Black Dragon Peak and looked dignified. Everybody in the hall looked solemn. The elders and some disciples stood on the left and right. Elder Wu, Elder Song, and Elder Liu, who came from the Sunset Peak, lowered their heads and dared not to utter a word.

The Elder sitting straight in the front of the hall looked stately. He was the First Elder, Yan Li, who took charge of the penalties. Behind him were some burning incense sticks which were making offerings to the patriarch figure of the Three Pure Sects.

In walked Luo Shangyan, and she clasped her hands and said in a low voice, "Elder, Junior Brother Xiao is here."

Yan Li waved his hand, gesturing her to step aside. He then looked at Xiao Chen and thundered, "Xiao Chen!"

"Here." Xiao Chen was not frightened by the voice. He just felt feeble, hence his voice was not loud.

At the moment, many Inner Disciples had gathered outside the hall, muttering in low voices, "Is that man Xiao Chen? I heard that he killed someone in just a month. The Sunset Peak really is utter chaos..."

Xiao Wan'er, Xiao Han, and Shangguan Yan were also in the hall. Shangguan Yan stood behind the Second Elder and looked at Xiao Chen with great interest. Xiao Han stood behind the Fourth Elder, deadpan. Xiao Wan'er stood behind the Third Elder, Bai Ying, clenching her fists with Cheng Ying by her side.

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