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The oasis spawned Level 8 Salt Water Lizards, which were similar in attributes to common hard-shelled animals, but had an extra special effect: Scaly Armor Defense. That effect reduced 30 fixed damage by 15% per attack and was regarded as one of the best pets in the early stage by Pet Hunters.

Every 18 hours, a Sub-Elite Red Rock Lizard was spawned around the oasis. It had double the Scale Armour Defense effect and had a 30% chance to reduce the damage by 60 points. At this stage when the output of monsters was generally below 60 points, it was equivalent to an invincible skill triggered at 30% chance.

Such a strong pet naturally attracted many hunters to farm there, and Xiao Li Vibrator was not an exception. He was the president of the Lovelorn Alliance of the Leisure Association, specializing in the survival system. The so-called survival system was also known as the trap system. One of his greatest hobbies was to use his rat trap (hunting trap) which had been trained to level 3 by his tireless training to hunt single girls. It was not to kill them but to bind them. He would take pictures and admire them with his eyes.

Xiao Li Vibrator was waiting for the Red Rock Lizard with a large number of younger brothers in the oasis. How could he expect that a cute little girl would rush in with a magic staff? By this time, the catching progress of the Sub-Elite Red Rock Lizard had reached 99%, and he interrupted it.

"Boss, what's wrong?"

"Boss, your progress was interrupted."

Xiao Li Vibrator looked at a group of younger brothers with disappointment on his face. "How do I usually teach you? It's just a pet, there are so many pets out there in the world! Beautiful women are the rare ones."

"Everyone look at your 12 o'clock!" With his command, everyone looked in Xiao Li Vibrator's direction.n

Bu Yi was like an angel with her holy priest robe touching the ground. She had a delicate white face and a tall staff in her arms.

The hunters from the Lovelorn Alliance swallowed together.

One of the hunters, called "Waiting for Too Long," scratched his head. "Boss, where is 12 o'clock?"

"Stupid! It's right in front! How could you not understand such high-class word?" Another person patted his head and said excitedly, "Boss, are we still doing the same old thing? Bind, photo, video?"

"No, no, no." Xiao Li Vibrator coughed and said, "This babe has already stolen my heart. We cannot treat her like that. Bros, tell me honestly, am I good to you guys?"

All of them answered together, "Not really."

"F*ck! Even if I'm not good to you guys, you will help me with this," said Xiao Li Vibrator with his chest and head high. "Bros, let's go! We will help her out. Let's save this beauty!"

Bu Yi was using Smite skills to pull monsters. The priest's running speed and ability to pull were much worse than bandits and hunters. The little girl had been pulling for a long time but had only gathered four monsters.

Right then, an arrow flew through the sky and pierced through a lizard in its eye. It dealt more than 30 damage.

Bu Yi had a symbol of "Misdirection" on top of her head. This was a skill only for hunters. It could turn all the aggro of monsters to the target for a short period of time.


Salt Water Lizards ran towards Bu Yi one after another.

"Is someone there?" Bu Yi blinked her eyes and brought back the dozens of monsters.


Xiao Li Vibrator cried and smacked Waiting for Too Long on his head. "Who the hell asked you to use Misdirection?"

"Boss, I thought we were supposed to help her. She is pulling monsters," replied Waiting gloomily.

"Damn! F*ck you! Pull your mom! Do you understand how to save a lady?" Xiao Li Vibrator kicked him in the butt. "Get lost!"

It was Xiao Li Vibrator's cry that Lin Jie heard.

Pulling aside the dense tropical trees beside the oasis, Bu Yi and Lin Jie met head-on.

"Com'on. I've pulled many monsters." Bu Yi pushed Lin Jie away as dozens of Salt Water Lizard were reaching them. Lin Jie was impressed. 'Priests can have such efficiency in pulling? This girl has an impressive ability!'

Flame Boost!

With his Broken Blade, Lin Jie used his skills. Flames suddenly appeared, and dozens of Salt Water Lizard were killed with just a few swings.

"That's fast…" Bu Yi exclaimed. "I'll go pull more."

Lin Jie stopped her immediately and said, "I'll go, you sit here."

The sound from the forest alarmed Lin Jie. What if there was another ambush?

After the previous incident, Lin Jie was much more careful.

Xiao Li Vibrator and his brothers were looking at the direction where Bu Yi disappeared. The trees suddenly moved, and a man with armor rushed out. That gave them a big shock.

"D*mn, boss! He is also trying to help the beauty."

"Then do we still give her the monsters?"

At the back, his brothers had pulled more than 20 Salt Water Lizard.

"Give your head! Kill this man!"


In an instant, dozens of Misdirection was thrown to Lin Jie. All the aggro from the Salt Water Lizard was transferred to him.

"You're looking for death!"

Although Salt Water Lizard had a huge body, it was useless against Lin Jie. With his Withered Leaf Sword and Broken Blade, 4 Salt Water Lizard flew towards the hunters in mid-air.

Hunter's Forward Charge!

Lin Jie turned into a dark shadow, bursting with blood, like a steel chariot rushing to the hunters.


Xiao Li Vibrator stood out with his hand around himself. "Bro, you must know me. That's right, I'm the one on leaderboard, rank… f*ck!"


Lin Jie's Forward Charge hit, and he pressed the hot Broken Blade against Xiao Li Vibrator's neck. Lin Jie asked in a deep voice, "Did Eighteen Massacres send you?"

"Eighteen Massacres? What's that? I don't know him." Xiao Li Vibrator shook his head immediately. His neck was cut by the blade, and his blood dripped to the ground. "Please don't kill me! I don't want to die. It hurts! Let me go!"

Lin Jie stared at him and asked, "Hurts?"

"You don't say! Try getting cut yourself!" Xiao Li Vibrator cried loudly.

Lin Jie looked at the rest with a blank and amazed look. He asked, "You guys feel pain too?"

"Obviously." The rest nodded.

Lin Jie let go of Xiao Li Vibrator. Judging by those men's IQ, they probably were not with Eighteen Massacres.

"Siiii… Charles, get me some painkiller!" Xiao Li Vibrator was close to crying. He took the painkiller dropped from a goblin and poured it on his neck. He was relieved after a few minutes.

Lin Jie laughed at those people.

Lovelorn Alliance was famous in his previous life. They had been the first to start hunting beauties. Because of them, hunters had become an infamous profession. As long as there was a Trap Hunter, every male player with a girlfriend would kill them on the spot.

Binding, Freeze Traps, Slow Traps, Explosive traps… Those skills had an extreme power-control effect and could be of great use. But for them, those skills were solely for capturing beauties and taking photos of them. If the prey was hot, she would be teased verbally excessively.

Xiao Li Vibrator was not a famous name, but Lovelorn Alliance had done something impressive. They had bound Dumb Fox's girlfriend for 18 hours! Dumb Fox had been the guild master of Triumphant Midnight, and he had spent 3 years trying to win her heart. They had told her all the dirty jokes and filmed photos and videos of more than 10G! The reason had been that Dumb Fox's girlfriend had bet with someone that she could make someone from the Lovelorn Alliance fall for her and then she would dump him. For that, she paid the price.

"Ouch! It hurts!"

Xiao Li Vibrator was still crying.

A flash of inspiration flashed in Lin Jie's mind. 'Trap?' He squatted down and asked, "Did you learn Snake Trap?"

"Yes… Damn it hurts." Xiao Li Vibrator was tearing up.

"Do me a favor, and I'll teach you how to stop the pain. How about that?" asked Lin Jie.

"Sure, sure. As long as I can help, I can wipe my butt with my hand if you ask."

Lin Jie was disgusted and almost kicked this guy.

Lin Jie taught him how to adjust the pain sensation in the Setting. Very soon, Xiao Li Vibrator could not feel any pain.

"What? It could be increased? 300%! Com'on Charles, give me a kick. Ah f*ck!" Xiao Li Vibrator felt like his ass was going to explode, and he turned off the pain sensation immediately. He vowed not to switch it back on ever again.

Lin Jie was speechless. It was as if parents had bought an e-dictionary for their children and yet they had used it to play games.

"The pain is gone… Whoo…" Xiao Li Vibrator rubbed his ass and smiled. "Thank you very much! From today on, I will be your big brother. You can tell me your troubles."

Lin Jie thought for a while and said, "Help me with a dungeon in half an hour. As for now…"

Bu Yi was curious as to why Lin Jie had returned empty-handed, so she asked, "Fu Sheng, where is the mob?"

Lin Jie snapped his fingers and said, "Come! Spawn!"


A rain of arrows flew in the sky, and more than 20 Salt Water Lizard ran out. They were killed by Lin Jie with just a few skills.

"Continue to spawn!" Lin Jie snapped again. Another 20 plus appeared.

Bu Yi looked at the bursting experience bar and said in surprise, "Wow, you are amazing! What skill is that?"

Lin Jie scratched his head and said, "IQ skill."




"Spawn your head! No more!"

The enraged voice of a player came from behind, and Lin Jie scratched his head in embarrassment.

The Lizard's Eyes glowed again. The cooldown of the dungeon was completed!

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