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"Did you also find that monster?"
The lizardman who spoke was the one with the scar because he knew very well how fearsome that sea monster was.
Yale only obtained information related to the origin of the scar, but he didn't know that of all the lizardmen in that ship only one of them appeared into the coast and it was still unknown if the others were alive or not.
The lizardmen lowered their guard when they heard the words of their companion. Although it was true that the area was forbidden to humans and that the relationship between humans and lizardmen wasn't very good, they couldn't blame a group affected by a monster like that.
Moreover, since Shirk was in Yale's group, the lizardmen had a better impression of the group.
"Also? Did you meet that monster before?"
Yale already knew about that, but he couldn't tell it openly, so he feigned ignorance.
"I met that monster, but it was years ago. How did you manage to remain together? I reached the shore alone, and I don't know about what happened to the others."
Although Yale had guessed that the lizardman wasn't alone in the ship, there was no way for him to know about the fact that they were separated and only one reached the coast, but something like that wasn't enough to stop him.
"That is because I have some control over the Space Law."
When Yale said those words, he teleported to the back of the lizardman with the scar. Yale knew that it was difficult for others to believe that he could control the Space Law even if it were only a bit of control, so the best method for making them believe was showing them the Space Law control directly.
The lizardmen were all shocked by the scene, but they could only accept what they had seen.
In fact, those lizardmen were all at the Master Rank, and only the leader had reached the 9-star making that they couldn't measure Yale's power correctly.
They were the best scout team of their tribe, but those who acted as scouts weren't the most powerful of the tribe, so they didn't fear Yale's group at all despite Yale's show of prowess with that teleportation.
"We understand your reasons, but we need to ask you to leave immediately because humans are forbidden here, this is our forest. However, you can join our tribe if you want."
The lizardman pointed Shirk while saying the last sentence. Usually, they would slay any human that appeared on their territory no matter how strong they were; even if the scout team couldn't kill the intruders, then they only needed to call over the lizardmen focused in battle.
However, since they believed Yale's story, they decided to let them leave the area without trying to kill them.
"I understand that humans aren't allowed here, but what about beasts?"
When Yale said those words after having returned with the rest of his group with another teleportation, the lizardmen looked to Wyba and the two wolves and thought that Yale was asking if they could remain there with Shirk.

"There is no problem with the beasts."
The lizardman who seemed to be the leader spoke without hesitation.
"Then, I think that we shouldn't have any problem."
At that moment, Yale sent a message to Wyba by Spiritual Sense, and Wyba jumped before transforming in her half-beast form. Fortunately, she was always wearing the magic clothes made by Aiwai, and the clothes appeared after the transformation despite didn't seem to wear anything while she was in her wolf form.
"Di... divine beast!"
Wyba had only changed to her half-beast form, but seeing a beast change to a form like that could only be considered an act of a divine beast.
"Right! I suppose that there is no problem with divine beasts since beasts are allowed right?"
When Yale asked that question, the lizardmen nodded because they didn't have any bad relationship with divine beasts and they didn't dare to have any problem with them because a divine beast could easily become a Law Master, and a Law Master wasn't someone they could afford to offend.
Although humans also could become Law Masters, the proportion was completely different since the divine beasts would become Law Masters as long as they don't die by external factors before.
"Even if you are accompanied by an esteemed divine beast, the humans still need to leave. We aren't the ones making the rules, we only obey."
They felt like Yale was trying to say that since they were traveling with a divine beast, they should make an exception and let them remain in the area.
"Big brother, what are those fools saying?"
The first two words said by Wyba resonated in the mind of those lizardmen because if Yale was the big brother of a divine beast, that could only mean that Yale was a divine beast in human form.
At that moment, Yale changed to his half-beast form which provoked that those lizardmen confirmed their guesses.
"So, you are also an esteemed divine beast, sorry for being rude to you."
The lizardmen didn't know that it was possible for a human to have a divine beast bloodline, but even if they knew it, they would still act in the same way because the potential of the bloodline still worked.
"Not only me, except Shirk and our two wolf servants all of us are divine beasts in disguise. Sebe, show them your identity."
That was a huge lie because the only ones in their current group with a divine beast bloodline were Wyba, Yale and Sebe.
However, once Sebe also showed his half-beast form, the lizardmen were scared to death.
They had never met a divine beast before, but they had heard of them, and usually, they were lofty individuals who didn't tag with other divine beasts unless they were family.
Thus, they could still understand that Yale and Wyba were traveling together because they were siblings, but even a fool would be able to notice that Sebe's half-beats form wasn't related to wolves at all.
The lizardmen didn't know why some divine beasts grouped together, but they didn't dare to offend them because they couldn't measure what kind of backing those have and those three alone were already people they couldn't offend.
"I need to ask the other two to transform? Or you finally believe us?"
If for some reason the lizardmen insisted on seeing their transformations, Yale would need to cast an illusion to fake the appearance of Swordmad and Lar. After all, Lar's skill in Shape Shift wasn't enough to simulate a half-beast form, and Swordmad didn't even know that skill.
"No need of that. We believe you, sorry for treating all of you like humans before."
Seeing those three transformations and witnessing Yale's control over the Space Law was more than enough to convince them of their identities. After all, it was publicly known that without a divine beast bloodline or a comparable bloodline from other species, it was too difficult to make something like teleportation as easily as Yale did it.
Thus, as long as the other party had a bloodline of that level, the lizardmen tribe would treat them as honorable guests. Of course, they had never heard of humans having bloodlines like the divine bloodlines created by Yale.
"Don't worry. We are just used to be in our human form, and we can understand your confusion. Since no one had been harmed, we can let this matter go."
Yale, Wyba, Sebe returned to their previous forms at that moment, and the lizardmen didn't dare to ask them to remain in any specific form.
After all, they were treating with future Law Masters, and the outside appearance wasn't important enough to offend them.
"Thank you for your magnanimity. I want to invite all of you to visit our humble tribe."
Since they had heard that Yale's group appeared there due to that sea monster, they guessed that they wanted to rest and obtain some information about the surrounding before deciding what to do afterward and making friends with divine beasts was always good.
"We will be following your group. I hope that you can explain our situation to the others in your tribe to avoid misunderstandings."
Yale truly didn't know until what point the divine beasts have influence in the western continent, but he decided to act mighty and it was working very well.
"Of course, we will take care of everything. I am sure that the tribe chief will even make a banquet for all of you."
After the leader of the lizardmen group spoke, everyone started to move while Yale was smiling inwardly while thinking about how they changed from being intruders to honored guests.
"In the end everyplace is the same, as long as you have enough power, others would treat you well."
The power was also affected by the potential; it wasn't wise to offend someone with a high potential unless you have the certainty of killing that person and not letting anyone discover about that or problems may arise in the future.
However, there were objects like the one which Yale gave to Oscro to transmit the last moments before the death to others, so the chances of being discovered killing someone with high potential were high as that kind of people usually had great backgrounds.
As for the consequences of being discovered, for a tribe like the tribe of those lizardmen was utter destruction.

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