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Planet Vegeta, Royal Palace.

A brightly lit magnificent hall.

The ivory white stone walls were without any decorations. Under the lighting, the criss-cross lines formed into veined patterns could be seen. The up and down crude and unrestrained style, instead of giving a messy and disordered feeling, it was giving an imposing, majestic feeling.

As Saiyan was a Fighting Race, they disdain acting pretentiously and just need heroic courage.

In the palace hall, a red carpet was spread out from the palace entrance to the front of a throne.

On the throne which was raised several steps above the palace hall, King Vegeta was sitting dressed in a dark red resplendent Battle Armor and one of his hand was supporting his head against the throne’s armrest, eyes closed and contemplating. The armor on his chest was bright and beautiful like a white jade, and it was faintly flashing with a flowing light, looking very luxurious.

Suddenly, King Vegeta opened his eyes, and then glanced towards the assistant to the side, asking: “Peter, how are the preparations going on for our troops?”

It is a sturdy, bald Saiyan who was a high-level warrior responsible for everything inside and outside the palace.

“Your Majesty, as of now we have already mustered 200,000 Saiyans. They have all answered His Majesty’s summons and are prepared to have the life and death battle with that Frieza guy!” The bald-headed Saiyan Peter’s eyes were glinting with a cruel light and he couldn’t suppress the excitement from his words.

“Only 200,000 Saiyans? Too few, have they all forgotten the pride of a Saiyan? And is Frieza so easy to get along with, See how many of those are left who had once followed his race? I cannot allow Saiyans to perish in his hands! ”

King Vegeta suddenly stood up, his voice was angry and displeased, his dark brown hair was standing erect. Instantly a boundless imposing aura swept across the entire palace.

King Vegeta, though wildly ambitious, did his best for the entire Saiyan race; he was really not willing to see the downfall of Saiyans.

Following the war with Tuffles, when they had snatched Planet Vegeta, Saiyans had to face tremendous challenges during the rebuilding process, and just at time Frieza representing Forces had appeared, trying to hire them.

But now, it seems accepting Frieza’s service in those days had been a huge mistake!

King Vegeta had long ago felt that Frieza’s monitoring of the Saiyan race has increased a little, this was considered as absolutely humiliating to King Vegeta. Saiyan, as a Fighting Race, could die on the battlefield but cannot accept to live like a livestock who are being watched by others.

Therefore, King Vegeta had long ago started to accumulate strength, waiting to have a showdown with Frieza.

However, many people in the Saiyan race do not understand this as a considerable number of them worships Frieza. This was not something he could tolerate, he could permit them to not participate in rebellion, but he couldn’t tolerate them to stand on the enemy’s side.

After he succeeds in his rebellion, he had to dispose of these people.

“Anything else?”

“Your Majesty, recently subordinate has discovered that some people have been secretly up to some little tricks, seemingly plotting something!” Peter flips the document in his hand, do not look at this guy as having just a sturdy body, his mind was also very sharp, Adri and others little tricks were very quickly caught by him.

“Anything else?” King Vegeta eyes sharpened, “Peter, you go and investigate this matter for me!”

“Yes!” Peter straightened his chest, and responded in a loud voice before turning around and walking outside the palace.

In the magnificent palace hall, only King Vegeta was left sitting on the throne with his eyes closed, who knows what he was thinking.

A few days later.

Peter once again came to the palace, holding a thick name list of missing people.

“Your Majesty, I have done the investigation. These are the name list of Saiyans who have been mysteriously disappearing from Planet Vegeta for these past few months. They seem to have left Planet Vegeta?”

“Oh? They could secretly disappear from Planet Vegeta, didn’t Jetoniasn discovered anything?” King Vegeta’s eyes suddenly shone and he asked with a smiling yet not smiling expression.

Jetonians were in control of Planet Vegeta’s outside transportation, and every spaceship which leaves Planet Vegeta have their information stored with Jetonians. King Vegeta has been dissatisfied with Jetonians for a long time, and if not for attracting Frieza’s undue attention, how could Jetonians still live on Planet Vegeta alive?

“They do not seem to leave via spaceship.” Peter was puzzled, if they did not take the spaceship, how did these people leave Planet Vegeta?

“Who are these people leaving Planet Vegeta?”

“The majority of them are Low-level Warriors and hundred Mid-level Warriors. And only 5-6 High-Level Warriors were the first to leave!”

“Only these good-for-nothing?”

King Vegeta glanced through the name list, and immediately a disdainful sneer floated on his face before he destroyed the name list with an energy wave.

“Forget it, for now, there is no need to get rid of them, just remove these people’s names from the Saiyan race records. Humph, these people are not worthy of being called a Saiyan. We are now mainly focused on accumulating strength, it would not be suitable to complicate things much. We can take care of these people after we are done with our decisive battle against Frieza!”

Seeing that King Vegeta had destroyed the list, Peter couldn’t understand what was in King Vegeta’s mind, he had wanted to ask several times but then hesitated.

Normally, people with this kind of rebellious intentions ought to have been dealt at the first instance, right! However, instead of doing so, King Vegeta removed their existence from the Saiyan records, perhaps in King Vegeta’s heart, it is also a way left behind for the Saiyan race.

If he succeeded in his rebellion against Frieza, those Saiyans who had left Planet Vegeta naturally would not escape death, but if they failed, those people may be just the Saiyan’s last hope.

Only this hope is pinned on a few weak Low-level Warriors and Mid-level Warriors, can’t help but grasp at straws.

Four months later, on a bustling street in Planet Vegeta.

People were coming and going in an endless stream. Every Saiyan was dressed in a simple battle armor while carrying bags on their back, filled with different food ingredients. On both sides, Aliens with peculiar looks had opened shops and were doing business, as Saiyans, besides fighting were not suitable for doing business.

On this day, Xiaya has come alone to do shopping on the street. After moving around from east to west on the street, he only bought a few pieces of daily-needed clothing.

When he passed by a jewelry store, he thought of how Xiling seems to had never worn any type jewelry or such small ornaments before. So, how about I buy something and bring back for her, Xiaya looked at the shop front for a moment and then walked in.

Most of the things displayed in the shop were earrings, pendants and such ornaments. Belts, brooch, etc… Xiaya glanced through these things at lightning fast speed. He really couldn’t understand what Xiling would like? So, he simply bought the several kinds of beautiful ribbons, pendants, and bracelets.

Anyway, he still has many mission points left in his hands, there is no need to not save them as they would become useless when Planet Vegeta is destroyed.

After Xiaya paid for wrapping up the several pieces of jewelry, the Alien in charge of selling them, enthusiastically packed them in an exquisite little box and then wrapped it in a ribbon.

“Hehe, I hope Xiling will like these things!” Xiaya smiled and put them away.

Shortly after going out of the store, he caught sight of the shadow of a young person swaying over, while held something similar to Tanghulu* in her hand, eating.

[TN:  Tanghulu is a traditional Chinese snack of candied fruit. ]

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