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Chapter 68
Chapter 68 Wishing on dragon balls

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After making up his mind, Xiaya again flew up to the sky, heading towards his next target.

With the help of an even more advanced dragon ball radar, he soon found the fifth and sixth dragon ball in a primitive forest and a desert. Among which, the dragon ball found in the desert was the Seven-Star dragon ball discovered inside Ox King’s castle in the original work.

After gathering six dragon balls, Xiaya flew towards the location of the last one.

According to the description from the original work, Kame House was not too far from the isle city where Xiaya had met Master Mutaito and could be reached by using a motorboat.


After a brief glimmer of a light, Xiaya appeared above an ocean thousands of kilometers away. The vast blue ocean, at the moment, was surging wildly. Xiaya took out the dragon ball Radar and looked at it for a while to confirm position before flying towards the direction of Kame House.

Soon, a black dot appeared on the ocean’s horizon.

It was a small island swaying in the ocean. After getting closer, he could see that the size of the island was only about 100 sq meter. Apart from a cottage which was mainly of pink-color, there were only 4-5 coconut trees scattered around on the island.

“Haha, finally found the Kame House!” Looking at the silhouette of the island ahead, Xiaya revealed a smile on his face before accelerating towards the Kame House.

At this time, above Kame House, the sea breeze was blowing, and seabirds were chirping.

The warm sunlight shining down gave a warm feeling.

Under the coconut tree, little specks of light trickled down like sundust. Master Roshi wearing sunglasses was lying on a sun lounger, sunbathing while comfortably sleeping, and his dangling hands held an erotic magazine.

What a pleasing scene it is, but at this time, a sudden gust of wind blew by swirling up gravel, and line of sight was instantly filled with dust, the coconut trees swaying back and forth in the wind.

“Eh… what a strong sea breeze!”

Master Roshi woke up from his nap and looked at the gust of wind blowing across the island. After seeing that there was nothing, he again lied down and continued to sleep. Above the ocean, the sea breeze blowing was a common occurrence, so Master Roshi didn’t pay any attention to it.

It was not until evening when Master Roshi discovered the crystal ball that was always hanging around his neck had disappeared, leaving only a hemp rope hanging around his neck.

“Where did I lose it?” Master Roshi thought about it but nothing came up so he didn’t put it to heart, it’s just that he had worn the crystal ball for over a hundred years, he was just slightly regretful for losing it suddenly.

Dozens of kilometers away from the Kame House, a barren isle.

After taking out the seven dragon balls, Xiaya placed them on the ground. The moment the seven dragon balls were near each other, they immediately started flickering with a golden light, and with every flicker, a soft roar suspiciously Shenron’s could be heard.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

Dragon Balls were flickering rhythmically.

Looking at the shining dragon balls on the ground, his heart was uncontrollably excited. Although it has already been eleven years since he arrived in Dragon Ball World,  it was still his first time really summoning Shenron.

“Arise, Shenron!”

Taking a deep breath, Xiaya shouted towards dragon balls and then silently waited. In the original work, Shenron was also summoned by shouting words like this, although they were somewhat different, their effect was good ah!

Sure enough, following his shout, the seven dragon balls

flickering frequency became faster and faster, more and more urgent, and soon a wide expanse of dark clouds floated over the horizon, instantly shrouding the entire sky and causing the surroundings to sink into frightening darkness.


Thunder erupted in the darkness. Amidst black clouds, golden lightning like an angry dragon continuously shuttled back and forth and struck down, the sound of thunder’s booming was deafening as if doomsday has arrived.

Golden light shining from the dragon balls became bigger and bigger, more and more brighter, echoing with the golden lightning in the sky.

“Shenron is going to come out!” Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Xiaya stared without blinking. Before even though he had seen the scene of Shenron appearing in the anime, personally seeing it felt so imposing and magnificent.

“Roar!” A dragon’s roar resounded.

Numerous golden light rays surged out of the seven dragon balls, soaring towards the sky in a zig-zag pattern, and fused together with the lightning in the sky. A huge dragons roar resounded throughout heaven and earth.

In the sky, the green Shenron unceasingly circled amidst the dark clouds before finally looking downward with its glinting red eyes:

“Human, speak your wish, I can satisfy any of your wishes!”

Xiaya looked at Shenron and spoke before adjusting his mood. “Shenron, I have a list of Saiyans names here. My wish is to evacuate all the Saiyans on this list to East Area’s Planet Hongshan when Planet Vegeta is destroyed! ”

Saying this, Xiaya raised the list in his hand, expectantly looking at Shenron.

Altogether, there were more than 10,000 Saiyans names written in this list, which Adri and others had come up with painstaking efforts. They were all considered as qualified to be evacuated to Planet Hongshan after deliberation by Adri and others, but because of various reasons could not be evacuated in advance.

If so many Saiyans have to be evacuated simultaneously in the last minute, despite Xiaya’s monstrous ability he wouldn’t be able to evacuate them at once.

So, at this time, he has to use the ability of Earth’s Dragon Balls.

Naturally, both King Vegeta’s loyalists and Frieza worshippers were not on the list. It has ruled out the majority of Saiyans on Planet Vegeta, along with the rest of the hesitant or distasteful people, ultimately choosing only trifling twelve thousand people.

Because it concerns the foundation of Saiyan bloodline on Planet Hongshan, Xiaya regard this matter as very important, hence he silently waited for Shenron’s reply. However, Shenron stayed silent for a long time while floating in mid-air, and just when he thought it was impossible to grant his wish, Shenron opened his mouth.

Its booming voice reverberated in the sky:

“Human, I cannot grant your wish right now as it involves a future matter… but I can attach the power of dragon balls to those Saiyans bodies, and this power will automatically activate when Planet Vegeta is destroyed.”

“But it is only limited to the living people, and if those Saiyans were already dead when Planet Vegeta is destroyed, then Dragon Ball’s power will not activate!”

Shenron’s reply conforms to Xiaya’s thinking, thus he said, “Shenron, please grant my wish!”

“Extremely easy!”

The booming voice sounded, then Shenron’s eyes emitted a red glow.

Xiaya knows that this is Shenron using dragon ball’s power. As for how many people can finally reach Planet Hongshan depends on whether or not they can survive until the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

“Human, your wish has been granted, then goodbye.”

After finished speaking, Shenron’s spiral body once again changed into seven dragon balls, and then they rotated several times in the sky, preparing to scatter to the various parts of the world.

Just then, Xiaya who was long prepared, leaped high towards the sky while simultaneously activating his Space Superpower, and immediately flying to Two-Star, Four-Star, Three-Star and Seven-Star ball before catching them!

As soon as he caught them, he took a look and saw that Four-Star Dragon Ball had turned to a white stone. Only after one year has passed would it restore into dragon ball.

Not minding, Xiaya just laughed and ripped open a crack in the sky and threw the dragon balls turned stone into it. “Wait until they again restore to dragon balls, then will return them to Son Gohan and others!”

Since the important task on Earth was already completed, Xiaya was in a good mood. Next, he went to sightseeing everywhere on earth and again purchased a large amount of food, and then departed from earth.

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