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Chapter 665: This Supreme Kai is not qualified

“Xiaysama, that was Supreme Kai just now.”

Kusu whispered to Xiaya after East Supreme Kai and Kibito left.

Xiaya nodded, “Yes, that person is East Supreme Kai Shin of Universe 7, and next to him is the Attendant Kibito.”

“Supreme Kai wasn’t staying in the Sacred World of the Kai, instead he came to Earth to especially meet Goku and others. Does he want to select the new Supreme Kai? But this Supreme Kai is so young that he didn’t even recognize my identity!”

Kusu said flatly, but her tone contained slight dissatisfaction.

It is excusable for him to not recognize that Xiaysama is the God of Destruction. After all, Xiaysama has just succeeded to the position of God of Destruction. But she is an Angel. All angels have mostly similar outfits and characteristics. He should have been able to recognize her at a glance, but he ignored her as if he didn’t see her.

Didn’t the Supreme Kai see the halo around her neck and the scepter in her hand? He couldn’t even recognize her identity as an Angel. Normally Supreme Kai should have realized her identity after seeing her appearance, and at the same time associate it with Xiaysama’s identity.

That Supreme Kai, on the contrary, didn’t even realize it at all. Such a Supreme Kai can be described as an idiot, so Kusu was a little angry.

“Actually Supreme Kai Shin of Universe 7 is indeed a little younger. He doesn’t even know of the existence of Universe 7’s God of Destruction Beerus and Angel. How would he even recognize you?” Xiaya shook his head. As a Supreme Kai, East Supreme Kai Shin is too young and isn’t qualified because of his lack of knowledge.

Kusu’s mouth opened wide, her eyes glaring: “No way! He doesn’t even know about Beerus-sama and Whis, then how he is still a Supreme Kai?”

He doesn’t even know the most basic framework of the universe. Can such a Supreme Kai take on this big responsibility? Perhaps even the new Supreme Kai Tapion of Universe 10 is more qualified than him.

In response, Xiaya smiled faintly.

East Supreme Kai really can’t be said to be an outstanding god!

He recalled that in ancient times, Universe 7 was very outstanding. At that time, there was not only the Grand Supreme Kai that ruled the entire Universe 7, but also four; North, South, East, West Supreme Kais, and East Supreme Kai was the youngest one among them with the least understanding of the universe. Later, with the birth of Majin Buu, the four Supreme Kais died under the hands of Majin Buu one after another, and the knowledge of all the highest-level gods was forgotten by everyone.

Also because of Majin Buu, an enormous shadow has been left behind in East Supreme Kai’s heart almost to the point where Shin gets scared at the mere mention of his name. It is embarrassing that Supreme Kai has reached such a point.

Because of this, even knowing the situation of Universe 7, Whis never revealed the information of God of Destruction Beerus to Supreme Kai as he isn’t even able to take care of one thing.

On the other side, East Supreme Kai and Kibito were walking on a side path.

Kibito arrogantly had his hands behind his back as he said to the East Supreme Kai next to him: “Supreme Kai-sama, those Saiyans are nothing extraordinary.”

In his eyes, the gods should be otherworldly, and seeking the help of mortals is rather degrading.

East Supreme Kai glanced at Kibito and was silent. His Attendant cares too much about the identity of a god.

“Don’t underestimate them, Saiyan can gain powerful strength through transformation. It would be best if they can help us, if not we can only kill Babidi by ourselves, but Dabura, the king of Demon Realm, is also with Babidi. He is a very troublesome person.”

East Supreme Kai pondered for a while. For now, he has made up his mind to kill Babidi before Majin Buu is resurrected. As for Goku and others, it’s best if they can help, but if they cannot, there is nothing they can do. But what attracted East Supreme Kai’s attention was the red-haired young man standing next to Goku and others.

“Kibito, what do you think of the red-haired young man and the little girl next to him?”

Kibito tried to remember, but to his surprise, he couldn’t clearly recall what the other person looked like, as if it was separated by a blurry mist. He had clearly seen them with his own eyes, but he couldn’t completely recall it. This is something that has never happened before.

Kibito immediately became alert and his forehead broke out into cold sweat: “Supreme Kai-sama, was there something odd about those two people?”

East Supreme Kai took a deep breath: “I couldn’t see through. So there are people in the mortal world that I can’t see through. Their dimension doesn’t seem to be that simple.”

These are really troubled times. Besides Majin Buu, there are people in the mortal world who I can’t see through, moreover, there are two of them. East Supreme Kai sighed, and suddenly felt the burden on his shoulders become heavier.

“How can mortals have dimension? Could it be that they are also gods?” Kibito’s eyebrows furrowed, but this makes no sense. Supreme Kai-sama is already the highest god in charge of the entire universe. How could there be gods that even Supreme Kai can’t see through? Maybe they just have a special concealment method.

“Forget it, let’s not get distracted by this, we should keep a lookout for Babidi’s henchmen.”

East Supreme Kai was mostly concerned about Majin Buu’s matter, so for the time being he put away the matter of Xiaya and Kusu. He intends to wait for Majin Buu’s matter to be dealt with before thinking about it.

After lunch, the afternoon matches officially begin.

Next was the Adult Group’s matches. Compared with the Youth Group, the Adult Group’s matches were much more interesting and the audience was also more worked up.

The second round of the Adult Group is a multiplayer battle. Several hundred contestants went up to the arena together and then they will fight. In the end, the remaining 16 contestants in the arena will become the top 16 and enter the next stage of the tournament.

Following the referee’s order, the several hundred contestants rushed over and the arena was immediately full of people, Gohan and Videl among them. Fortunately, the arena was spacious enough and the 200m long and wide arena could accommodate several thousand people. After the start of the match, chaotic fights ensued. The contestants fought fiercely, knocking down the other contestants off the arena, and often if someone knocked down a person, he would quickly become others’ target.

There is no order in such matches, but it can precisely show the accomplishments and strength of the martial artists.

In the chaotic crowd, countless afterimages of fists flickered, and energy waves shot out with dazzling lights. Gohan met with no resistance and no one was able to come near him.

“Come on, Gohan!”

“Come on, Videl!”

The sound of shouting and cheering from the audience was endless.

Krillin looked at the match below with a relaxed expression: “This kind of competition is too simple for Gohan, I don’t understand why he wanted to participate in this tournament.”

“Gohan is only accompanying Videl to participate,” Goku said with a laugh.

At this moment, Tien Shinhan frowned and pointed at someone in the arena, and shouted: “Look at those two people, we met them in the afternoon.”

Following the direction where Tien Shinhan’s finger was pointing, everyone’s eyes turned towards East Supreme Kai and Kibito. They saw the two of them standing indifferently in the center of the arena, but there seemed to be an invisible barrier in front of them. They seem to be invisible to everyone. Even if they were clearly in front of them, they would automatically ignore them when they neared, and even if someone came near them unintentionally, they would be thrown away by a strange force.

Goku’s mind flashed with surprise and his face became serious, “Those two are experts!”

“Hey, what are their identities? Not only do they know about Planet Namek’s matter, but they also know us very well.” Krillin looked at East Supreme Kai and Kibito in the arena with a puzzled look and said in surprise.

“Who knows, they don’t look like earthlings, maybe they are aliens.” Yamcha shrugged.

“No, there is a mysterious aura on their bodies which is not something mortals can have.” Piccolo’s eyes shone as he said solemnly.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Krillin suddenly reacted and asked.

Chichi’s beautiful face showed a hint of solemnity: “What Piccolo means is that those two people may be Gods!”


Krillin was startled, but he soon remembered that Chichi was Earth’s Kami and Piccolo had also served as the previous Kami. The existence of the Gods does not seem to be strange. It is just that two unfamiliar gods have suddenly come to Earth. For what?

“Then, after the tournament is over, I and Piccolo will go over and ask!” Chichi said. Whether as a Kami or a martial artist, she has a duty to clarify these things.

Everyone nodded. For now, they could only follow Chichi’s words.

Regarding Chichi and the others’ conversation, Xiaya watched the whole thing, but he was like a worldly person watching everything calmly. Sitting next to Kusu with an unconcerned attitude, he was playing with her silvery-gray braided pigtails.

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