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Chapter 602: Demon God Demigra

“Master, you can’t do this! Please let me go.” A miserable and panicked cry came from Hirudegarn’s mouth intermittently. Due to Mira’s power, Hirudegarn was unable to resist and began to gradually lose consciousness as an individual personality.

He sneered and threw Hirudegarn aside, and then looked at the struggling Hirudegarn from a distance.

Hirudegarn gave an agonized roar as the X mark on his forehead exuded a purple light, and it was like hastening his death as it slowly wiped out Hirudegarn’s existence as a separate individual.

Mira’s actions shocked everyone. His scheme against Phantom Majin Hirudegarn made everyone feel chills. In order to resurrect Demigra, he actually started to lay the groundwork from ancient times. Xiaya looked at Mira and his pupils gleamed with cold light.

I definitely can’t let Demigra be resurrected, otherwise it will cause an irreversible disaster.He immediately shouted towards Xiling and the others, “Attack! Interrupt Demigra’s resurrection process!”

Xiling, Myers and the others understood that the situation was quite serious and nodded vigorously. Their movements weren’t slow as they followed Xiaya and launched fierce attacks on Hirudegarn, who was changing.

Suddenly, numerous attacks that were enough to destroy a planet landed on Hirudegarn. These attacks which were enough to destroy a galaxy were however blocked by a layer of purple light. Mira licked his lips and burst into loud laughter. Sensing the rising aura of Demigra around him, his eyes were full of expectation.

He is not a match of Xiaya and the other Saiyans, but he can resurrect Demigra!

Since the “him” in another time and space saw that Saiyan named Xiaya kill the Super lifeform Feilu that he created, Mira knew in his heart that his personal strength was no longer enough to contend against Xiaya. If by chance one day his hiding place is found by Xiaya, his life would not be guaranteed!

In order to protect himself, he first needed to resurrect Demigra in the current space-time, so a plot to make the two Hirudegarn’s bodies integrate was born.

“He he, Demigra will be resurrected soon. At that time, you hateful Saiyans will all die at his hands. Your flesh and blood will be used as a sacrifice for Demigra when he wakes up!”

A black mist hovered around Mira’s body, which was exuding a sinister and terrifying Ki.

Seeing that their attacks had no effect, Xiaya’s heart couldn’t help but sink. Sensing the sinister aura rising around him, his gloomy face heaved a sigh. It seems that Demigra’s resurrection was really irreversible.

Hirudegarn’s body rapidly transformed, his limbs becoming thicker, swelling like a balloon filled with water, and it seemed that they might explode at any time.

“No…” Hirudegarn let out a final anguished cry and his consciousness was completely wiped out by Demigra’s power.

As a lifeform created to resurrect Demigra, Phantom Majin Hirudegarn was doomed from the beginning. Even though he thinks highly of himself, in the end he is just a tool to resurrect Demigra.

With the disappearance of Hirudegarn’s consciousness, Demigra’s resurrection process accelerated. After two or three seconds, Demigra’s body had basically formed.

A sturdy body was floating in the sky. The head of blood-red hair was fluttering in the wind, and a golden band-like ornament was on his forehead. His body was draped in dark blue clothes, and he was holding a scepter embedded with a red gem. His pair of profound eyes revealed a look of contempt for all living things.

“Demon God Demigra is resurrected!” Xiaya took a deep breath of the cold air. Demigra’s Ki was so strong that he felt uneasy, but he calmed down and protected Xiling and the others by his side.

“Hahaha, 75 million years, I have had enough of the gloomy environment in the cracks of space-time. I’m finally back in this world.” Following a resounding shout, Demigra turned to Mira and nodded slightly.

“Why is it only you, where is Towa?”

“She did not come. It was my plan only to resurrect you.”

Mira looked at Demigra in excitement as he stepped forward and said in regret, “It’s a pity that I couldn’t make the full preparations, otherwise I could have integrated more of you from other space-time, and made you more perfect and powerful…” Briefly explaining the situation, Mira pointed out his frustration when making the choice to resurrect Demigra.

“Oh, I see. Did these Saiyans force you to make your current choice?” The blood-red pupils looked at Xiaya, and immediately a disdainful gaze fell on Xiaya and the others, causing the pressure on them to double.

“Yes, one of them is a Trainee Time Enforcer.”

“A lackey of the Supreme Kai of Time!”

Demigra’s countenance suddenly changed, and an icy and bone-chilling aura erupted out. The boundless murderous aura was like an invisible storm that instantly swept through the entire planet.

“That bastard Supreme Kai of Time sealed this demon god in the complete darkness of space-time cracks for 75 million years! I didn’t expect to see a Trainee Time Enforcer after waking up. It seems that even the heavens are giving this demon god a chance to take revenge!”

“Maybe the heavens are borrowing my hand to get rid of you!” Xiaya stared at the Demon God Demigra and said indifferently, but the muscles all over his body were on guard.

Demigra’s strength is at least 70% of God of Destruction Beerus’s power, and maybe he is even stronger. Xiaya reached this conclusion with a cold look on his face and he understands his situation. Given that he is now at the pinnacle of the first level of Divine Realm, his strength is equivalent to 60% of Beerus’s strength, which is still a little inferior to Demigra.

Of course, the 60% strength of Beerus here is for Xiaya only. Others at the first level of the Divine Realm may not even have 60% strength of God of Destruction.

“Hehe, it’ll depend on whether you have the capability to do it.” Demigra smiled wickedly, and then he slightly raised his hand holding the scepter. The red crystal gleamed with a dazzling light, and a creepy and strange hue instantly covered the entire Planet Mando. Demigra had sealed the space of the entire planet.

“Not even leaving any room to escape. Demigra wants to completely eradicate us here, but it is not certain who will get rid of who in the end!”

Xiaya whispered to everyone, “Xiling, Myers and Lazuli, you three will deal with Mira, and leave Demigra to me to deal with. Remember to keep as much distance as possible. As for Xili and Tapion, you both hide as far away as possible. Don’t get hurt by the energy from our fight!”

In this high-level battle, even Xili who has reached Super Saiyan 2 level will only become a burden.

After telling them to hide on the side, Xiaya fixed his gaze on Demigra. As for letting the three of them deal with Mira, he wasn’t worried. The chances of winning for three powerful experts comparable to Mystical State Mira by joining hands is quite big.

“If you are done talking, then let’s start!”

Demigra spoke elegantly, as if he was sure of his win from the beginning.

Swoosh, the sound of muscles moving sounded from Demigra’s body. He twisted his neck, which produced cracking sounds. Demigra’s aura rose to the peak.


The weather suddenly changed, and lightning flashed.

Dark clouds pervaded the sky. The restless gloomy aura reverberated in the ear, and the sound of thunder arrived like drums of war.

In the blink of an eye, energy enough to destroy the entire galaxy was displayed. The cold and terrifying aura instantly enveloped the entire planet. The deep sky turned dark, and there were dense black clouds. Lightning pierced through the world and struck down from the clouds. The sparkling and bright lightning resembled an angry blue dragon, roaring between heaven and earth.

Amidst the gloomy colours, the entire planet seems to have entered a countdown to doomsday. At this time, the beasts living on the planet all became crazy, roaring uneasily towards the sky.

Seeing that Demigra’s strength had increased, Xiaya looked solemn, his thoughts flying around.

Fighting against Demigra, he can’t be lazy. Understanding that, he gave a low cry and a red flame started burning all over his body and his hair and pupils turned crimson. Only if he transforms into Super Saiyan God will he have a chance to win.

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