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Chapter 603: A god and demon’s battle

Demigra looked at Xiaya, who had transformed into Super Saiyan God, in surprise. The odd divinity was making him uncomfortable. With a cold snort, Demigra raised his scepter and slowly walked towards Xiaya before suddenly accelerating, disappearing in front of Xiaya’s eyes in a flash.

Xiaya’s eyes turned quickly, his expression serious. Suddenly, he threw a punch in a direction.

“You missed!” With a voice that seemed to be mocking, Demigra appeared on Xiaya’s side, pushed away his fist and then raised his hand to attack Xiaya, but Demigra also missed.

“You are the one who missed.”

Xiaya’s figure suddenly disappeared, a sneer hanging at the corners of his mouth.

A hard steel-like fist landed on Demigra’s body and with a bang, Demigra was sent flying upside down. Xiaya followed him on the ground like a shadow following a person, and continuously launched attacks at Demigra. An expression of disbelief appeared on Demigra’s face, but battle between experts is always like this. A tiny lapse can lead to a huge mistake. Once someone has grasped the rhythm of the battle, it would take a long time to turn over the situation.

“Is it because I just woke up and my body hasn’t adapted yet?” Demigra muttered to himself, but when he saw the sneer hanging at the corners of Xiaya’s mouth, he reacted.

“No, this is space-time ability. This guy has distorted the surrounding time and space, making him and me situated in two dimensions with different relative time flow!” Thinking of this, Demigra’s face became gloomy. “Damn Time Enforcer, space-time ability is the most difficult to guard against.”

“Dark Flash!” With an explosive shout, Demigra raised the scepter and a glittering flash suddenly shone, then layers of black mist filled the sky. As if a bottle of black ink was overturned, it dyed the entire sky. At the same time, Demigra’s body was also changing as if disappearing like water mist.

“Bang!” Demigra appeared again, and pushed his palm forward with great force. Xiaya’s face tensed and his body was sent flying uncontrollably.

“Energy Balls!”

The red gem flickered and immediately countless huge Energy Balls appeared around him everywhere. These Energy Balls were extremely terrifying and each of them contained energy which could destroy a star. If they struck him, although he would not die, it would still be extremely painful.

Following Demigra’s command, all the Energy Balls rushed towards Xiaya.

Seeing the enemy’s attacks converging, Xiaya’s face was cold as he extended his palm to face the Energy Balls, saying furiously, “Annihilation!”

As soon as the voice fell, a transparent water ball appeared with ripples forming on it like a breeze blowing across the water surface. The “Annihilation” water ball directly swallowed the thousands of Energy Balls, and then as Xiaya clenched his hand, all the attacks dissipated.

“It’s quite a good move, but unfortunately you are not my match!” Demigra said coldly, and once again appeared in front of Xiaya with his knees raised. The hardest active part of the human body was used as the attack weapon and struck Xiaya’s abdomen.

“Cough, cough!” Blood spurted out and Xiaya became listless. He snapped his fingers and quickly left the battle front.

At present Demigra is extremely strong. If he is to deal with him, he has to find an opening.

On the other side, the battle between Mira and others had also started. Although compared to the desperate battle between Xiaya and Demigra, their momentum was a little weaker, it was still a very fierce battle.

He saw Xiling and others cooperate with each other as they firmly locked Mira in their encirclement. Thanks to their usual melee fight, they have a certain tacit understanding of each other’s movements, and when they work together like this, they even have the upper hand.

“There doesn’t seem to be any problem with Xiling and the others. I must stall Demigra and not let him interfere with the situation there!”

Wiping the drops of blood hanging from the corners of his mouth, Xiaya summoned his energy and a faint flame began burning all over his body.

A few seconds later, his injuries completely healed automatically.

Super Saiyan God is the realm of God. Besides the appearance of red hair and red eyes, the burning flame all over the body is like a sacred flame that burns all the darkness in the world and of course, it also includes negative factors of injury, so the Super Saiyan God has extremely strong self-healing ability.

After his body completely healed, Xiaya slightly narrowed his eyes, thinking about the next course of action.

He held his breath in concentration. After probing Demigra a little, Xiaya rushed forward once again. His body turned into a beam of light as he fought with Demigra.

On the other side, Xili and Tapion were nervously observing the fights in the distance, but did not dare to have the slightest thought of getting closer.

She could observe Xiling and others fight with Mira. Although she could not tell the specifics of their battle, she roughly knew that her mother had the upper hand.

This calmed down the agitation in her heart a little.

However, she couldn’t sense the situation on Xiaya and Demigra’s side. After all, there was too much disparity between their levels such that not even Super Saiyan 2 could sense it. After all, no aura leaks out during fights between gods.

“I wonder how dad’s fight is going on?” Xili clenched her fists nervously, her small lips pursued tightly.

It can be said that the fight between Xiaya and Demigra is the key to determining the outcome of the battle. Once Xiaya wins, every situation will be solved, and the reverse is also true.

“Who would have thought that there are such powerful people in the world!”

Sensing the fight on the other side from afar, Tapion’s head broke out in cold sweat and he felt it a little difficult to breathe.

He had always thought that Hirudegarn is the most terrifying monster in the universe, but when he saw Xiaya and others on this uncivilized planet, he finally knew what a real powerhouse is. Compared to them, Hirudegarn, who he regarded as a nightmarish existence, was nothing.

Xili’s mother was fighting Mira, and each of them is countless times more formidable than Hirudegarn.

As for the even more mysterious Xiaya and Demigra, they were completely beyond the scope of his understanding.

“Hope all of this can have a good ending!” Tapion prayed, and then took the music instrument in his hand and played the flute. Xili’s expression gradually calmed down when she heard the pleasant sound of the flute played by Tapion.

The end of space-time, TIme Nest.

Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa was buried amidst countless books and immersed in writing. Suddenly, her elf-like ears shook a few times, and her cute little face revealed traces of confusion.

She observed seriously. Suddenly her countenance changed and she jumped up as colour drained from her face.

“Ahhh, how did Demigra come back to life? I had clearly sealed him in the Crack of Time… No, this Demigra has only awakened with the help of external objects, and his real body is still in the Crack of Time!” Supreme Kai of Time immediately noticed Demigra’s state, and then took out a Time Scroll to check.

“Sure enough, his body is still sealed! It turns out that Mira is behind this. I hope Xiaya can defeat them.”

The Supreme Kai of Time, apart from recording and guarding the order of space-time, does not have much actual Battle Power herself, so she cannot provide specific help in the battle taking place on Planet Mando. Hence she directly contacted Universe 7’s Angel.

“Hey, Mr. Whis…”

“Supreme Kai of Time-sama, how can I help you?” Whis’s gentle and calm voice was heard from the other side of the communication.

“Mr. Whis, please take a look at Planet Mando in the South Area of your universe. Demon God Demigra has revived there, and Xiaya and the others are fighting Demigra.”

Chronoa told him about the situation.

God of Destruction’s Planet, next to the lake.

Whis ended the communication with Supreme Kai of Time. His expression was still calm as a spring breeze. His narrowed eyes got closer to the crystal ball at the top of the scepter, which showed the scenes of Xiaya fighting Demigra.

“Oh my, it’s really Demigra!”

“This is an important matter that will endanger the entire universe. At such a time the God of Destruction should be taking action. Unfortunately, Beerus-sama is still sleeping. Well, it seems Xiaya can deal with Demigra, but I should still take a trip myself.”

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