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Goku’s expression was solemn, his eyes staring fixedly at Janemba, who was behaving like a child.

Xiling frowned, approached Xiaya, and whispered, “This guy’s Ki is nearly the same as Super Saiyan 3.”

Xiaya nodded. “It’s slightly stronger than a normal Super Saiyan 3. Be careful, This is only the first form of Janemba. Once he encounters a strong enemy, he will transform to his second form. He is a very troublesome guy.”

Janemba originally appeared in the movie version. He was born because of a mistake in the operation of a machine by the Underworld staff. In his first form, he was suppressed by Super Saiyan 3 Goku, but after transforming into his second form, his IQ and strength changed. Super Saiyan 3 was not his match at all. In the movie, if Goku and Vegeta hadn’t fused into Gogeta, he would have destroyed the entire Underworld.

Xiaya doesn’t know why Janemba has appeared in this world, but since he has appeared, it should not be underestimated.

“Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Krillin, Yamcha…you all stand back and protect the others present. Leave this battle to us.” Xiaya looked at Janemba and spoke to everyone while warming up.

“OK!” Tien Shinhan and the others retreated, aware that they would be useless.

There is no room for them to intervene in this battle. Even if they use Kaio-ken at a high multiplier, their Battle Power would only be a few hundred million. As the main supporting roles, they barely reached a fighting level where they can fight. In the universe, their power cannot be said to be weak, but at this time they can only be reduced to a bystander.

In the battle with Janemba, even Vegeta and others in the Full Power Super Saiyan realm did not have much room to intervene.

Vegeta and others’ Battle Power in Full Power Super Saiyan is about the same as Cell Perfect Form, which is 4 billion, while in Super Saiyan 2, it is 5 billion, but their opponent Janemba is in only first form, but his Battle Power is no less than 20 billion. The disparity in Battle Power is four times. It means his strength is more than four times greater than theirs.

Speed, energy, responsiveness, and defense all differ by several times, so the overall disparity is even greater.

To put it bluntly, it is very difficult for a Super Saiyan 2 to survive even a casual attack by Janemba. What’s more, Janemba is good at Spatial attacks, which ignore distance and are hard to defend against.

“17, 18, you stay here with 16.” After saying that, Xiaya’s body flashed, his figure at his current position turning blurry. With a closer look, it can be seen that he had already arrived in front of Janemba, with Xiling and Myers on either side.

“Xiaya himself plans to take action?” Goku said.

Isn’t this their matter? Goku felt a little unwillingness in his heart, but then he shook his head helplessly. “Is it because the disparity is too big?”

“Kakarrot, you have known Xiaya for the longest time. How powerful is he, do you know?” After being silent for a moment, Vegeta glanced at Xiaya, Xiling, and Myers, who were standing still, and asked.

Regarding this new king of the Saiyans, even though he is arrogant and looks down on others, Vegeta has always held a considerable degree of respect and reverence towards him. But, as for how strong Xiaya is, he isn’t clear about it. He only knows that when he met Xiaya a long time ago, he was very strong. Perhaps he is even stronger now.

“I don’t know. Xiaya seems to have never used his full strength. On Planet Namek, Xiaya fought with Frieza, but I don’t know if that is his limit.”

With a serious look, Goku turned around and asked Trunks. “You have trained in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with Xiaya. Do you know something?”

Trunks shook his head. “Teacher’s strength is very formidable. Super Saiyan 2 is not his limit, but I am not clear how strong he is.”

“It turns out that in the end, we don’t even know how strong Xiaya is!” Goku said with a bit of frustration.

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document.write(''); Has the disparity between them reached such an extent? He can’t even figure out how strong the other is. It only shows that the disparity between them is too big!

Just like a mortal and Kami, the disparity between them is beyond description.

“Janemba, Janemba!” Seeing Xiaya and others coming over, the yellow-coloured Janemba bounced twice, loudly shouting “Janemba” happily, and then suddenly he plunged one of his hands into the air and it appeared directly on Xiaya’s side.

Xiaya’s eyes flashed with a sharp light before his body floated away, light as a feather, avoiding Janemba’s attack skillfully.

“His attack is very weird.” With a word of appreciation, Xiaya suddenly twisted his fist and threw it into the air. Kacha, the air froze, and then it cracked like glass. No, it was not air which was cracked open, but space.

“Space was cracked!” Goku looked dumbfounded.

“I can see it too!” Vegeta replied unhappily, watching with a dumbstruck look. Even space was shattered under Xiaya’s light as a feather punch.

“Playing with space in front of me, you are still too lacking.” Turning around his head and grinning at Janemba, Xiaya stepped forward quickly, grabbed Janemba’s arm, and then amidst Janemba’s dazed cry, an enormous powerful Energy wave struck him and blew Janemba into pieces.

“Is Janemba dead?” Krillin swallowed. Xiaya and Janemba’s movements were so fast that even their eyesight couldn’t keep up with them.

“No, his Ki is still present. Does the evil creature have such a tenacious vitality? Even though he was blown to pieces, he did not die!” Piccolo concentrated, watching the changes in the battle seriously.

The countless energy particles that had turned into powder condensed together, and with a cheerful shout, Janemba reappeared in perfect condition.

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Janemba’s body was composed of countless dark particles, which can break down by themselves into countless particles at any time and recombine at another place. Such a feature is almost the same as Majin Buu.

“Hehe, such vitality is certainly hard to deal with.” As he said that, Xiaya glanced towards Xiling and Myers.

The two women nodded and with a low roar, suddenly transformed into Super Saiyan 2. Electric arcs flashed and a vast aura appeared. Energy swept throughout the entire planet and even the entire solar system, spreading out as invisible ripples.
The earth shook with a rumble, as if the continental plates were about to crack.

The tremendous pressure caused nearby people to have difficulty breathing, and strange distortions appeared in the ionosphere.

“Such a frightening Ki, is this Xiling and Myers’s Super Saiyan 2? How can the disparity be so big!” Goku said while biting his lip, but his eyes were sparkling because of seeing experts.

“No, this is definitely not Super Saiyan 2. Although it looks the same, the essence is completely different.” The disparity between a Super Saiyan transformation at the same level cannot be that big. Vegeta had already guessed that the Super Saiyan 2 that Xiling and Myers have transformed into is not that simple.

“That’s right, my mother said that their Super Saiyan 2 form is specially trained, and its strength is about the same as a normal Super Saiyan 3!” Seeing everyone frightened by their mothers’ auras, Xili and Meifei spoke with smiles.

“Super Saiyan 3…” Trunks muttered to himself. He had heard Xiaya talk about it. It is a much more powerful transformation above Super Saiyan 2.

“Sure enough, Super Saiyan 2 is not the end!”

Hearing the word Super Saiyan 3, Goku was suddenly brimming with great expectations. Of course, he can only dream about Super Saiyan 3 for now. As for what Xiling and Myers have trained, who can fight against Super Saiyan 3, this is not something he can understand at once.

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He only knows that Xiling and Myers are several times stronger than him!


He is after all an evil creature. Feeling the threat from Xiling and Myers, Janemba’s mood became irritable. Dark-red lines appeared all over his yellow-coloured body and his two expressionless eyes became ferocious.

“His strength has started to improve?” Xiaya frowned. If he allowed Janemba to continue to get stronger, he would soon transform into his second form, which is not something Super Saiyan 3 could deal with.

In the original work, it was only after Goku and Vegeta had fused into Gogeta that they defeated Super Janemba.

Then… he could only use his full strength.

With a thought, Xiaya held his breath in concentration and mobilized all of his strength.

Suddenly, an aura containing profound and mysterious charm erupted out, and Xiaya’s strength began to condense. His appearance returned to the original state. There was a small bunch of hair protruding out above his black hair. His appearance looks like that of Normal State, but it gives people a complicated feeling.

“Normal State? What kind of transformation is this? I can’t see through it!”

“He he, this is Dad’s most powerful form. It seems to be called ‘Ultimate State’. It is a higher transformation than Super Saiyan 3!”

Xiang straightened his chest as if he was talking about himself. If he had not been terrified by Xiaya’s aura, then seeing this brat’s arrogant attitude, Vegeta wouldn’t have been able to control himself and would have punched him into the sky.

If it was Xili or Meifei, Vegeta may have been able to tolerate it a little bit. After all, they are both adorable girls.
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