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Published at 8th of February 2021 05:01:45 PM

The battle in the sky became more and more intense . Vegeta looked at the people fighting in the distance with shock . The huge disparity placed in front of him was like a deep chasm . Compared to Xiaya and the others, he and Goku suddenly seemed very insignificant .

“Even from so far away, it’s so frightening . ” Vegeta sighed with a complicated feeling .

“This is the ‘Ultimate State’ above Super Saiyan 3 . The disparity is really big . ” Trunks was fully focused, his eyes full of eager anticipation .


A powerful fist carrying tremendous force struck Janemba’s body, and like a shaking water polo ball, Janemba’s body was sent flying . Suddenly, a wormhole appeared in space, Janemba cutely shouted angrily and entered the wormhole before coming out on the other side .

But he did not expect that he would be greeted by a more terrifying attack . Xiling and Myers attacked Janemba .

“Stars Rampage!”

“Ki Blades!”

Numerous Ki blades flashing with bright radiance and chaotic flowing energy were spinning rapidly . The blades pierced through the void, like shining stars . They were like illusions, extremely beautiful .

Cold rays of light suddenly appeared, like a drizzle of rain .

“So beautiful!” Seeing this scene, everyone in the distance revealed a look of amazement . But these tiny blades were extremely dangerous . Each Ki blade contained terrifying offensive power far surpassing Destructo Disc . Its penetrating power was extremely strong . The chaotic flowing energy shattered the space . Immediately, Janemba presented a tragic sight, his body was once again cut into countless small chunks of flash .

When Vegeta and others saw this, their faces turned pale and their bodies shuddered . They don’t have tenacious vitality like Janemba or Majin Buu . Their internal organs and head are all vital parts of their body . Once such an attack struck their body, they would easily die .

From this comparison, it can be seen that special lifeforms like demons are indeed abnormal .

After a few seconds, yellow smoke rose upward before slowly gathering together and solidifying into Janemba again .

“This Janemba’s vitality is very tenacious . To kill him, every strand of his energy must be destroyed . ” Xiaya frowned inwardly .

This is very difficult . Janemba’s energy is so enormous that he is certain that he can wipe him out completely, but the destructiveness caused will also be great . At that time, Earth, which would be at the center of the energy, will inevitably not be spared . But it seems that he has no time to consider these things . It is impossible to eliminate Janemba without exerting all his strength . Nonetheless, after considering it, Xiaya decided to give it a try . His strength gradually started to increase .

So he transmitted a message to Xiling and Myers and had them join hands to tie down Janemba .

The two women nodded, and a brilliance suddenly appeared on Xiling’s body before she split into another Xiling . Then, the three of them joined forces to cooperate with Xiaya’s movements .

Kai’s Planet, North Kai was drenched in sweat as he looked towards Earth nervously .

Bubbles was hopping around with his head tilted .

“Waah, so powerful! Come on, destroy the evil creature . ” North Kai clenched his fists tightly, looking with a nervous expression .

He didn’t expect Xiaya to be so powerful . The power displayed by him right now is even stronger than on Planet Namek a few years ago . Moreover, besides Xiaya, his two wives were also terrifying . There is probably no one in the universe who is their match .

People on Earth were even more nervous than North Kai . The battle with Janemba is directly related to their fate . It cannot be compared to experiencing it for themselves . Everyone is waiting for the final moment, but maybe because the interference from the powers on the battlefield is too strong, there was a communication problem and there were no scenes on the TV’s at all except for white lines .

“What’s going on with battle over there?”

“There’s no need to worry, they can definitely win as they are the strongest warriors!”

“What should we do if they lose?”

There was an atmosphere of anxiety all over the world . Panic and fear continued to spread, and there were even some places where chaos had erupted . Still, most people were staying in front of their TV . Even if there are no scenes on the screen, it was as if… if they kept looking at the TV screen, a miracle would occur .

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At the Kame House, everyone was also praying silently .

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With every attack, the continental plates were under tremendous pressure . Xiaya, Xiling and Myers had joined hands, and Janemba in base form was like a meat ball which was thrown around in the sky, torn to pieces before he quickly regenerated again .

At this time, the sky was overcast with dark clouds .

Chaotic colours shrouded the horizon as if it was the end of the world . Sparking lightning penetrated the clouds and fell on the ground, shattering the tiny stones into dust .
“A storm is coming, everyone block it!” Seeing the violent winds hurtling towards them from far away, Goku suddenly shouted .

Piccolo and Trunks also moved, gathering energy together to erect a hemispherical defensive layer .

Rumble… . a muffled sound was heard, and the ground trembled violently . Satan and a few other martial artists fell to the ground unsteadily, and raised their heads to look while lying on the ground . They were astonished to discover that deep and winding cracks had appeared outside in front of the defensive layer . Every crack was several meters wide and a dark red liquid was flowing under the cracks of bottomless depth .

It was lava gushing out from under the Earth’s crust .

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Satan swallowed with a terrified look on his face . “So frightening . If this goes on, Earth may not be able to bear it . ”

Gohan glanced at Satan and also covered the photographers and participating martial artists in the defensive layer . There were dozens of people in total . “If the energy just now had struck Earth, it would have ceased to exist . ”

Hearing Gohan’s words, Satan’s eyes bulged out and he shrank his head in fear . “It wouldn’t have been so frightening, right?”

“Earth is very fragile, it could explode at any moment!” Gohan said solemnly . In fact, it doesn’t take much power to destroy a planet . Several tens of thousands of Battle Power is enough . Therefore, high-intensity battles are very destructive to a planet .

In the sky, seeing that his attack was unsuccessful, Xiaya snorted and was about to attack again, but at this time, Janemba did something strange . Dozens of votex-shaped wormholes appeared in the air and Janemba’s body began to blur before dispersing into the many wormholes . Suddenly, countless tentacles stretched out from the darkness, immediately trapping Xiaya .

The light yellow afterimages seemed to be separated by a layer of dense fog . Janemba then split into dozens of clones, his expressionless eyes looking at Xiaya, and immediately his body erupted with sparkling rays of light . Janemba blew himself up .

“Hehe, Janemba…” He clapped his palms triumphantly, his obese body jumping up and down . His belly which was like a water polo ball trembled .

Rumble! There was a sudden clap of thunder .

Sparking electric arcs churned in the dark clouds as shocking heat waves spread out in all directions . Bang, bang, bang, sand flew about and stones hurtled through the air, overflowing energy dispersed in the middle .

“What a troublesome guy . ” Xiaya shook off the dust on his body with a flick of his wrist, and said helplessly .

Janemba can split infinitely and can recover again after self-detonation . In fact, rather than it being self-detonation, instead he splits his body into dark particles at a very fast speed . The explosion effect is just a by-product of the speed being too fast .

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