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Seeing Bulma lead the Saiyan woman over, both Goku and Piccolo stopped and looked at them in confusion.

“Bulma, who is she?” Goku asked in curiosity.

Bulma said, “I don’t know. Well, she says she has come from Planet Hongshan, to look for you.”

The woman nodded and arrived before Goku, and said expressionlessly, “Mr. Kakarrot, my name is Hester, a teammate of Captain Elise. I have come to earth because Captain Elise is about to get married soon, so I’ve been tasked to bring you to Planet Hongshan.”

After that, the Saiyan woman named Hester sized Goku up. She seemed to be looking for differences between Goku and other Saiyans, but even after observing for a long time, she couldn’t see any difference. But, Hester didn’t dare to look down on him, because she knew that the simple young man in front of her was her captain’s older brother, the second son of the mighty Bardock, and the fourth powerhouse to attain Super Saiyan level.

When the woman Saiyan said that Goku’s sister, Elise, was about to get married, Goku was surprised. He hadn’t seen his sister in a long time, so he asked, “We are going to Planet Hongshan now?” ”

“Yes. Moreover, your wife and son will also come with us to Planet Hongshan.”

“Really? Haha, then the journey will surely be a long one. I have never been to such a far place. I wonder what Planet Hongshan is like.” Although Goku had long heard that there were many Saiyans living on Planet Hongshan, he hadn’t been there. This time, he has the opportunity to go, and it made him suddenly a little excited.

“Planet Hongshan is in the East Area. An ordinary spaceship would take several years to get there… Do we have to spend several years?” As a scientist, Bulma was very sensitive to technology and asked.

Hester smiled. “Our spaceship uses the most advanced navigation technology of the Galactic Patrol organization, and it can travel across a galaxy in a few days, so don’t worry about the traveling time.”

“So advanced?” Bulma’s eyes lit up.

Hester nodded with a smile.

At this time, Piccolo, who was standing on the side, felt that it was not suitable to participate in other people’s family events, so he bid farewell to Goku and others. “If you are busy, I will leave first.”

“Ah, okay Piccolo. You can go back first,” Goku responded.

“Uncle Piccolo, goodbye.” Gohan waved his hand.

Piccolo nodded to Gohan and flew up going to the hillslope where he lived.

Watching Piccolo fly away, Bulma said with great interest, “When will we leave?”

“Anytime,” Hester said as she took out a Hoi-Poi Capsule and threw it. Pff! A medium-sized spaceship appeared on the empty space. More than forty meters in length, it was overall long. Its silver-gray body gave a sci-fi feeling. There were several cabins inside.

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Seeing such an advanced spaceship, Bulma’s eyes started to shine, and he curiously touched the surface of the spaceship. “Ah, what an advanced spaceship. When did the use of Hoi-Poi Capsules become popular in the universe?”


Hester smiled and explained to them. After that, they entered the spaceship, and the engine of the spaceship started without making a noise. The gravity changed, and soon, the spaceship had ascended into space. Whoosh! It flew out of the solar system like lightning towards the East Area.

Five days later, Planet Hongshan.

The spaceship carrying the Goku family entered the range of Planet Hongshan. The reddish-black planet appeared in the field of vision. Soon, under the guidance of the control center, it flew into the spaceship landing site.

“Mr. Kakarrot, we are about to enter Planet Hongshan soon. Since Planet Hongshan has twelve times the gravity of earth, please ask Miss Bulma to put on this gravity bracelet device.” Before the spaceship landed, Hester took out an unique bracelet and made Bulma put it on.

Knowing that her physique was weak, Bulma readily took the bracelet and put it on. It looked quite good, then Bulma waved her arm at everyone.

The spaceship parked smoothly at the landing site, and Goku, Bulma, and Gohan stepped down from the spaceship and were led out of the spaceport under Hester’s lead.

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The landing sites of Planet Hongshan’s civilian spaceships were located in all four directions of the city. There were a total of four of them, besides the large landing site in the city center. The most important several space ports together with the central landing site formed the overall aviation agency of the whole Planet Hongshan. They play a role in guiding passenger flow during wartime.

“Please, follow me.”

Hester politely brought them out of the lighthouse-like spaceport. After bypassing the spacious square, there were no roads in front. So, it was necessary to fly through the dense forest to reach the Saiyan City.

Holding Bulma, Goku followed next and entered the city. As soon as they entered the city, buildings with strange shapes appeared in front of them. Goku could tell that these buildings were all training rooms, much like the ones on Mount Paozu, except that the training rooms on Planet Hongshan were much bigger and more complex.

After passing through the leisure area and training area, they quickly arrived in front of Bardock’s villa.

Bardock, Gine, and Elise were standing at the door, having waited for a long time. When he saw his son’s family arrive, Bardock welcomed them with a smile. “Hahaha, Kakarrot, I heard that you have become a Super Saiyan. Good, good.”

Bardock laughed happily, while Gine took Bulma’s hand to chat with her and then gently stroked Gohan’s purple hair.

“Little Gohan, let your aunt take a look.” Elise looked at Gohan with a warm smile.

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“Aunty.” Politely greeting her, Gohan again looked at his grandmother Gine.
Gine was quite petite. Because Saiyans adolescence period is long, and because of drinking Fountain of Youth, Gine looks exactly like a young girl. Gohan couldn’t quite say the word “grandmother”.

But, Gine didn’t care at all. With a smile on her face, she shouted at Raditz, “Raditz, what are you doing standing still like a fool? Come over and meet your brother and nephew.”

Raditz, who was staring blankly on the side, suddenly heard his mother’s shout and rushed over from the distance. Raditz used to look down on his younger brother, who was judged to be a Low-level Warrior at birth. However, ever since he came to Planet Hongshan, Raditz’s values ​​had been greatly impacted and have been forcibly reversed.

It turned out that Low-level Warriors could also become very strong, and with the same amount of effort, they were only slightly less inferior to High-level Warrior. But, an individual’s opportunities was different, and the pattern of development would also be different. The counterattack of Low-level Warrior has been a common occurrence on Planet Hongshan. Gradually, no one dares to underestimate the so-called Low-level Warrior. What Low-level Warrior? They don’t exist!

Although he was already mentally prepared, he still felt like he was dreaming when he recently heard that his brother had become Super Saiyan.

Kakarrot, a Low-level Warrior, is already a Super Saiyan? There doesn’t seem to be many Super Saiyan on the entire Planet Hongshan.

Raditz was in disbelief. So, standing in front of Kakarrot, facing the young warrior, Raditz felt inexplicable awkwardness. The reality was telling him that the younger brother he used to look down on is now already an existence that he has to look up to.

Goku and others were welcomed into the house. A sumptuous meal was already prepared in the luxurious villa. After the sumptuous feast, the Goku family and Bardock family chatted about their daily life.

He told Bardock in detail about the training on Kai’s Planet and the battle on Planet Namek. Bardock listened seriously and said, “I predicted long ago that you might become a Super Saiyan on Planet Namek, so I let you remain on earth and didn’t pick you up. Now it seems that this decision was very correct.”

Goku scratched his head and laughed out loud, saying earnestly, “Maybe it is because of living on earth that I have learned a lot.”
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