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“Come, let’s go outside and spar. Let me see how your Super Saiyan form is. Planet Hongshan is very stable. You can fight to your heart’s content and don’t have to worry about the damage it will cause.” Bardock is also addicted to fighting. After knowing that his son is already a Super Saiyan, he has been feeling a bit itchy for a while, wanting to try his son’s strength.

“Okay!” Goku nodded happily. How could he miss it if he could fight to his heart’s content?

The fragility of Earth made him unable to go all out. He was afraid that if he used too much power, it would destroy the entire planet. Now that he is on Planet Hongshan, he doesn’t have to take this into consideration.

Soon, Goku and Bardock flew away from the residential area and arrived above a vast ocean, and then both transformed into Super Saiyan. Bang! Bang! Bang! Both of them fought fiercely. Goku and Bardock look the same, except for the scar on the face and the training clothes, they were almost similar.

After a hearty battle, the father and son duo returned to the residence to discuss the next training.

“Kakarrot, it’s rare for you and Bulma to visit Planet Hongshan. How about staying for a while. After Elise’s wedding is over, we can train much properly. The environment of Planet Hongshan is like paradise for strong people.” During the resting time, Bardock said to Goku.

Goku nodded in agreement and looked at Bulma. Bulma smiled and said, “Then I will live on Planet Hongshan for a while. I also happen to want to learn the Feidaya people’s technology.”

This couple is really understanding of each other’s needs!

“Then it’s decided.” Bardock clenched his right hand and clapped it on the palm of his left hand, looking happy.

“By the way, when is sister Elise’s wedding? And who is the groom?” Bulma asked.

Speaking of Elise’s wedding, Gine laughed and said, “Elise’s wedding is six days later. The groom is Laret who grew up with her. Oh, right, Bulma should know Xiling. Laret is Xiling’s younger brother.”

“Xiling’s younger brother?” Bulma was dumbfounded. This was such a coincidence. Then, their family had become relatives with Xiling and others. Speaking of them, she hadn’t seen Xiling and Myers for years.

She thought about how when she met Xiling and the others for the first time when she was young, she and Goku were teased by them.

Speaking of Xiling’s family, Bulma asked, “So Xiling, Myers, and Launch also live nearby?”

“Their home is the villa not far ahead. When they were built, our villas were all connected together. The largest villa in the center is Sir Xiaya’s home.”

“Xiaya’s and their status were quite high,” Bulma said suddenly.

Gine smiled. “Of course, Sir Xiaya is the leader of Saiyans.”

“Oh, by the way, do you know Vegeta, the guy who looks at everyone with a scowling face?” Bulma asked, rolling her eyes.

Gine looked at Bulma and nodded: “Prince Vegeta is the son of the former leader of Saiyans during the Planet Vegeta period. His younger brother Tarble is on Planet Hongshan. Why, Bulma knows Prince Vegeta?”

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Bulma said gloomily, “Who wants to know him, but that Vegeta is currently living in my sister’s house. When I saw him last time I went to my sister’s house, he put on a frosty look, as if everyone owes him a lot of money, but my sister seems to like him very much and has always been close to him.”

Bulma couldn’t figure out her sister’s personality. What good it is to tease an ice cube-like person, and always sticking to him.

According to her observation, perhaps someday Vegeta will become her brother-in-law.


Seeing Bulma’s depressed look, Gine suddenly laughed. Regarding Prince Vegeta, she had heard Bardock and Xiaya mentioned that he is a guy with unyielding pride. Now that her son has surpassed him, perhaps he wasn’t feeling well in his heart.

But it has nothing to do with their family.

Six days later, the wedding was held.

Because the marrying partners were the children of Sir Bardock and Sir Adri, the wedding was very grand, and all the Saiyans with even a little prestige on Planet Hongshan came.

A handsome young man with black hair held Elise’s hand as they greeted the guests on the stage.

The young man was the groom of this wedding, Xiling’s younger brother Laret.

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Looking at the dense crowd below, Goku couldn’t help reveal a shocked look. All of them are experts! Earth is simply not comparable.

“Oh, you must be Bardock’s youngest son.” A burly fellow holding a jug of wine arrived in front of Goku and sized him up.

“My name is Palladi, and I’m a close friend of your father,” Palladi drank the wine and said in a booming voice.

“Uncle Palladi, drinking too much wine is harmful to your health, if Aunt Alice knew, your life will become difficult.” A teasing voice sounded, and Xiaya walked over while happily smiling. He greeted Goku and continued to joke with Palladi.

After Palladi left, Xiaya said to Goku: “Uncle Palladi is a squad member from the generation of Xiling’s father. He has a good relationship with Bardock and is also one of the earliest veterans of Planet Hongshan.”

“He is strong.” Goku’s eyes were shining, and his interests were always different from everyone else. In his eyes, he might only see the strong side of the others.
Xiaya was stunned, and then he smiled and said, “What do you think of Planet Hongshan?”

“Very strong, although the number of people is not large, all of them are strong,” Goku said sincerely.

Xiaya said, “Indeed, the overall level of Planet Hongshan is very high. There are thousands of Elite Warriors with Battle Power of more than 10,000, but the number of Super Saiyans is very small.” Looking at Goku, he continued, “After you have stayed on Planet Hongshan for a while, are you interested in going to a place where you can learn many wonderful techniques?”

Hearing Xiaya talking about a place where he can learn many wonderful techniques, Goku’s eyes shone as he asked, “Of course I am interested. Where is it?”

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“Planet Yardrat, I can arrange for you to go there if you want to.”

Speaking out the name of the planet seriously, Xiaya stopped speaking and continued to attend the wedding of Elise and Laret.

Goku stood there blankly, muttering the name “Planet Yardrat” in daze.

In the main story line, when Planet Namek was destroyed, Goku used Captain Ginyu’s spacecraft to leave and arrived on the distant Planet Yardrat, but in reality, because Captain Ginyu died very early on, the battle of Planet Namek was also completely different from the main storyline and Goku had no opportunity to go to Planet Yardrat.

However, Instant Transmission is truly an opportunity for Goku. Xiaya was not willing to intervene too much, but he still reminded Goku.

In one night, the wedding officially ended, and the guests left one by one.

After marriage, Elise and Laret also moved to a villa outside and formed a family.

In the next few months, Goku continued to fight Bardock and others. His Battle Power steadily grew and very quickly, his Battle Power in Super Saiyan form reached 150 million just like in the original work. Then, after sending Bulma and Gohan to Earth, Goku used a spaceship to go to a place called Planet Yardrat alone.

Everything was restored to its original trajectory. Based on this calculation, Trunks from another world will arrive on Earth in about a year and a half.

It’s just that in this world, whether Trunks will arrive or not, it is not certain, and even if he comes, where would this Trunks come from? Another parallel universe, or the real future?

Author’s Note: Trunks arrived after 1 year and 260 days after the events on Planet Namek.
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